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Club Nintendo: The Official Nintendo Thread

in Nintendo Discussion 7 minutes ago by JWeinCom

GoOnKid said: I know I'm in the minority with this but I really like the free NES and SNES games on the NSO service so much. I'm on a trip down memory lane these days and I love so many classic video games from that era soooo much, and I think a big part of it is due to the fantastic music. Many of these games have such great soundtracks that I can listen to all day and I will never get...

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Rumor - PS5 price, release date and preorder info right around the corner (sometime between now and July 13th)

in Sony Discussion 1 day ago by EricHiggin

KBG29 said: These are the most entertaining console launches I have ever followed. I imagine that the strategy meetings at both companies are insane right now.I would love to know what Sony and Mircrosoft's rock bottoms are. Could Sony go $399.99/$349.99 if Microsoft went $399.99/$249.99? Would it be worth it? Would it be good for the industry?Personally, I am hoping for;PS5/XBSX -...

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Prediction: PS5 and Xbox Series X combined will sell less than 120M.

in Sales Discussion 1 day ago by Slownenberg

Gotta wait for price before making any sort of prediction. But my preliminary guess would be PS5 isn't as strong as PS4 because Xbox won't trip straight out of the gate and Nintendo has an extremely popular system rather than a huge failure, this all results in more competition. Xbox I think will do a little bit better because they won't screw up from the start. So before seeing any pricing,...

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(SPOILER ALERT) Free discussion of TLOU2 with story included

in Sony Discussion 1 day ago by Jaicee

DonFerrari said: Jaicee said: I'll be 100 percent: I grew up back when there were Senate hearings over bloody content in video games because apparently they were just supposed to be for young children. I'm pretty immune to that whole frame of debate at this point. I feel like TLOU2 does what is feasible to humanize most of its characters, including even a lot of the enemy NPCs,...

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Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition for PC launches August 7

in PC Discussion 1 day ago by DonFerrari

Cerebralbore101 said: DonFerrari said: For PC it is a new game, just as a lot of late ports on Switch released full price. -_- A lot of those late Switch ports are rip offs too. The only exception is first party Nintendo games, but that's because Nintendo games hold their value so well, that if you buy physical it's worth it. People can't really complain about first party...

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So...This is Awkward (NBA 2K21 PC Version)

in PC Discussion 2 days ago by CGI-Quality

KBG29 said: CGI-Quality said: ~ snip

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Iron Man PSVR - Reviews and discussion thread (76 MC/75 OC)

in Sony Discussion 2 days ago by KBG29

John2290 said: KBG29 said: Quick Update:I have now played through Chapter 8. I did find the setting to allow smooth turing which has improved things a bit. It is still not an ideal set up though, as I can not find an ergonomic feeling way to hold down the thrusters and turn without the controller getting all wonkely positioned in my hand. That said, the game is turning out to be...

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How many videogames have you bought for PS4 ?

in Sony Discussion 3 days ago by DonFerrari

KBG29 said: All Digital.My library is at 651 right now. That is split between PS4, PSVR, F2P, and PS+. 42 titles are PS+. I am planning to add at least 5 more between now and PS5 release. Bonus: My PS Video library is at 784 Movies, and 127 TV Seasons.I'm more than ready to grab that Digital PS5 Day One. You are a massive collector/player. ...

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What is your favorite 7th Gen System?

in Gaming Discussion 4 days ago by QUAKECore89

You wanna know? Lol ok, fine xDIt's Xbox 360, had been blasting co-op campaign 1st party games casually with my friends especially the Left 4 Dead 2, it was really fun chaos experience lmao xD ...

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Most anticipated new release of July?

in Gaming Discussion 5 days ago by SvennoJ

Ooh Ghost of Tsushima and Paper Mario, great month! ...

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What controller innovations do you want to see in the future?

in Gaming Discussion 5 days ago by Chazore

I want that god damn Steam gamepad V2. ...

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PlayStation Nation: Definitive Edition - The PS5 is coming!

in Sony Discussion 5 days ago by Darashiva

Nothing for me again this month I guess. Already played Rise of the Tomb Raider, don't care about NBA 2K20, and Erica apparently isn't that great of a game, but it's the only one I might consider getting of the three. ...

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What is your favorite console this gen?

in Gaming Discussion 6 days ago by SanAndreasX

Switch, for all the Nintendo exclusives. It also hosts almost all the third party games I care about, most notably Dragon Quest XI and Witcher 3. If Nintendo could build on that, I’d never have a reason to look at Sony or Microsoft (I buy PS for Japanese exclusives.) ...

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The Pro Wrasslin' Thread (WWE, WWF, WCW, TNA, ROH, NWA, NJPW, etc)

in Sports Discussion 6 days ago by Runa216

Jumpin said: And just to respond to some of the NXT stuff. It’s been significantly better than the main roster for years, now. NXT is better than I remember WWE ever being at any point in its history... The only time I recall it being close to as good would be around the year 2000. Mick Foley and Triple H kicked off the year with the best match in either’s career (well, too 3...

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RUMOR - A NEW Hope - Decanonization of the sequels possible

in Movies Discussion 6 days ago by padib

DonFerrari said: padib said: They wouldn't owe anyone anything, it would just be rebranded. Lucasfilm is preparing to render the sequel trilogy null and void, removed from canon and isolated into an alternate timeline, under the label of Star Wars Legends For what reason? Because they know it is trash. The decanonization isn't for the mass audience, it's...

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So Motion Control was just a fever afterall?

in Gaming Discussion on 28 June 2020 by curl-6

Even putting aside Nintendo's games, there are a ton of games on Switch from many developers that use motion controls; Doom 2016, Wolfenstein II & Youngblood, Warframe, Skyrim, Metro Redux, Resident Evil Revelations 1 & 2, Outer Worlds, Just Dance, Overwatch, Fortnite, LA Noire, Paladins, Daemon x Machina, Alien Isolation... If it was a "fad" it would've disappeared entirely by 2010 like...

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Do you like the PS5 console design?

in Gaming Discussion on 27 June 2020 by EricHiggin

Hopefully the PS5 hardware team is as advanced as this guy and his team from Dell. Big cooling innovations especially for blower fans in tight spaces like laptops. I mean, Alienware, right? ...

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Sony is focusing on Hard-Core Gamers for PS5

in Sony Discussion on 24 June 2020 by TheMisterManGuy

EnricoPallazzo said: First year always sucks and its filled with subpar games, dual platform releases and remasters. will get better from year 2 and on. Still doesn't mean Sony's focusing on "hardcore gamers" (whatever the fuck that means). It's like I've been saying all along, PlayStation isn't hardcore, it never was hardcore. It's always been focused on everyone, and PS5 is no...

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Super Mario or Ratchet & Clank

in Gaming Discussion on 23 June 2020 by Link_Nines.XBC

This is a weird comparison because the Ratchet games are like 70% third person shooter and 30% platformers, but If I had to rank them by how much I enjoy them, I'd put 3D Mario in first place and honestly I enjoy Ratchet more than 2D Mario :P ...

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Would you consider getting the PS5 All-Digital Console if 100$ cheaper?

in Sony Discussion on 22 June 2020 by Nate4Drake

I want the 4K Bluray version, I don't care about price. ...

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