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    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Discussion Thread

    in General Discussion 26 minutes ago by SpokenTruth

    NightlyPoe said: SpokenTruth said: 3/30: US-Italy Chart. As NightlyPoe noted, the new case rate in the US has flattened over the past several days. It's still growing but way more slowly.  The doubling rate is now several days.  Unfortunately though, deaths are still increasing with today being our worst day so far.  Hopefully it too will catch up with the...

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    Xbox Empire - Series X Info Dump: Complete Specs Revealed | Series X: 12 Teraflops Confirmed | Ninja Theory Announces Project: Mara

    in Microsoft Discussion 27 minutes ago by EspadaGrim

    Yup Meave Is extremely annoying,her life drain is brutal while in combat. Makutu needs a buff he is one of the least played characters I’ve seen. ...

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    YouTube no longer considers 720p as high-definition...

    in Gaming Discussion 1 hour ago by NobleTeam360

    Athaba said: NobleTeam360 said: I mean, them removing the HD tag doesn't really change anything. 720p will still be 720p. Interesting decision nonetheless Maybe it's because Youtube told EU that because of the pandemic and higher use of internet because of homeoffice and all kids at home, they aren't showing HD videos at the moment for EU? When you don't call it HD anymore,...

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    COMG! Japan Pre-order Chart Thread - Daily updates!

    in Sales Discussion 2 hours ago by SpokenTruth

    This is a 4 day update (Fri - Mon). ...

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    The Xbox Game Pass Thread - [Nier Automata, Bleeding Edge, Ace Combat 7, Ori WotW, The Surge 2, NBA 2K20]

    in Microsoft Discussion 5 hours ago by konnichiwa

    Nier was one of those games that I wanted to try but not wanted to buy yet so yeah that's a great addition. ...

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    List of Games You've Beaten 2020

    in Gaming Discussion 17 hours ago by SKMBlake

    Beaten so far:- Ori (Switch)Currently in progress (all on Switch)- Astral Chain (despite having bought it day 1)- Hellblade- Darksiders- The Witcher 3 - Wolfenstein Youngblood - Doom 3 - Doom- Spyro the dragon- Crash Bandicoot (despite having bought it day 1 as well in 2018)- Dragon Ball FighterZ- Smash Ultimate- Ôkami- Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm ...

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    Birds of Prey - 82% RT, and good audience reception

    in Movies Discussion 22 hours ago by d21lewis

    I cheer for DC and I love when they do well. Even if they don't make a ton of money, I'd settle for a good movie.I didn't have high hopes for this film after seeing the trailers but after the good reviews (or at least the scores because I usually skip reviews until after I've seen a movie), I thought it might be really good.I was disappointed.It just never got good. Watched it with my wife and...

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    What is the most scariest realistic thought that you believe will come true?

    in General Discussion 1 day ago by EricHiggin

    DarthMetalliCube said: EricHiggin said: Have you seen Idiocracy? They take it way too far but it's hilarious. Haven't but certainly seems up my ally, with its sort of alternate reality/dystopia premise. I'm shooting to knock out a bunch of films on my wishlist so I'll have to add this one. Demolition Man is another good one. It's early 90's and also a...

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    Do gamers really want Cloud gaming?

    in Gaming Discussion on 23 March 2020 by CuCabeludo

    During Google developers keynote that was streamed today, as a replacement of GDC, they stated the are prototyping demos in which all NPCs behaviors are dictated by Google's Deep Mind AI, it will result in much smarter NPCs that can act and interact with he player in much different ways than the traditional scripted AI we have today in games. It will be only possible to use such powerful AI if...

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    The NFL Thread 2019: The Kansas City Chiefs Win Super Bowl LIV

    in Sports Discussion on 20 March 2020 by hatmoza

    I was legit upset when the corona situation led to XFL being canceled. I quite enjoyed it. Hopefully NFL season doesn't get delayed too long. I want to see who the championship mind truly was. Tom or Bill. ...

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    Football Thread 19/20 Football is (temporarily) cancelled :(

    in Sports Discussion on 12 March 2020 by KiigelHeart

    Dat Premier League dominance though. ...

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    NPD: Percentages of US Switch owners that own PS4/Xbone/both/neither

    in Nintendo Discussion on 10 March 2020 by curl-6

    Otter said: curl-6 said: To be fair, I feel kinda the same way about Xbox this gen too, back in 2012-2013 I always assumed I'd end up getting an Xbone at some point just cos I liked the 360 so much, but games like Halo 5 and Gears 4 ended up looking nowhere near as interesting or appealing to me as their 360 predecessors. I've also kinda gone off AAA third party games too, with a...

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    When will the switch outsell the ps4?

    in Sales Discussion on 07 March 2020 by Bofferbrauer2

    Looks like the number of believers is growing. End of January, 66.66% said never, now it's down to 64.88% ...

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    in Politics Discussion on 05 March 2020 by Quartz

    I voted bexit.  Your comment of "Anyone with any racist or discriminitave tendencies all voted Brexit its a diagrace" just goes to show that you have a bias and simply disagree to the point of name calling. ...

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    Record Temperatures

    in Politics Discussion on 23 February 2020 by Immersiveunreality

    This time of the year is normally the coldest and i worked in a T-shirt(i work outside),it is 20 degrees higher than the extremes i faced in the same period. ...

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    Crash Bandicoot Trilogy vs Spyro Trilogy

    in Gaming Discussion on 21 February 2020 by curl-6

    I will say though, I think of all six games I do love Crash Bandicoot 3 Warped the most, more than any of the Spyro games. It's less punishing than its predecessors and has the most variety. ...

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    Rumor: According to Polish insider Cyberpunk 2077 delay because Xbox One (current gen base console)

    in Gaming Discussion on 21 February 2020 by Shaunodon

    My main concern, which is pretty subjective, is that in our small region (New Zealand) the CE was only made available for console. Or if it was available on PC it's must've sold out within 10mins. I have no problems playing through it at least once on PS4, and if it's Fallout 4 or Witcher 3 level of bad optimisation, I can just buy it again for PC; and console-onlies can just wait a year for the...

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    Is the word normie an insult

    in General Discussion on 17 February 2020 by pikashoe

    CrazyGamer2017 said: pikashoe said: There are words created specifically as insults, a word such as idiot, can only be taken as an insult. There are words that are created for the sole purpose of being insults. Whether someone takes insult at being called something is irrelevant. Not true, the word idiot is meant to describe someone that acts in an idiotic way. We may abuse...

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    Local German(on twitter) gets bored and tries to name all American states.

    in General Discussion on 12 February 2020 by RolStoppable

    Ka-pi96 said: 1. Vorarlberg2. Tyrol3. Burgenland4. Styria5. Lower Austria6. Salzburg7. Upper Austria8. Carinthia9. Vienna Not sure about 3/6. I'm sure Salzburg is one of those two, but I'm not sure which. How'd I do though? You had a good start with 1 and 2, but then got everything else wrong, except Vienna. So you were 3/9 overall. The table in my post lists the...

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    List of Games You've Beaten 2019

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 February 2020 by GrahfsLament

    I know this is a bit late (work has been wayyyy too frantic the first month+ of this year!), but I don't think I am (or at least I hope I'm not!) falling foul of the necrobumping rule. For 2019, I set a goal to see if I could average one game per week (for no particular reason), and, at least by my standards, I did just that. Overall, 2019 was another great year for gaming for...

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