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    My console is better then your console (rant)

    in Gaming Discussion on 17 May 2008

    I would love to talk about gaming in general, but everywhere I go it seems like everyone is bitching about ppl bitching in gaming forums. Not to mention bragging about their Porsches. Gets on my nerves. Man, if I was on Porsche site I would so be talking shit about how much cooler and better Aston-Martins are. But alright, let's talk about gaming. Gaming ROCKS!!! So uh yeah. There, you go....

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    Anybody else disappointed in the metroid series sales?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 17 May 2008

    okr said:Many games deserve better sales in dedicated fans‘ opinions. I think we had a similar thread even for SMG.You can be happy that you HAVE sales figures (and those for MP are not too shabby imo). I probably won´t ever get to know how many copies some of my most favourite games, e.g. Monkey Island 1&2, sold.By the way: The wish for even better Nintendo sales seems a bit...

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    Anybody else disappointed in the metroid series sales?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 17 May 2008

    Actually Cobretti2, the 1st MP had a lot of advertising for a Nintendo game at the time. Rol and disolitude have basically summed up why. It doesn't help that it's made by a western developer and it's shooter element alienates anyone who's not into western games....

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    PS3 will sell regular one million per month sales in Europe/Other region

    in Sales Discussion on 17 May 2008

    So, I see you're picking on JL and his predictions and that does not Rock_on at all! Especially considering his reason for being gone. Seems, odd to lump every country that's not Japan or in NA together,since the PS3 sells differently in the UK,Aus, and Asia mainland countries than it does in PAL regions. Might as well make a prediction about world wide sales. Though, anything is possible. I...

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    Star Wars Force unleashed wii version the only version hat have online

    in Nintendo Discussion on 17 May 2008

    NJ5 said:Parokki said:Trying to increase sales by giving every version something the others don't have? The Wii version has online, while the 360/PS3 version has better physics and such.That seems to be their strategy. I recall seeing a video where they were touting each version's special features. Even the PS2 had something unique I think.That means Star Wars hardcore fans will own every...

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    Why in every generation, the least technical console win the console war?

    in Gaming Discussion on 17 May 2008

    Dragon007 said:Xponent said:Dragon007 said:Xponent said:Dragon007 said:That's actually not true.The Super Nintendo was more advanced than the Mega Drive/GenesisThe PSX was more powerful than the Saturn and in some ways it was technologically superior to the N64.The PS2 was more advanced than the Dreamcast.It's actually always the guy in the middle. I guess that means the 360 will win this...

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    What is your favorite anime(Movie and T.V show)?

    in General Discussion on 16 May 2008

    I don't really consider myself a big anime fan, and I guess my choices are a little old school. Still, there's something about Fist Of The North Star, Ghost In The Shell and Inuyasha that I really dug. For Fist Of The North Star, it was probably that Kenshiro defines badass. I also like the art style in Tekkon Kinkreet and Akria even though Akira makes absolutely no sense at all. For slightly...

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    Legend of Zelda on the SNES: The Greatest Game of ALL TIME?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 16 May 2008

    Imperial said:Desroko said:Mario World or Yoshi's Island, Imperial? They both rocked in different ways. I agree that Zelda II is unjustly scorned.  Mario World , never really liked the idea of Yoshi in mario games. Both SMW and SMW2:YI had yoshi in them, though yoshi was just a side-kick in SMW1.There's also All-Stars.Mabye that was it. Kind of odd not to know the name of your favorite...

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    Glory of Hercules Trailer (WIN - DO WANT)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 14 May 2008

    Now this is a must buy! Hopefully it's coming out in the US. Parts 3 and 4 are suppose to come out for the vc....

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    Final Fantasy best sold WiiWare title + VC top 20

    in Nintendo Discussion on 14 May 2008

    Isn't that just for this week. I certainly would like to see the actual #'s for each game, instead of their rank, but it doesn't seem like anyone is tracking them individually. I'm most interested in Sin & Punishment , because it's the 1st time it's been localized. That and it's completely awesome. I also heard some changes were made to Pokemon Snap for the vc version. I don't know if that's...

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