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    Wii U vs PS4 vs Xbox One FULL SPECS (January 24, 2014)

    in Gaming Discussion on 21 May 2014 by spurgeonryan

    superchunk said: spurgeonryan said:Two years later. What is this thread about now? Mostly here just for reference with the occasional random post trying to suggest something in OP is wrong. Though given many lengthy discussions here, gaf, and otherwise all point to this info being very accurate. Wow! Long time quote.   Why do they even try Superchunk........

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    PC, PS4 comparison Unreal Engine 4

    in Sony Discussion on 25 February 2013 by Karanlos

    Games are gonna look better later this generation but don't expect start xbox 360 to end 360 games. The reason for this is that at the start of this generation developers had limited experience with shader development. They have that experience now. Also techniques that made rendering more efficient like differed rendering and stuff like that is already being used. Unless someone invents new...

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    PS4 vs. PC - Graphics comparison

    in Gaming Discussion on 25 February 2013 by CGI-Quality

    zarx said: Digital foundry has some captures from an high quality HD encode of the Killzone demo   The last one has some great effects Those two look like something straight out of PC! ...

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    Kojima says MGS: Ground Zeroes may be too risky to publish, sell

    in Gaming Discussion on 22 February 2013 by Darth Tigris

    There's no hype like Kojima hype. He's such a master that he makes it look easy....

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    Skyrim predicts the Super Bowl

    in Gaming Discussion on 05 February 2012 by man-bear-pig

    Holy shitballs, skyrim was right!...

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    The sinner's sandwich is actually good (Mr. Stewart is right).

    in Gaming Discussion on 05 February 2012 by blkfish92

    I'm not a fan of Jelly/jam, but with corn flakes or frosted flakes I imagine that would be awesome...

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    Crytek's Ryse now a next-gen release - report

    in Microsoft Discussion on 29 December 2011 by goldeneye0065r

    why would i worry about rysen , what about timesplitters 4 for christ sake! ...

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    Sony Responds To PS3 Hacks

    in Sony Discussion on 10 January 2011 by Cobretti2

    Off topic, but what pisses me of with PC DRM and even any security on PC games in general is they are a pain to people who buy legal games. E.G. pirnce of persia would not authenticate the disc in my cd-rom because nero installed a virtual drive cd-rom and the game said that a virtual drive was present therefore cannot launch. So i had to patch a legal game I owned haha. How spastic is...

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    Be Honest Did you really buy a 599$ system just to install linux?..

    in Sony Discussion on 08 January 2011 by PullusPardus

    mantlepiecek said: You know what? I use linux as a primary OS on my three year old PC. It runs approximately 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 times better than any linux on the PS3. its true....

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    PSP Master Keys found in the PS3

    in Sony Discussion on 06 January 2011 by NiKKoM

    twesterm said: NiKKoM said: neh... R4 cards go for around 15 euros and you get a 2gb miniSD card with it... heck it even comes with an usb adapter for the mini-sd card.. you could get them in chabby phonestores or order them online before they were banned in the netherlands.. Ah, heard they were more expensive than that and buddy told me he had to buy his own mini SD card for whatever...

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    So what will Sony do to fix the exploit?

    in Sony Discussion on 05 January 2011 by snakenobi

    twesterm said: snakenobi said: i wasn't messing,just my idea is kind of crazy and very tough to implement.   now one time i will explain myself:   the old games that will be playable on all ps3's now someone buys a new game(updates firmware as required through game) or update firmware from internet,sony could add an additional way or decrytion while keeping the old...

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