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    The Official Legend of Zelda Thread: Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity Launches November 20

    in Nintendo Discussion 2 hours ago by Mar1217

    curl-6 said: Cerebralbore101 said: Tried the demo for about 30 minutes today. Not really feeling it so far. Enemies feel like they are made of paper. For the most part I can just mash the attack button and wreck everything. Bigger enemies just require a couple well timed blocks or dodges and then wrecking them when they are open. Does the game get harder later on? I'll finish the...

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    How can a company be this out of touch...

    in Nintendo Discussion on 27 August 2020 by Alby_da_Wolf

    Each time I read again the OP, I can smell the fail emanated by the Switch. NS is already dead, it just doesn't know it is, so it feels fine anyway. :-P ...

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    (Update: 61.44 Millions as of June 2020)Prediction:Switch will go on to sell 100+ million units

    in Nintendo Discussion on 06 August 2020 by Slownenberg

    Feel like Switch could make it to the 135-140 million range now. Upping my prediction around 10 million from high 120s.61 million now, add in 15 million for rest of year = 76 million20 mil 202116 mil 202212 mil 20236 mil 2024 (successor launches)5 mil combined 2025-2027That's 135 million right there and obviously I didn't even do any super optimistic sales there. ...

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    Will Ash finally win a Pokemon League? *UPDATED OP: Finals over, the conclusion is...!!!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 16 September 2019 by method114

    OTBWY said: The madman did it!!! But what did he actually win? He lost valuable time chasing something with no real meaning. What has victory brought him? He lost friends. Contact with his family. All for chasing this dream, that has brought him nothing. He will be celebrated for a day. A week. But they will forget him very soon. Just another poor soul who stands on a lonely...

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    Nintendo E3 2012 Conference - E3 is Dead. Long Live Nintendo Direct!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 07 October 2018 by OTBWY

    I think PSX is more important....

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    Which was your first RPG (video game) you played through?

    in Gaming Discussion on 20 September 2018 by TruckOSaurus

    John2290 said: TruckOSaurus said: Was that FMV game Phantasmagoria? Bloody hell, You're gaming encyclopedia, Ues it was phantasmgoria. The only thing I could remember about that game was you needed to prick your finger for blood to solve a puzzle. How the hell did you manage to tell it was that game? I've typed in 9 cd's point and click adventure so many times to try and...

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    WarioWare Gold Metroid Spoof

    in Nintendo Discussion on 26 July 2018 by CaptainExplosion

    MTZehvor said: I kind of want that music for my ringtone now. Same, and it would give me a good enough reason to change my ringtone! ^^...

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    Sega teases new Shining title at Sega Fes 2018

    in Gaming Discussion on 06 April 2018 by Xxain

    outlawauron said: Xxain said: No.  After a fallout with SEGA they aligned themselves with Nintendo which has lasted to this day. They are the creators of SONY's Hotshot Golf series well. Clap Hanz makes Hot Shots. Camelot hasn't touched Hot Shots since the PS1 days. I said creators ... not developers *wink* ...

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    A Full, Concise Explanation On Bayonetta's Publishing Rights And Long Development.

    in Gaming Discussion on 20 February 2018 by Super_Boom

    At this point, it seems the topic has been exhausted, and I don't really see value in letting the discussion continue as it has for the last few posts. If you'd like to continue this topic with new information, feel free to start a new thread, but I don't see a need to keep this one open given the current state of the discussion....

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    Koei Tecmo “readily available to make titles available on Switch” with its own IPs or outside IPs

    in Nintendo Discussion on 11 February 2018 by bowserthedog

    xMetroid said: bowserthedog said: Sorry but by what metric are you using to suggest that fire emblem warriors is underperforming?   No one talks about it, it's not charting anymore on VgCharts and it disappeared from eShop charts after like 2 weeks. Compared to HW it's really underperforming.  Yeah but nobody would set the same standard for a similar...

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    36 Switch Games for November 2017

    in Nintendo Discussion on 02 November 2017 by TomaTito

    Rive: Ultimate Edition releasing on November 17Rive is a “metal wrecking, robot hacking shooter”. This new version lets you play with a friend in Copilot Mode, supports HD Rumble, and has 48 achievements. The game also loads faster, plays smoother, and has been “tweaked to perfection”. --- Played the demo on WiiU,...

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    Nintendo Switch Preview Trailer

    in Nintendo Discussion on 24 October 2017 by SpokenTruth

    Lauster said: SpokenTruth said: Nothing announced yet but that doesn't mean they are no longer on board either.   And it's way the hell better than many of the predictions which prophecized that practically all of those developers/publishers would back out before the year is over. Sure, I didn't know if I had missed an announce. According to the latest news I read...

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    Will Nintendo demonstrate it does care about its customers?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 25 August 2017 by Qwark

    How dare you question the intentions of the big N. They always had and always will be the best console and game makers in the industry. They care by default way more than MS and Sony about their fans. For thou mere doubt Nintendo should send it's ninja'a after you. (Sarcasm off) Now as for your actual question they will not show to care much further for their customers as long as they keep...

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    Digital Foundry first look at Skyrim Switch

    in Nintendo Discussion on 25 August 2017 by curl-6

    h2ohno said: It really looks like Bethesday put some actual effort into this. Basing it off the special edition rather than the vanilla edition, getting the performance stable, adding motion controls when it didn't have to. It's good to see this wan't treated as an afterthought, which has been a problem for 3rd party ports on Nintendo systems in the past. Yeah I have to admit I'm...

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    Do you have a Pet :)

    in General Discussion on 19 August 2017 by malistix1985

    So many great reactions, to many at this point to all qoute individually but the love for animals is great on VGChartz I didn't expect so many great pictures to, cute cats, fish and dogs they all look amazing. Really lovely stuff :) The dog who has cancer and won't have long to live looks so cute to, which will be very painfull but when you lose an animal and miss them it does make the time...

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    14 Switch Games For August 2017

    in Nintendo Discussion on 05 August 2017 by Mnementh

    farlaff said: farlaff said: So, what do you guys think: Redout or FAST? I'll only be buying one of them Nobody? I played Fast Racing Neo on WiiU, but never Redout. So, I watched Youtube-videos. Both seem to be very fast racers. FAST: Redout: Looking at the videos, the boost...

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    Foxconn building site in Wisconsin.

    in General Discussion on 28 July 2017 by BlkPaladin

    DroidKnight said: The company I work for actually put in a bid for the suicide nets that will surround the structure at different levels. We specialize in razor wire, electric fence, and surveillance, so this should be hilarious. So they are looking to make the sucides super effective. (Sorry had to do it.)...

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    Do You Accept Evolution as a Fact?

    in General Discussion on 24 July 2017 by WolfpackN64

    Nem said: craighopkins said: Jesus is the Truth the way and the Life. Jesus knocks you just have to open your hearts to him. Too much evil in the world to live without him Well... i really wish i sprouted wings so i could fly and the world would be so much nicer. Yet... it's very unlikely that will happen. What you say though, is the exact reason why religion worked so well....

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    R.B.I. Baseball 17 heading to Switch in September 5

    in Nintendo Discussion on 20 July 2017 by gabzjmm23

    add the Japanese Major League baseball and it would sell better in Japan. ...

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    Which is the most significant (important) console in history?

    in Gaming Discussion on 19 July 2017 by Hynad

    Atari 2600 by 2 country miles. But since Nintendo created existence itself, the NES is the answer by default......

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