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    Rumor: Platinum Games will Open a Kickstarter on Monday for a Wonderful 101 Port to Switch and PS4 (COMFIRMED!)

    in Gaming Discussion on 03 February 2020

    The game was pretty terrible, at least to me. I would think they would have been better off releasing something new? ...

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    Ever wonder what are your most popular posts? I can tell you!

    in Gaming Discussion on 21 January 2020

    RolStoppable said: Please show me. --------------------------- Result ---------------------------- 42 likes - 25 likes - 13 likes - 42 likes has to be a record! It’s 43 now ;-) ----------------- Result...

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    Alienware, promoting their Switch clone, tweets, "Switch is cool but... the limited number of games on it isn't"

    in Nintendo Discussion on 17 January 2020

    It does look interesting, but Iím sure it will be crazy expensive. ...

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    Last Of Us Game Of The Decade - According To Metacritic Users

    in Gaming Discussion on 12 January 2020

    My personal game of the decade would be the mass effect trilogy. I know, thatís kind of a cheat because it is technically three games, but really they are the same game split up into three parts. I loved the last of us, but I have only played through it a couple of times. Great game, but it hasnít stuck with me like mass effect. ...

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    What's Better Adulthood or Childhood?

    in General Discussion on 04 January 2020

    Adulting sucks. Iím a toys r us kid, I donít wanna grow up! ...

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    Iranian General Killed by US Attack

    in Politics Discussion on 04 January 2020

    KLAMarine said: I want to condemn Trump for this but then I recall that he has access to intelligence the general public does not. Yeah... the intelligence that he has spent most of his presidency talking about how terrible it is?   ...

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    Grand Theft Auto V Added to Xbox Game Pass

    in Microsoft Discussion on 03 January 2020

    Spike0503 said: I think everyone and their mother already owns a copy but still, it's not a bad name to feature and promote the service. Xbox Game Pass seems to have incredible value and this is coming from someone who has never owned an Xbox. I don’t own it.., but I also have no interest in owning it. Not a fan of grand theft auto.   ...

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    Outlandish Rumor: Sony is in talks to purchase Zenimax and all owned studios

    in Sony Discussion on 03 January 2020

    Iíd be curious to see how Microsoft would react to this. It obviously wouldnít ever happen, that is way too much money to spend on games that would already be coming to your console, not to mention how much value they would zenimax would immediately lose on purchase. It would be a terrible investment. Still, I like the idea of a big third party shakeup. Give the first parties a little...

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    The Rise of Skywalker was awesome - FIGHT ME! (spoiler free)

    in Movies Discussion on 02 January 2020

    It was dumb just like every Star Wars movie that came before it. I really am not a fan of Star Wars. They are all flash and no substance. Still, I would probably rank this one as second best in the series, force awakens was the best. Last Jedi was the absolute worst by a very large margin which is impressive considering the prequels... ...

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    Happy New Year! 2020 = The Legend of Dragoon!

    in Sony Discussion on 31 December 2019

    I believe! ...

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    Prediction: Nintendo will move forward with a Switch family of consoles in the same way MS is claiming they will handle XBox...

    in Nintendo Discussion on 29 December 2019

    Here is the thing I want from the next Nintendo console. I want them to have a clearer idea of how to handle digital content. Navigating the eshop is a joke. When I got the switch I always assumed it was a temporary storefront that would get updated in the near future. At this point it is clear that it is here to stay. Their digital storefronts have been always been a joke, but it seems like...

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    Well, Box Office Mojo's new design sucks. And it's a money grab.

    in Movies Discussion on 29 December 2019

    Is it greed though? How much do you think a site like box office mojo costs to update and operate? How many employees do they have? Perhaps the ad revenue wasnít cutting it anymore and this was there attempt to try and stay alive? I mean, it could very well be greed, but it seems like a site like that would have a very large operating cost and only occasional visits from most people. Their...

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    How much weight did you lose/gained this year?

    in General Discussion on 26 December 2019

    I am currently 218, down from 267 at the start of 2019... so feeling pretty good about it. Iím trying to get to 200. Iím 6í1 so it isnít like Iím chubby at 218, but that is still my goal. At this point Iím also working on toning some things up rather then just losing weight. All in all, Iím probably the healthiest I have been since high school right now! ...

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    "Nintendo Switch" should be Nintendo's official game platform brand

    in Nintendo Discussion on 21 December 2019

    Nintendo should not do that. Sony and Microsoft have gaming brands because they are big conglomerates that do tons of different stuff. Nintendo is a gaming company, and as such Nintendo is the only branding they need.. ...

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    God Dang VR Is Awesome!

    in Sony Discussion on 14 December 2019

    If they can improve the technology it could be good. However, the technology isnít even close to being good right now. There is a lot of work to be done. If VR is still a thing in 10 years I may be interested. My psvr just gathers dust. ...

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    Apparently Microsoft and Sony made up? Minecraft

    in Gaming Discussion on 11 December 2019

    SuperRetroTurbo said: gergroy said: I’m a teacher and it is definitely still a thing.  In fact it seems like it is resurging.  I hear more students talking about Minecraft then any other game.  I hardly even hear them talk about fortnite (thank the lord). Your students would call you out on this post.  What would they call me out on?...

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    Official Thread: The Impeachment of President Donald Trump

    in Politics Discussion on 10 December 2019

    Trump is clearly guilty, but I donít know if it is something that he should be removed from office for. I would certainly love it if he was, and Iím no democrat. Trump is not a good president or somebody that should be in charge of anything. He appears to have a narcissistic personality disorder. I think best case is they take away his right to hold future office... which would force the...

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    Apparently Microsoft and Sony made up? Minecraft

    in Gaming Discussion on 08 December 2019

    OneTime said: Wow - it's nearly 2020 and Minecraft is still a thing... I’m a teacher and it is definitely still a thing.  In fact it seems like it is resurging.  I hear more students talking about Minecraft then any other game.  I hardly even hear them talk about fortnite (thank the lord). ...

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    Who here has tried VR?

    in Gaming Discussion on 07 December 2019

    I donít understand how you guys can get so into vr. I liked the idea, but the technology just isnít there. I bought the psvr when Skyrim vr came out, I thought that would be an incredible experience. I was blown away for like 5 minutes and then I got frustrated by all the downgrades that had to be made to do vr. Itís kind of my experience with all vr games, first 5 minutes are cool and then...

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    Top 12 GameCube Games Ever!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 04 December 2019

    I donít think I even owned 12 GameCube games... ...

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