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    Reached 50 entries in my moderation history - UPDATE: Make that 60

    in Website Topics on 24 March 2019 by kirby007

    I want an update on amount of bans you Backblick...

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    How do you flirt with girl's online/Phone?

    in General Discussion on 22 March 2019 by Raven

    Considering the OP was blocked, I think the thread has served (or not served depending on your view) it's purpose. Locking....

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    Global Hardware 23 February 2019

    in Sales Discussion on 19 March 2019 by COKTOE

    theprof00 said: Been awhile since the last time I logged in.Gotta say, I'm shocked ps4 is already almost at 100m. Wow. Hi theprof00. Yeah, it's gettin' close....

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    Post Your YouTube Channels Here

    in General Discussion on 12 March 2019 by PwerlvlAmy

    dx11332sega said: PwerlvlAmy said: Mostly post game play videos featuring games I got from developers/publishers, speed runs like Odyssey where I beat it in 1hr 24min, livestreams or just randomly trailer mash ups. Recently just made a Sonic 2019 movie mock up in preparation for the real trailer reveal   Fun video :) Thank you :D...

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    Let's speak/write in Japanese!

    in General Discussion on 18 January 2019 by the-pi-guy

    We're going to reboot this. So locking this. Here's the new thread:

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    Xbox One demand will surpass supply (Poll included)

    in Microsoft Discussion on 13 January 2019 by DonFerrari

    Shadow1980 said: DonFerrari said:   Not to forget that 2017 was a bad year on the start because of X1 reveal. Yeah. That does certainly seem to be the case. The XBO had only a small YoY decline in 2017, but that decline accelerated starting in June when the X1X was fully revealed: Interestingly, while the XBO was up YoY for November thanks to the X1X launch, the...

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    Switch Friend Zone (Friend Codes)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 25 September 2018 by peachbuggy

    Sorry, double post!...

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    Fitness Federation

    in Sports Discussion on 07 September 2018 by COKTOE

    Is SKMBlake actually ReimTime?...

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    PUBG drops Lawsuit Against Fortnite

    in Gaming Discussion on 28 June 2018 by vivster

    Good for them!...

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    GTX 1080 TI OnionBerry Giveaway!!

    in Gaming Discussion on 26 June 2018 by Angelus

    I understand it's very tempting to look back through this thread and laugh at certain people who might have acted a bit of a fool on OB's behalf, but it serves no real purpose, and probably just leads to some sour grapes shitflinging a little ways down the road. Locking....

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    Hallucinating at night

    in General Discussion on 04 June 2018 by Luke888

    I only Hallucinate when I'm sick and that usually is really frightening, I hear my name being called even if nobody is in the house other than me, I sometime feel likee something is moving really fast in the room somewhere my eyes can't see or stuff like that. That being said from time to time I still get scared of the dark and if I don't fall asleep stuff can become pretty weird...

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    Vote War: Best Console of All Time

    in Gaming Discussion on 29 May 2018 by Shadow1980

    Well, my computer died on me the other day and I had to get it replaced. I wonder if I could have helped keep the SNES in this. I just never really understood the massive appeal of the PS2. It's not that I don't like the PS2 or anything, and I understand that it had a massive and varied library, but it just didn't have much that interested me. Gaming in general at the time was going through a...

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    VGChartz turned me gay (and ruined my marriage) (NSFW)

    in NSFW Discussion on 24 May 2018 by Ganoncrotch

    Ryuu96 said: This should be stickied. He got stuck over the desk... didn't you read it? Honestly each next paragraph I was expecting to end with him whistling for a cab and yelling home to bel air... but it never came.... I'm not sure if that's a good or a bad thing....

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    Gen 1 had the worst Pokémon, in my opinion

    in Nintendo Discussion on 23 May 2018 by EspadaGrim

    Gen 3 is the best IMO, it was the last gen without having the designs go "Extra"....

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    Phil Spencer congrats God of War Developer

    in Gaming Discussion on 19 May 2018 by Azzanation

    Zoombael said:    So lets keep this simple and clear without going off track. 1 - What does Phil's Tweet got to do with the lack of X1 games brought up by many in this thread? 2 - Do you actually think X1 lacks games because Phil has congratulated Sony? (I think twice this entire generation)  3 - Is Phil not allowed to use his Twitter account? 4 -...

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    Which will sell more God of War or Sea of Thieves ?

    in Gaming Discussion on 17 May 2018 by Porcupine_I

    John2290 said: CGI-Quality said: Eh, read as a joke, I'd say. Yeah. That went over my head. My bad. @procupine_J. Ignore my rudness, I read you're comment hastily and lumped you in with the others.  It's alright, it can be hard to differenciate these days. I really wanted to make a joke though....

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    God Of War Is Not A Masterpiece ...

    in Sony Discussion on 29 April 2018 by goopy20

    Blasphemy I say... BLASPHEMY!!...

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    Skyrim feels so dated now.

    in Gaming Discussion on 26 April 2018 by Cerebralbore101

    Jumpin said: The fact that you need to compare it to what is arguably the greatest game in history, the recent BotW, in order to state how it seems outdated, after 7 years, speaks volumes as to its quality. It's more of a compliment than anything. Now, if you were comparing it to a game like XC2, that would be a different story. Those are two very different games, but I'd love...

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    VGC's Most Attractive User 2018 - Final

    in General Discussion on 03 April 2018 by Slarvax

    Thanks Oliver for the nice :-P And here are the resuls!

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    VGC's Most Attractive User 2018 - Extra S.T.A.G.E. 3

    in General Discussion on 02 April 2018 by Slarvax

    Here it is!

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