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    Barozi's Wall

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    < Mnementh posted something on Barozi's wall:

    Hey, as the end of the year is coming closer, the greatest game event is happening again. You were joining in the past, do you feel like participating again?

    No I stopped doing lists like that so I'd need to start over completely. Don't really feel like investing my time into that.

    on 02 November 2019

    Sorry to hear that, but oh well, we all have limited time. Have a nice time at the holidays anyway, and you can take a look how the result ended up being without your involvement.

    on 02 November 2019

    < Ganoncrotch posted something on Barozi's wall:

    When you said "Saturn" is that a German store or online shop for shipping games? I'm about a day off buying the bioshock collection from psn for €24 :D

    Both. It belongs to the same parent company as Media Markt, but has much better deals for games. Sorry to say though, it was on sale only for a few days last week. They're also only shipping to German speaking countries :/

    on 14 February 2017

    Keep looking on something like
    You'll find tons of cheap stuff there (mostly from the UK but also from the rest of Europe). For example at the same time as Saturn had the Bioshock offer, had a similar price for it and they obviously ship to pretty much every country.

    If you can wait a few weeks, you'll certainly find it again for sub 20€. But anyway I saved tons of money due to sites like or rather its German equivalent

    on 14 February 2017

    < VersusEvil posted something on Barozi's wall:

    Ty Jesus for accepting me ^^

    < noname2200 posted something on Barozi's wall:

    Season's greetings! I would like to personally invite you to join this year's PC Secret Santa event, thread link below. Please drop by and help us make this holiday season a bit more merry for everyone. Looking forward to seeing you there!

    < Ka-pi96 posted something on Barozi's wall:

    Wow, that's a lot of gamerscore! It will be nice having another active member in the GS league and I hope you enjoy your Xbox One when you get it

    yeah honestly I didn't even play that much during the past 2 years, but I've been catching up lately, so the GS league can only help

    on 27 July 2015

    < daredevil.shark posted something on Barozi's wall:

    How is "VGC" life after quitting moderation? Busy or quiet peace?

    well I miss looking at the mod history of some users, as they were always good for a laugh. Other than that I enjoy not having that notification icon hovering above my profile picture all the time, reminding me that there is work to be done.

    on 16 May 2015

    Lol. Yeah. Mod history can be fun.

    on 16 May 2015

    Happy valentines day! be with your loved ones!

    < Veknoid_Outcast posted something on Barozi's wall:

    Sending over a long overdue friend request!

    I mean, accepted

    on 14 December 2014

    < Pemalite posted something on Barozi's wall:

    I didn't "imply" anything.

    If you are going to ban someone, then you need to get your banning reasons accurate.

    I literally said it, there was no insinuation.

    And yes, console peasants are Beta testers for the PC gaming master race. #dealwithit

    Perma ban me*

    on 23 November 2014

    not sure if I understand what you're implying....

    on 23 November 2014

    Lol I had to check his profile to make sure he was permabanned. If you hadnt I was going to flip my shit =P
    I mean he did request it

    on 24 November 2014

    < daredevil.shark posted something on Barozi's wall:

    People are off topic and saying bad things about each other. Please lock the thread. Thanks.

    done *cough*

    on 07 October 2014


    on 07 October 2014

    < ErwinMoCBANNED posted something on Barozi's wall:

    Just perma-ban my ErwinMoC account...

    I get constantly banned for flaming when I only use words like "Idiot" and "Fucking stupid"when someone is clearly trolling. It is extremely annoying.


    < Barozi updated his status:

    Guacamelee really is an awesome game

    It really is. :)

    on 23 July 2014

    You get it for Wii U?

    on 18 August 2014

    360. Don't have a next-gen (current gen) console yet.

    on 18 August 2014

    < Smeags posted something on Barozi's wall:

    So... football truce and tie? :P

    < daredevil.shark posted something on Barozi's wall:

    This video still give me goosebumps. Ending was great. Aside from E3 we are going to see biggest event of this year.

    < Poliwrathlord posted something on Barozi's wall:

    So who will face Germany in the finals of the year's World Cup?

    Honduras, I'm sure of it.

    on 13 May 2014

    If Honduras were to make it through they'd play Germany in the Quarter-Finals @_@

    on 14 May 2014

    not necessarily.

    on 14 May 2014

    < Talal posted something on Barozi's wall:

    What's your opinion on Ter Stegen? Is he any good?

    Certainly better than Zieler, so I'm quite shocked he's not in the world cup squad. Oh well the 3rd goalkeeper isn't likely to play anyway.

    on 12 May 2014

    Yeah, the fact that he wasn't picked got me worried. Barcelona fan here.

    on 12 May 2014

    < vivster posted something on Barozi's wall:

    As much as I love your sig I wish it had a proper setup.

    Mertesacker and Khedira are missing dearly.

    oh it is a realistic setup, just not how Löw would ever let them play. Mertesacker is just faaar too slow, that's why I decided for Boateng and Hummels as central defenders. Lahm on the right, Schmelzer on the left (still a weak point though), Khedira is too big of a question mark right now, so only Schweinsteiger on the 6, Reus left, Götze central, Özil right and both Klose and Müller as strikers.

    on 10 May 2014

    That's....... creative.

    on 10 May 2014

    not creative, it's classic. Never liked the 1 striker or no striker at all approach. 4-4-2 (or 4-1-3-2) is awesome.

    on 10 May 2014

    Classic is not the game anymore. Double 6 and a single striker just suits the team well. If they have their shit together it will work out just fine. But for that we need some stable components. Khedira and Mertesacker would be one of those. Sure Mertesacker had his errors and Khedira was't there for the past months but the defense seems just too fragile without them.

    on 10 May 2014

    < TruckOSaurus posted something on Barozi's wall:

    Just got Stick of Truth for my birthday! It's like a South Park episode come to life. The amount of details put into it makes this South Park fan very happy.

    exactly what I've been thinking.
    Huge amount of fan service to be found.

    on 01 April 2014

    < Kantor posted something on Barozi's wall:

    Come back to mod chat! We miss you

    And I promise I'll stop stealing your bans! :3

    on 24 March 2014

    First! I mean seconded!

    on 24 March 2014

    < Barozi updated his status:

    South Park The Stick of Truth is AMAZING!!!!

    aaaaaand I beat it. So great and hilarious, that's going to be hard to beat this year.

    on 07 March 2014

    t00 hardcore you

    on 15 March 2014

    How you been anyway?

    on 15 March 2014

    rather well, can't complain.
    what about you ?

    on 15 March 2014

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