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    Wishlist 2009

    in Gaming Discussion on 07 January 2009

    Wii 1. Wii Sports Resort 2. Fatal Frame IV 3. MadWorld 4. Punch-Out 5. Tales of Symphonia: Knight of the Ratatosk (Europe) 6. Monster Hunter 3 7: FFCC: Crystal Bearers (??) PSP 1. Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep 2. Monster Hunter United 3. FF XIII Agito 4. Phantasy Star Portable 5. Patapon 2 6. Prinny: Can I...

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    MGS4 has been confirmed for 360

    in Gaming Discussion on 30 December 2008

    Link? I can't find it anywhere o__o'...

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    Capcom to give major "Support" to the PSP in 09.

    in Sony Discussion on 28 December 2008

    Let's hope for a Resident Evil Portable or what about an Ace Attorney game? That would be great ^__^...

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    LIT (Wiiware) First trailer

    in Nintendo Discussion on 22 December 2008

    Looks like Escape from Bug Island 2. Sorry but even for a WiiWare game the graphics look awful....

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    Playstation 3 price-cut already happened? 299??

    in Sony Discussion on 21 December 2008

    Dutch is spoken in the Netherlands and "deutsch" is the German word for German....

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    [Wii] Fragile - New Screens of beeg amerikan teetees

    in Nintendo Discussion on 19 December 2008

    Looks great so far, but the battle system is horrible!...

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    Square Enix announce their 2009 line-up, includes FF V XIII!!!

    in Gaming Discussion on 02 December 2008

    No Final Fantasy Chrystal Chronicles: Chrystal Bears? :(...

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    Planning to buy Xbox 360 or Wii...Few questions.

    in Gaming Discussion on 30 November 2008

    The next Mothership "Tales of" is also coming for Wii. If...

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    What games will you be purchasing for the wii in 2009?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 23 November 2008

    1. Punch Out Wii2. The Conduit3. Red Steel 24. Wii Sports Resort (WM+)5. Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse (I hope it's coming 2009!)Is No more heroes 2 coming 2009? I thought it'll be released early 2010...

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    Can the 360 outsell the Wii this Christmas?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 21 November 2008

    Yes it can, but it won't....

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    And so The Conduit is being published by...

    in Nintendo Discussion on 28 October 2008

    Hmm. you pwned me. xD...

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    And so The Conduit is being published by...

    in Nintendo Discussion on 28 October 2008

    I don't really like SEGA. Some games are solid but some really disappointed me. However, Capcom published some very good games for adults (RE4,RE:UC), so The Conduit would be a perfect match for them.And if Nintendo would publish it, the sales would go crazy!(I could better explain what I mean if I could write in German but unfortunately you wouldn't understand.)...

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    And so The Conduit is being published by...

    in Nintendo Discussion on 28 October 2008

    WHAT THE FUCK?!Why not by Nintendo or any other publisher like Capcom Sega sucks hard >_...

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    Pokémon RPG for Wii?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 27 October 2008

    Why is there no Pokémon RPG for Wii? I mean a game like "Pokémon Pearl" not this crappy "Pokémon Battle Revolution. A RPG would sell millions of copies, especially on a casual platform like the Wii and maybe it would attract more hardcore gamers to buy a Wii. Do you think they'll announce one during this current generation or the next.. or maybe never? And how many copies do...

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    Favorite Wii games

    in Nintendo Discussion on 21 October 2008

    1. Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess2. Okami3. SSBB...

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    I bought a PS3 and stoped playing Wii

    in Sony Discussion on 06 October 2008

    I think you really got hyped because of your new PS3. But soon you'll start playing with your Wii again....

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    How much would halo 3 sell on wii?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 15 September 2008

    I'd say at most three million copies, not more. There are too less hardcore gamers....

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