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    Runa216's Wall

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    Did you see the All gas no brakes video about the proud boys on youtube?

    I have not! Part of me really doesn't wanna engage, though. I get angry enough about politics, I don't wanna make it worse.

    on 04 October 2020

    I feel like you're barking up the wrong tree by constantly assuming the worst from people you debate here,for example if someone talks about not wanting political correctness it is mostly because they did see it being wrongly used and not because they're hatefull persons so putting so much focus on the most evil beings you can think of is worthless / not constructive.

    Have a bit more faith in the good of people and also play Nioh 2.

    I need to play Nioh 1 first.

    as for the other part...well, I see a lot of patterns and I can usually discern the underlying reason or cause behind a person's bigotry or hatred. this is one such case. I don't assume anything, I deduce that it's the only possible explanation.

    on 01 April 2020

    Deducing based on forumposts that stay within the guidelines and keep being respectfull while the outcome is an extreme negative.
    That is still assuming and based on personal reasoning,some values in the deduction might be wrongly held higher than others.
    But you will most likely totally dissagree and that's no crime.
    And dude no need to play Nioh 1 just jump in the second game,if you like from soft games you have a good chance liking this too + it has a decent coop multiplayer and so many items ,weapons,fightstyles.

    on 01 April 2020

    Did the Jesus thread get deleted or something? I can't find it in my recent posts list.

    on 02 April 2020

    I think so yes,is expected since it went offtopic in debates about gender.

    on 02 April 2020

    < KLAMarine posted something on Runa216's wall:

    "Awww, I bet he's off in his corner whining about how his first amendment rights are being trampled on"

    >No, I'm doing no such thing...

    shocking. That's what most people do when told to take their nonsense elsewhere.

    on 08 February 2020

    Happy Christmas !!!!

    And have you finished the new pokegame yet?I have been watching some vids and reading about it and it left me skeptical.I still see some gameplay that is almost the same as it was in pokemon red and this feels imo at the moment as an upscaled 3ds game.

    I haven't finished it but I am in love with it. IT's by no means a revelation, but it's by far the most expansive and refined pokemon game. I love it, but I understand why some people don't

    on 27 November 2019

    Hmm k,on any other console i would wait for it to be lower in pricing but as that is not really such an option i most likely play what is the most nostalgic for myself first(zeldas,marios,fire emblem) but good to hear you're having a great time! Thanks for the info.

    on 27 November 2019

    "I also know that me saying things like this is just going to make me look like a snooty, arrogant SJW virtue signalling posh cunt or something,"

    Well i disagree with some of the things you talk about but thats alright,this is just a forum and you do things with good intent,you are a good guy.

    I just feel bad about being so harsh because I feel like I'm just repeating the same nonsensical, generic insults people sling around all the time. the difference is that, this time, it seems to be an accurate representation of how people are acting. They ARE being narrowminded, they ARE being uncultured, and it IS leading to real problems.

    I'm honestly not snooty, but I am getting so sick of people being aggressively ignorant.

    on 04 November 2019

    Some people just need to experience "problems" from up close to understand them.In a lot of cases one of the two extreme views are blindly taken over and parroted,it is how we evolved as a human species and it is sadly still very instinctive.As an autist that is hypersensitive i had to learn to be able to disconnect my feelings from certain topics talked about and fall back on logic and when i feel i'm getting upset i just avoid it for a while.My niece was kinda racist for a long time ,got it from her parents and that truly sucks because i'm not white and they are but since she went to congo to help in a childrenshospital she partly changed and that is what they need,being pulled out of that group of closemindedness and see the true colours of the world.

    on 04 November 2019

    Your posts about Sekiro got me even more hyped,im stopping my playtrough of NiNoKuni 2 that im in no way enjoying and gonna get myself a copy of Sekiro too. :)

    You really should if you are at all curious. It's a wonderful game from what I've played and while it's similar to Dark Souls, it's very much so its own thing. Have fun!

    on 23 March 2019

    Yeah i firstly wanted to wait for a bit cause i am an oversentitive autist and lets say i need to keep control of the stress i take on and a game like that usually gives that even when i do enjoy it but i will just try to portion it :p Been a souls and bloodborne fan for some time now and this game's fighting mechanics looks to be a good focus on the parrying/evasion aspect and the only downer for me is that there is no multiplayer because i always enjoyed helping others with bosses but ofcourse that should not hold me back to play it. Thanks!

    on 23 March 2019

    It is like baked into human culture to have children it seems but it should be more important to be ready mentally and financially to be able to support them before feeling forced by society to have them,i also feel like there should be a stronger focus on adoption because the world is already populated enough and there are so much children without parents in third world countries.But yeah i support pro choice.

    < Baddman posted something on Runa216's wall:

    Just want to say post like yours are appreciated. especially when i begin to lose faith in this place

    Thanks. I try to be progressive and positive but sometimes coming here shows me that, as a race, we're not as good as we really could or should be.

    I just wish people would look to the future instead of clinging to the past.

    on 20 October 2018

    < darkknightkryta posted something on Runa216's wall:

    Are you still writing for this place?

    Nope. Much as I enjoy writing reviews I found half the team to be toxic to work with and the community is full of even worse toxicity.

    on 25 August 2018

    I can imagine XD
    How's everything going? Did you go to the EX yet?

    on 27 August 2018

    What's the EX?

    on 27 August 2018

    Exhibition Place. You know, the carnival that comes every end of August.

    on 27 August 2018

    < spurgeonryan posted something on Runa216's wall:

    Who is the greater Genius on Vgchartz? You or theprof, come join and find out!

    < naruball posted something on Runa216's wall:

    Hey. Saw one of your posts and just wanted to say, good to see you back.


    Never really left, just kinda took a break.

    on 14 November 2015

    Good to know.

    on 14 November 2015

    < darkknightkryta posted something on Runa216's wall:

    So Anime North is upon us, you going this year?

    Sadly not likely. My bro is going, though!

    on 10 May 2015

    Nice! They sold out early this year. Like, in January, they sent an e-mail out. The e-mail was like, this year prices are going up, first 5000 gets last year's pricing. First 5000 sold out in a day O_O. I had to get my tickets in January, I normally get mine in March.

    on 13 May 2015

    < Smeags posted something on Runa216's wall:

    How are you doing Runa?

    alright, I guess. Kinda only partway here. So much negativity here.

    on 30 January 2015

    I hear you. :

    on 31 January 2015

    That's why I hardly ever bother with actual gaming threads anymore. Just way too tired of that shit.

    The community outside of gaming threads and political stuff is really pleasant though.

    And hey Runa, been a while since you popped into staff chat, hope things are going well for you though :)

    on 27 March 2015

    Trying little by little to encourage more pure game talk here. Unfortunately when it comes to gaming, review/controversy topics get way more mindshare than the actual games do... @_@

    Anyways *raises goblet* to enjoying video games. Because that's what I think we were supposed to do before everything went to hell.

    on 27 March 2015

    It's hard to get excited about the prospect of game review when I can't even reply to my own threads and articles. You'll notice I stopped posting right about the same time I was banned from responding, Machina.

    on 27 March 2015

    I know, it's not like you don't go in depth and explain your reasoning.

    on 14 April 2015

    < Kaizar posted something on Runa216's wall:

    Best Movies of 2014 Thread:

    Trailers are in the 4th & 5th OP.

    < AZWification posted something on Runa216's wall:

    Predict Mario Kart 8 sales if you want!

    < Dv8thwonder posted something on Runa216's wall:

    I like the cut of your jib.

    < Kaizar posted something on Runa216's wall:

    Here's the new Nintendomination thread you need to post in from now on:

    What happened to the old one?

    on 29 December 2013

    < tbone51 posted something on Runa216's wall:

    Support the thread, reveals coming soon! Since your getting XY !!! I'll post the new mega evo and other news. Come in and talk about the game. Time to get hyped

    < Hynad posted something on Runa216's wall:

    This is the reason why I was compelled to click that button:

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