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    PS3 price drop may suprises us all?

    in Sony Discussion on 14 January 2009

    You are all forgetting a very important aspect of international production/sales.Currency exchange rates. There have been and are LARGE fluctuations in the US-EU-JPN currencies in 2008/2009. Sony is at a disadvantage because of the Yen, Microsoft is not.Microsoft has it's biggest market in the US where the currency rate of the dollar don't matter.I suspect Microsoft pay for the parts of the 360...

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    Who else expects PS3 to start overselling 360 again when Killzone2 comes ou

    in Sony Discussion on 10 January 2009

    I think the PS3 will sell more than the 360 in Europe most of this year.The huge numbers of 360s sold this christmas are to a completely different group of buyers than the ones buying consoles the rest of the year.The US market is a completely different story....

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    How Many Games Did you Buy in 2008?

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 January 2009

    DSNew Super Mario Bros.The Lengend of Zelda: Phantom HourglasPS3Army of TwoAssassin's CreedCall of Duty 4Devil May Cry 4Fallout 3Far Cry 2Grand Theft Auto IVThe Orange BoxLittle big PlanetMetal Gear Solid 4MotorStorm: Pacific RiftResistance 2PSN1942: Joint StrikeAge of BootyBionic Commando RearmedBrain ChallengeBurnout ParadiseEchochromeElefunkEveryday ShooterGeonGran Turismo HD ConceptGTi...

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    Will fable 3 be the zelda killer?

    in Gaming Discussion on 28 December 2008

    I love playing both Zelda and Fable.Fable II is basicly nothing more than Fable I with better graphics.I was actually quite disappointed with Fable II because it quite frankly did not live up to all the hype. Don't get me wrong. I'd love for Fable to be the BIG RPG, but it's got a LONG way to go yet.We need more western style RPGs....

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    Is it just Me or has There been a Decline in the Quality of XBOX Live?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 16 December 2008

    nightsurge said: I wonder if these issues are isolated by regions? In the midwest (Indiana, so actually more Central US), neither myself nor any of my friends on Live (which are mostly from Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, and Kentucky) have experienced these Netflix issues or slowness. I experienced slowness and occasional 20 second freezes during the first week after the NXE was...

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    Is it just Me or has There been a Decline in the Quality of XBOX Live?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 16 December 2008

    I never use MSN and I don't have a windows computer :.)...

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    Is it just Me or has There been a Decline in the Quality of XBOX Live?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 16 December 2008

    I'm not happy with NXE. It's MUCH slower than the old interface. There are also bugs.Items showing up that when you select it tells you it's not available any more.I still get a message that another user logged in when I log in. That bug has been there for 2 years now.I understand why Microsoft changed the interface, they had to, bacause the old one couldn't handle the large number of content,...

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    ps3 to outsell the 360 by about 1.5million - 2 million units this xmas

    in Sales Discussion on 27 October 2008

    Some countries in Europe will have a smaller population in the future, like Russia, Italy and probably Germany. While others like the UK, Norway will grow....

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    ps3 to outsell the 360 by about 1.5million - 2 million units this xmas

    in Sales Discussion on 27 October 2008

    There may be a shortage of PS3 in Europe as the distributor of the PS3 in Norway told the press today it will probably not be able to meet demand this christmas....

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    Who still plays last-gen?

    in Gaming Discussion on 21 October 2008

    ps2, xbox and c64 (not a console, but....)...

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    PS3 - the fastest selling Playstation brand product in Poland

    in Sales Discussion on 14 October 2008

    USA+Japan+Canada = 460 million EU = 490 million Europe = 720 million   The biggest (current) market in Europe for consoles is EU. EU got 30 million more people than USA+Japan+Canada  ...

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    EU Sales Up --- PS3 is DESTROYED!

    in Sales Discussion on 30 September 2008

    you guys are amazing, one week with the new lower 360 price and you declare victory for Microsoft in Europe.I'm sure the difference between 360 and ps3 sales is much less next week and probably back to normal in october (that is ps3 selling more than 360). This is a normal boost when the price is lowered. I actually expected more from the 360. ...

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    what game is gonna FLOP this winter?

    in Gaming Discussion on 25 September 2008

    Jackson50 said: Christmas occurs approximately four days after the usual start of winter. Most games released by Christmas time will have been released in the autumn. Why not say this holiday season in lieu of winter?     That obviously depends on where you live.. Where I live, winter starts 1. december and lasts until 1. march. I agree, this holiday season is a...

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    Your Top 3 PS3 Games

    in Sony Discussion on 23 September 2008

    GT 5 PrologueUnchartedCall of Duty 4...

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    24.10 will be great day for all gamers,which ones you get?

    in Gaming Discussion on 21 September 2008

    This will be a very expensive autumn. Getting:Fable II (360) 24/10Bioshock (PS3) 24/10Little Big Planet (PS3) 31/10Gears of War 2 (360) 7/11Motorstorm 2 (PS3) 14/11Call of Duty (PS3) 14/11Tomb Raider (PS3) 21/11Resistance 2 (PS3) 28/11There are NO Wii games I want (where are the RPGs?)...

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    Which console do you have?

    in Gaming Discussion on 19 September 2008

    All 5 consoles....

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    Switzerland Q2 2008 Sales

    in Sales Discussion on 14 August 2008

    And Norway is 4.7M, soon 4.8M :-)...

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    How long have you been playing Video games?

    in Gaming Discussion on 02 August 2008

    I played my first game in 1982 I think. It was pac-man (cocktail cabinet version). Got my first computer, a Commodore 64,  in 1984 at an age of 14. Been playing games since. => 24 years. Always liked adventure, rpg and strategy games. (Infocom, Magentic Scrolls, LucasArts, Might & Magic, Blizzard, Zelda etc) A bit disappointed in the lack of good (western) rpg games lately....

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    Wiis in stock

    in Nintendo Discussion on 25 June 2008

    In Bergen (second largest city of Norway) there are always a lot of wii and 360 consoles on display. I don't there's been a wii shortage except for the first couple of weeks after the launch of the Wii. Often I see 1/2 - 1 pallet of Wiis. They also don't seem to get rid of the 360 halo bundles..  ...

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