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    < darthdevidem01 posted something on leatherhat's wall:

    Came around a month ago!!! Mostly for the users rather than forums.. hence been posting sparsely....but exams coming up is the bigger reason for that! How've you been?

    I've been good. You?

    on 02 June 2012

    < leatherhat updated his status:

    Finally got fall of the samurai

    < happydolphin posted something on leatherhat's wall:

    I'm digging the new Avi, enjoy FFIX leatherhat.

    Not new, its my original from back in the day

    on 30 May 2012

    I love it. Been here since 2009 (as padib), but I can't remember this one.

    on 30 May 2012

    Oh cool I remember you. Good to have you back.

    on 30 May 2012

    < Jay520 posted something on leatherhat's wall:

    You should complete your game ratings.

    Theres too damn many

    on 09 May 2012

    There, its done just for you

    on 24 May 2012

    I expect feedback

    on 24 May 2012

    I don't know why exactly, but I thought we'd have simiarly tastes. However, looking at your list (espescially SoTC), I guess not so much.

    on 24 May 2012

    < hatmoza posted something on leatherhat's wall:


    < sweetlove900 posted something on leatherhat's wall:

    Hello Friend,

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    Yours Sincerely,reply me here (maryjones0116@yahoo.com)


    < darthdevidem01 posted something on leatherhat's wall:

    Hey came back just yesterday, how've you been?

    I've been trying to keep this place afloat but its been tough without everyone's favorite dog avatar user

    on 09 April 2012

    lol it's stayed afloat & now we're getting a new forum. Hopefully a fresh start will spice things up. Are you gonna post in both places?

    on 10 April 2012

    Maybe, at least for awhile

    on 10 April 2012

    < MARCUSDJACKSON posted something on leatherhat's wall:


    < outlawauron posted something on leatherhat's wall:

    Your avatar has never been so moe.

    Its kind of a switch from my normal stuff. But I really liked Katawa shoujo. So I did what needed to be done.

    on 28 March 2012

    < yo_john117 posted something on leatherhat's wall:

    That's a pretty good song you have in your sig.

    Thanks brah- that reminds me to update it

    on 27 March 2012

    Cool. That song of the week thing is a pretty good idea. Can't wait to see what you have on next.

    on 27 March 2012

    Its up now, some dub to wub wub too

    on 27 March 2012

    With a vidya twist

    on 27 March 2012

    OMG dude that new song is fracking amazing!

    Epic only just begins to describe it.

    on 27 March 2012

    Glad you like it, I feel dub step is very hit or miss with people.

    on 27 March 2012

    It does seem that way. I pretty much like every type of music you can think of but dub step is definitely one of my favorite genres.

    Man if you got any more links to epicness like that be sure to hit me up.

    on 27 March 2012

    Everything Nostalgia does is pretty good. Here's a mario one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pgI8BvXqAL8&feature=related Ill be sure to hit you up with more but I gotta go to bed. Til tomorrow

    on 27 March 2012

    Yeah man that song is amazing as well. Dang good artist.

    Thanks mate.

    on 27 March 2012

    < BasilZero posted something on leatherhat's wall:


    What anime/game is that avatar character from?

    Katawa Shoujo, a free VN

    on 24 March 2012

    thank you

    on 24 March 2012

    oh wow LOL

    I actually know what this , seen it before xD!

    Didnt know this artwork was from there *_*

    on 24 March 2012

    You should check out the KS generals on 4chan /vg/ if you ever decide to play it

    on 24 March 2012

    really cool avatar, keep this avatar ok? lool

    on 28 March 2012

    I will, for awhile at least

    on 28 March 2012

    < leatherhat updated his status:

    Its Paddy, not Patty


    on 17 March 2012

    St. Paddy

    on 17 March 2012

    < leatherhat updated his status:

    Kawata shoujo is a game only in the most liberal of sense, but damn if it isn't fun

    < leatherhat updated his status:

    Sly cooper, super streetfighter HD AND unjammer lammy all for free? Thank you sir.

    < leatherhat updated his status:

    I'm gonna put a new song in my sig either weekly or monthly, a song I feel you as a person will become stronger by listening to.

    < leatherhat updated his status:

    My all your video game related Christmas wishes come true

    < Mordred11 posted something on leatherhat's wall:

    Merry Christmas!

    happy birthday!

    on 24 December 2011

    < M.U.G.E.N posted something on leatherhat's wall:

    I think you already on my list :D my psn is : rathne

    So you are. All the more reason to play together.

    on 20 November 2011


    on 20 November 2011

    < Player1x3 posted something on leatherhat's wall:

    so what is it with you being an elitist jerk?

    Its a good job, good pay. Go into console threads and shit on them with the superiority of PC. Its not too bad.

    on 05 November 2011

    I see, what qualifications are necessary to apply for a job?

    on 05 November 2011

    A giant dick and an ego to match

    on 08 November 2011

    < leatherhat updated his status:

    Blood for the blood God

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