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    Christopher Nolan's best film

    in Movies Discussion 49 minutes ago by Jumpin

    coolharry said: Batman Begins was my personal favourite, but I have seen it to many times. Still voted for Batman Begins. Interstellar is a good second. Dark knight feels really overrated for me. I thought I was alone in thinking Batman Begins was the superior film in that trilogy. But then again, I tend to have a tendency to enjoy the first act or two of super hero series flicks,...

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    Ghost of Tsushima - Discussion & screenshots thread

    in Sony Discussion 10 hours ago by John2290

    Plus these load times, jesus christ almighty some are ridiculous like RDR2s boot up and The Witcher 3s one after death. Long enough to grab a cup of tea. Bring on the ninth gen and thank God Ghost released now and not a year or two ago. Hope cyberpunk doesn't have TW3 load times. ...

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    "Why Did I Wait So Long To Play This?!"

    in Gaming Discussion 1 day ago by Azzanation

    Half Life Alyx.. and i im still waiting ...

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    In your mind, what will the Xbox SX conference have to do to beat the PS5 conference?

    in Gaming Discussion on 26 July 2020 by Runa216

    LurkerJ said: Just watched. Everwild art direction is unique and mesmerizing, but again, it was only a trailer.  Overall, weak show. Too many trailers, little gameplay footage, and whenever there is gameplay footage, it is a disappointment. Some footage reminded me of the PS3 era. Demon Souls and the inevitable remaster of the PS4 2020 lineup can easily outmatch what MS...

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    Xbox One X and Xbox One S Digital Edition Will No Longer be Manufactured

    in Microsoft Discussion on 20 July 2020 by JWeinCom

    curl-6 said: JWeinCom said: Maybe.  100 dollars in the past has generally been the difference between harddrive sizes in SKUs. Still, it'd be weird for lockhart to launch at the price of the One S. Not impossible, but unprecedented. I guess it depends on what they want to do with the Xbone once the next gen is out; cut its price and quickly phase it out, or keep it...

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    The Last of Us Part II sold through more than 4m copies during its first weekend. Lifetime sales expectations for the PS4 version alone?

    in Sales Discussion on 18 July 2020 by DonFerrari

    Carl said: It's been a month now. Thought about it more.As a game, it's brilliant to playthrough that first time. Gameplay is tight, the story hits you hard and the surprises come out of nowhere. It's just so... Dark. It's grim. While the original was full of feel good moments despite having it's fair share of tragedy, this one is just wall to wall depression and pain with a little feelgood...

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    Last generation for physical copies? Capcom: Game sales are 80% digital, and rising

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 July 2020 by DPsx7

    John2290 said: ... maybe they'll find a place to live there but it's really up to the 10th gen consoles to put the final nail in the coffin removing the disk trays entirely or not. Perhaps there will be third party enternal disk drives for the super dedicated for those consoles if it there is still a percentage to make money off, of when the time comes. The fact Sony was willing to...

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    Sony invests $250m in Epic Games to acquire a minority stake

    in Sony Discussion on 13 July 2020 by Dulfite

    Epic ...

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    How many games you have on Steam?

    in PC Discussion on 13 July 2020 by Barkley


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    First look: Box art for upcoming PS5 games (Spider-Man/ Godfall)

    in Sony Discussion on 12 July 2020 by DonFerrari

    Jranation said: twintail said: The white is just too plain. Looks like those box arts where the retailer put because the official one is not out yet.  The cheapness reminded of Genesis/SNES era ...

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    Is Project Athia next gen's Deep Down?

    in Gaming Discussion on 11 July 2020 by src

    Nope. Project Athia is Luminous Productions new AAA IP that SE mentioned a while ago. This is the team behind FFXV and Luminous tech. Project Athia will be coming a lot sooner than people think. ...

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    Unreal Engine 5 Announced + PS5 Demo

    in Sony Discussion on 09 July 2020 by 0D0

    vivster said: This demo had no vegetation. That's my only complaint about this demo. ...

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    Horizon Zero Dawn 2, new Spiderman and Kena: Bridge of Spirits for PlayStation 5

    in Sony Discussion on 07 July 2020 by KazumaKiryu

    in august, maybe a new PlayStation 5-Event with new Games and Exclusives (1st- & 3rd-Party-Games and Multigames). Japanese and west developers together :DI think Horizon Forbidden West will be the next graphic reference after the recent The Last of Us 2 and Ghost of Tsushima (Release in July). ...

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    Do you believe in God? Why/Why not?

    in General Discussion on 02 July 2020 by craighopkins

    For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life. ...

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    So... RIP "Sony Interactive Entertainment Presents" I guess?

    in Sony Discussion on 30 June 2020 by 0D0

    Now that I've seen the new PS studios animation a bunch of times, I feel like the old classic sony enterterinment looks better. The new one is feeling a bit cheesy in comparison. ...

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    All Confirmed PS5 & XSX Games So Far

    in Gaming Discussion on 24 June 2020 by Machina

    Blood_Tears said: Looks like Avengers is getting a next gen version upgrade for free for both Xbox and PlayStation.https://mp1st.com/news/marvels-avengers-game-ps5-and-xbox-series-x-free-upgrade-next-gen-features-announced Thanks - added. ...

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    Would you consider getting the PS5 All-Digital Console if 100$ cheaper?

    in Sony Discussion on 22 June 2020 by Nate4Drake

    I want the 4K Bluray version, I don't care about price. ...

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    Is Sony trying to shed it's "Sad Dad Games" image on PS5?

    in Sony Discussion on 19 June 2020 by Pyro as Bill

    'Sad Dad' games is as an acurrate description for Sony games as 'kiddy' is for Nintendo. ...

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    8th Gen to 9th Gen: Visual Analysis Thread

    in Gaming Discussion on 17 June 2020 by curl-6

    tack50 said: I am almost certainly on the minority, but I think the jump from PS4 to PS5 looks more impressive than the jump from PS3 to PS4? Based on the UE5 demo I would've whole-heartedly agreed. Based on the actual games shown so far, eh, seems about the same to me. ...

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    PS5 huge UI dashboard functionality upgrade over PS4 UI (PS5 UI developer comment/patent leak)

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 June 2020 by khotboat

    ps4 ui is simple and i hope they keep it that way and reduce the lag ...

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