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    spurgeonryan's Wall

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    < sethnintendo posted something on spurgeonryan's wall:

    Hey your back kind of. Did you say you got Covid in the thread? Hope you still kicking it. Must be rough living Chicago area. Austin area here isn't too bad. Thank Thor they shutdown SXSW music festival otherwise we would be screwed here.

    < kirby007 posted something on spurgeonryan's wall:

    yes you have become a pussy

    What can be done? I do not even know what triggers the new mods or who they are? Do I have to bad mouth Pewdiepie or something?

    on 30 April 2020

    put spoilers of the last of us 2 on their wall

    on 30 April 2020

    your a monster!

    on 01 May 2020


    on 18 May 2020

    the MBP gets it

    on 18 May 2020

    < spurgeonryan updated his status:

    Lol... I got the Free Man badge. Not banned for two years. Go figure!

    I'll get it sometime in August. Unless I tank it on purpose. Which is definitely possible.

    on 19 March 2020

    < spurgeonryan updated his status:

    Anyone wanna race In Garfield kart furious racing for switch?

    < spurgeonryan updated his status:

    Happy Easter!

    < spurgeonryan updated his status:

    Merry Christmas to you all! Hope all is well on the site and with all of you.

    Same to you! When are you going to finish beating the N64 game library??

    on 08 January 2020

    < COKTOE posted something on spurgeonryan's wall:


    Wow, it actually showed up on the PC. Figured it would only be visible on mobile. So how you doing for reals? You've been away quite a bit for the last several months.

    on 05 November 2019

    How's it going Mr. Cocktoe!

    I finally found a life. Only took me a decade.

    How are you?

    on 25 December 2019

    Well that's good to hear. So you picked up some new hobbies, spending more time with the family, things like that? Glad you're happy. :)

    on 26 December 2019

    I would be happy if I could have stayed here and how marth and anyone else trying to have more database entries, points, posts and badges was up. But life has other benefits. The only way they could was adding staff only badges and being staff.

    on 14 March 2020

    < think-man posted something on spurgeonryan's wall:

    You will be the first user to reach 1 million points :P

    < spurgeonryan updated his status:

    Damn, it must be awesome to live in Colorado.

    That's where Horizon Zero Dawn take place. It does look lovely. Horizon Zero Dawn!

    on 13 July 2019

    < spurgeonryan updated his status:

    Gord accepted my friend request!

    < spurgeonryan updated his status:

    Sweet sweet corn, I missed E3 again.

    < spurgeonryan updated his status:

    So many badge notifications now days. Can win a badge for breathing.

    < spurgeonryan updated his status:

    Now along with my Messages all my Notifications have vanished? That sucks.

    < cannonballZ posted something on spurgeonryan's wall:

    The site finally let's me log back in!!! Been a while Ryan, how ya been?

    Welcome back, first time here in a month. Dont come to often anymore.

    on 20 April 2019

    You should log in more often. While you're gone I badmouth you to every new user that signs up. Can't defend yourself if you're off on some kind of bender.Just log in drunk like I do.

    on 06 May 2019

    < spurgeonryan updated his status:

    Finally another day off, but so tired that I could sleep the whole day.

    < spurgeonryan updated his status:

    Mmmmm......Peach crown and Mexican Pepsi. Good stuff!

    Mexican Pepsi? Is it different than regular Pepsi?

    on 26 March 2019

    < spurgeonryan updated his status:

    Oh thank god! Have not been able to look at this site for months due to not having Supporter status. Now I am good for a year.

    It's good to have you back.Too bad the ads and whatnot are so obtrusive. There are better ways to do it. Dualshockers come to mind.

    on 09 March 2019

    I've always read your name as "spurgeon-ryan", as if combining the words spurge and surgeon for some reason even though I know it's "spurge on ryan" lol. Just felt like sharing that. :P

    Lol. Ryan Spurgeon.

    on 06 March 2019

    < spurgeonryan updated his status:

    Should have logged in on Valentine's day.

    You really fucked that up. Didn't you?! Now another year of misery, waiting to blow it again in 2020.

    on 15 February 2019

    You really needed that extra badge too - I've almost caught up with you on the badge leaderboard :P

    on 17 February 2019

    Yup, I saw that a while back. Good job. You at Max articles written yet?

    on 06 March 2019

    < spurgeonryan updated his status:

    How did the Switch do so well in N.A? During Xmas I sold out of mass amounts of PS4s, had to order 70 to stay in stock. Ordered maybe 35 Switch extra.

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