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    Saitama ?

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    Hi! How much time have you spend in the gym?

    Literally not very often at all lol, I haven't been this month

    on 01 August 2015

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    is that really you???

    In the profile pic? Yeah

    on 11 February 2015

    dude you're jacked!

    on 11 February 2015

    Cheers! I'm guessing that's not you in your profile pic

    on 11 February 2015

    it's my special friend

    on 11 February 2015

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    The Playstation Nation GOTYs are a go! Pick your nominees here:

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    What is the name of the anime on your signature?

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    Hello Dear,

    Am writing you after brief reading of your profile which got my attention, just to let you know that i have interest of establishing of a relations with you.

    This the email you will reply to ( )

    once i got your reply i will send you my photos and tell you more about me,

    yours new friend


    please reply to my mail box not to the site ( )

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    Ban incoming... in 3....2.....

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    What's going on?

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    Black Lagoon is awesome!

    it sure is, not watched season 3 yet though!

    on 19 January 2013

    Well, considering, ya know... it wasn't just on fire but suffered massive damage as well its very believeable the building collapsed. Especially taking into consideration that it took a long fucking time for it to completely collapse after it started to go. Controlled demos would mean it collapse immediatly and a loud bang.... which there wasnt

    suffered massive damage? what was the massive damage? and don't say fire lol i can find a video of building seven collapsing with the building looking....very intact and only a small room fire, if thats the case of what brings down buildings these days got help if any of them have fires started from electrical equipment

    on 19 January 2013

    Your willful ignorance won't help anything because there are tons of pictures that show a chunk of the base missing along with reports of fire fighters saying theres a huge gash in the front. Along with all the debris that was expelled from 100,000psi from the collapse pelting it... You can see buildings with a lot of damage from the rubble that were a lot further. The videos you refer to don't have an angle from the front.

    on 19 January 2013

    watch the video and could you please answer the following questions.....
    1) can you point out the damage with any picture of your choice from the whole of the internet, that was caused by rubble
    2)Explain how small fires, bought down a steel building (when a fireman states) "No steel building has EVER collapsed due to fire

    answer theses properly and ill buy it

    on 19 January 2013

    I've already answered your second question. But your ignorance is blocking you from seeing that it wasn't just fire. It was also massively damaged. Go look for it yourself... oh wait... I forgot you want to keep the wool over your eyes so you refuse to look for them because for some reason you want to believe the attacks were a conspiracy.

    But let me tell you again, fire fighters reported a massive gash on the south side from the collapse of tower 1. Before the tower collapsed they reported hearing creaks and groans. The southwest corner of the building was terribly damaged also. Basically missing. You can see from various angles tower 1 falling onto tower 7. You can see numerous photos of buildings a lot further than 7 with a lot of damage from debris pelting it from being expelled at 100,000psi. With massive damage also came extra weight from the other building. The tower couldn't hold the redistributed and extra weight ontop of fires burning for 8 hours.... but let's ignore that.... your theory is it was controlled demolition I'm sure... why did the penthouse collapse into itself 8 seconds before the total collapse? That is nothing like a controlled demolition and more of a sign of a building falling apart slowly

    on 19 January 2013

    Oh, and I noticed the link you provided convienently left out the penthouse collapsing inside the building which is typical truther bullshit lying through their teeth to fit their agenda and mislead the masses

    on 19 January 2013

    And the term "to pull" isn't an industry term for controlled demolition... I don't know where this myth came from but it means to pull the plug (or operation). Or in other words to withdraw (this term is more typical everywhere you go). The pulling they are talking about is with cables and literally pull the building down which doesn't correlate with their claims.... it's contradictory. and the fact that you can't see that tells me a lot about your aability to comprehend simple concepts. For your sake I hope it's willful ignorance. Another thing to think about is this, WHY THE FUCK WOULD THE OWNER OF THE BUILDING BE INVOLVED IN THIS MASSIVE CONSPIRACY? That is the most ridiculous fucking thing i've heard.

    "Oh hey mister president. we are ready for operation codename fuck shit up... we just need your orders"

    "Wait... does the owner know about this? We better get his permission to demolish his building before we carry out this super secret convoluted plan."

    Even if he were involved then why would he be the one giving the orders and WHY THE FUCK WOULD HE BE GIVING THE ORDER TO A FIREMAN?

    And why would someone who isn't a part of the industry use the industry term?

    This is the stupidest argument truthers bring to the table. Its so uncomprehendable how anyone can be so idiotic to believe that it happened this way other than the simple fact A GIANT FUCKING SKY SCRAPPER JUST FELL ON TOP OF IT CAUSING MASSIVE DAMAGE TO IT AND THE SURROUNDING BUILDINGS AND FIRES.

    on 19 January 2013

    And another thing, if you believe the so far really far fetched story that's been presented by the truthers so far then you also have to believe the owner (not a demo man and wouldn't be using demo men jargon) is also stupid enough to admit he ordered a controlled demolition in an interview from the media (The same media who are also suppose to be in on this conspiracy) and everyone who was involved in this massive convoluted conspiracy (which would range in the hundreds to thousands) didn't catch it either.

    on 19 January 2013

    ok,,,,simple enough question and i noticed you ignored me a picture of the damaged caused by debris, or cant you?

    on 20 January 2013

    I can. But since youre too lazy to look for it yourself I wont. Because it's readily availble for you to see. You can find pictures of the southwest corner missing along with the aftermath of other buildings a lot further away. You can see pictures of tower 1 toppling over tower 7. And you can also find reports of firefights saying there was a gash from tower 1 on tower 7s south side along with it making noises showing it being unstable.

    But youd rather watch an edited clip of the collapse and parrot it as gospel. Youd rather believe for some reason a non demo man was using a demo man term to another non demo man. Youd rather believe the second non demo man miraculously turned into a demo man after the order and blew the tower without any explosives. Youd rather believe someone who would have no business being a part of the conspiracy is a part of it.

    on 20 January 2013

    ive tried looking, I can't find a picture of "extensive damage" heres your chance to prove to me, literally stop posting walls of text SHOUTING your message across, no matter what you tell me, I wont believe it untill i see a picture of "extensive damage"

    on 20 January 2013

    First hand accounts from first responders aren't enough for you? On top of the fact that if you don't believe them then the alternative is believing a ridiculous conspiracy involving an owner of a building and firemen knowing about the attacks weeks prior to them occuring.

    You must not have looked that hard. "tower 7 south west corner" one of the first resualts. You can see a chunk of the southwest corner mssing. Then in the video 1:41 you hear a firefighter say "look at the hole in that building. That thing is coming down" ...but now not only are owners and firecheifs involved in the conspiracy but just firemen and first responders... this theory gets more convoluted and stupid by the moment.

    Then you have this which shows how much damage it caused to sourrounding area.

    on 20 January 2013

    But hey, lets ignore the 4th building collapse and the 4 other partial collapses... those don't suport your argument

    on 20 January 2013

    still not convinced though, how did aeroplane fuel land inside on one particular floor... again fire has never bought down a building...and as for the "massive whole" it wasnt that big, no way near enough to weaken a building that size

    on 20 January 2013

    loook......give up, you are not going to convince me......because ill only get started on where did the plane that hit the pentagon disapear too....... or are you willing for round 2

    on 20 January 2013

    Ironically the picture I found on a truther website

    shows tower one gauging the tower 7. Of course you are now beat and need to change the subject to the pentagon lol... And the truther website I just linked you to actually admits a plane hit the pentagon. At least they aren't crazy enough to believe it was a missle.

    I also notice you say "a fire blah blah blah" and convienently leave out the fact that a tower toppled over it again... of course I can't convince you because you are willfully ignorant to the subject.

    Anyway, your the one making the claim it was controlled demolition so provide me with evidnece of A. the bang. B. why if it were controlled demolition did it take over 15 seconds to collapse.

    on 20 January 2013

    As for you asking about the fuel... you realize there were thousands upon thousands of gallons right? And I may be incorrect on this one but didn't they say they started leaking the fuel before they crashed the plane?

    on 20 January 2013

    lol would you like to point out where i made the claim it looked like a controlled demolishion?....I don't ever remember saying that

    on 20 January 2013

    So if your stance isnt that fire and damagd caused the collapse and its not it being a controlled demolition than what is? that its still standing?

    on 20 January 2013

    either it collapsed or it didnt. (it obviously collapsed). so then it either collapsed from natural causes of the events or it collapsed from an outside factor. If your with outside factor than that would be controlled demolitions. If its the other than we are in agreement the collapse isnt suspicious

    on 20 January 2013

    so you asume that i think its a controlled demolition because im finding it hard to believe fire and debris bought down a building, that's very presumtious of you isnt it..........

    on 20 January 2013

    so basically you got that caught up arguing with everyone else you've mixed up your argument, and accused me of saying something i didn't, no need to apolgise, i know your a dick

    on 20 January 2013

    Again, if youre denying it collapsed from the events surrounding it then you must believe it was caused by outside forces. Only outside force that could have done it would be controlled demo.

    the only apologizing that needs to done is you for calling me a dick because i shattered your dream world and another one for you being too lazy to do a simple google search to see what i was talking about. and another one for you posting edited videos to support your stance

    on 20 January 2013

    shatered? you made up parts of my argument to fit yours......

    on 20 January 2013

    just because i dont believe it was from the fuel or debris, doesnt mean i believe it was demolition... you can't just assume thats what i mean and quote me on saying it when i didn't

    on 20 January 2013

    the only made up argument is from the truthers. Im still waiting for the apology. you have to believe it collapsed on its own or the government is fraudulently reporting on the causes of its collapse.

    on 20 January 2013

    sorry, i forgot the third option. it was a miracle and a product of divine intervention the doing of satan/god

    on 20 January 2013

    Thats ok, i understant someone like you can't think outside the box, im off now, cheerio kid

    on 20 January 2013

    No, thinking outside the box comes with being creative. Thinking outside the box would be "we need to bring this building down heres the situation now how do we do it." What I'm doing is looking at evidence, analyizing it and coming to a logical conclusion... something you cant do.

    on 20 January 2013

    you still talking? thought we were done here?

    on 20 January 2013

    have you realized how foolish the people who question if a plane hit the pentagon or how tower 7 collapsed yet?

    on 20 January 2013

    do you realise how foolish you are for mistaking me for someone who gives a shit?

    on 21 January 2013

    < noname2200 posted something on phinch1's wall:

    Hello! You are cordially invited to join our site’s third Steam Secret Santa event. Come help keep this community tradition alive, while also giving and receiving some great games. If you’re interested in joining, just PM me or post in this thread:

    by the 20th. Looking forward to seeing you there, and have a happy holiday season!

    < Genera1MLD posted something on phinch1's wall:

    well ive got a newish ps3 now, currently playing GT5 getting B-Spec mode to level 40 lol i forgot how long it takes to level up.

    < trasharmdsister12 posted something on phinch1's wall:

    It was a privilege to showcase your art work in my impossible to solve puzzle

    glad to be of service :P

    on 16 January 2012

    < PlaystaionGamer posted something on phinch1's wall:

    my photo of the girl? its Lady Gaga doing a photo shoot for her album Born this Way, its the cover for a song called 'Americano' which is about mexican immigration law. thats why she has that sign across her chest. um if you go on ' there are load of photos from it under 'Photoshoots' in '2011' :) i love it!

    < miz1q2w3e posted something on phinch1's wall:

    Hey, me posting about your avy art again! I love this one too!! :3 ~~And not just in an immature way XD I really like it in the 'appreciating art' sort of way :)

    Great stuff!

    Thanks man, ill upload the finished version eventually!

    on 08 December 2011

    You painted that?

    on 14 December 2011

    yeah i got a better version done now

    on 15 December 2011

    < trasharmdsister12 posted something on phinch1's wall:

    *Looks at avatar* I know what I want for Christmas! ^_^

    A Santa Squirtle you sick little.....


    on 05 December 2011


    on 05 December 2011

    so funny i double posted aha

    on 05 December 2011

    < lestatdark posted something on phinch1's wall:

    Nope, Eva Vica Kerekés.

    < Jay520 posted something on phinch1's wall:

    Week 2 sales are in! ICO & SoTC Collection has sold over 300,000 in two weeks! One-Million is a possibility. Your prediction may be true!

    < trasharmdsister12 posted something on phinch1's wall:

    ahh, does actually

    on 11 October 2011

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