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    Final Fantasy XVI releasing in 2021 (PS5) OPM

    in Gaming Discussion 5 minutes ago by Ka-pi96

    Metallox said: Ka-pi96 said: Maybe for Square Enix, but the old Square was able to do it. They pumped out 3 mainline FFs for the PS1 as well as re-releasing 4-6 on the console and were still able to release another mainline FF in only the 2nd year of the PS2 gen + an MMO FF in the 3rd year. That was some sublime management right there, kind of sad that Square Enix lost...

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    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Discussion Thread

    in General Discussion 1 hour ago by jason1637

    Over 41k cases in France today. Wow. ...

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    The US Politics |OT|

    in Politics Discussion 2 hours ago by Bofferbrauer2

    Bandorr said: Now to play a game of - how many mistakes can you catch. Keep in mind this was apparently taken by someone in Baltimore. Of e-mails supposedly sent by someone that graduated GeorgeTown, and Yale law school. Must have been a long, long time ago. So long, that he's writing in ye old butcherde english... ...

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    Got invited to the give the keynote speech at an autism conference

    in General Discussion 6 days ago by curl-6

    Phoenix20 said: Having mild Autism and being HFA or Aspergers, appear normal but face difficulty in education, employment and social interaction.There is not as much support for a person with a mild form of Autism compared to people with more severe Autism.Severe Autistic people are likely to be non-verbal, have low IQ and mobility issues. It is a real problem that people with "mild"...

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    Do you see the success in your life being due to your hard work and talent or luck?

    in General Discussion on 13 October 2020 by SvennoJ

    Mostly luck. Born in a Western wealthy country with two hard working parents as example Lucked out with a great school Not so lucky with university or so I thought, dropped out, got a great job by luck of the draw I actually got to use the few things I learned in university in my job The company I worked for was in the right place at the right time and became very successful Sure I...

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    Do gamers really want Cloud gaming?

    in Gaming Discussion on 24 September 2020 by SvennoJ

    dane007 said: Why not. Using cloud like u see in flight simulator can bring alot of good things for a game There is a huge difference between using the cloud and cloud gaming. Lots of games already use the cloud. FS 2020 is very ambitious (a bit too ambitious) streaming map data, texture data and 3D photogrammetry, live weather and live traffic data, however without a connection you...

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    Best Rare game on N64

    in Nintendo Discussion on 31 August 2020 by curl-6

    Besides sheer quality, the other great thing about Rare's 64 output is the variety; from colourful platformers to realistic shooters, with racers and a fighting game thrown in for good measure. It's sad that the talent largely jumped ship towards the end of the 64 gen, but thankfully we at least now have Playtonic composed of many of the 90s Rare veterans. Seriously, if you have any fondness for...

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    [Rumor] Gran Turismo 7 coming to PS5 this year [UPDATE]: Gran Turismo game trademarked ahead of PlayStation 5 event

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 June 2020 by Lafiel

    EnricoPallazzo said: Wow that seems MUCH worse than the GT race I watched. It was crazy, the camera angles were like exactly the real race broadcast. WHat do you mean by pads, sorry english not my first language. You mean people were playing with controllers? Why? As far as I know using a steering wheel gives much mora advantage once you are used to it. yea, they were using the...

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    So, are we not gonna talk about this?

    in Politics Discussion on 04 June 2020 by Phoenix20

    Hopefully BLM momentum will continue and real change will happen. An end to police brutality and corruption. An improvement in police treatment of non-white people. ...

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    Kim Jong Un May Be Dying

    in Politics Discussion on 23 May 2020 by melbye

    So he disappears, then suddenly shows up, now he's disappeared again. My guess the Kim Jong-un we saw at the beginning of May was a body-double and the real one is either in a coma or dead ...

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    Tracking The Rise (Or Fall?) of Skywalker

    in Movies Discussion on 08 May 2020 by xbebop

    The movie's complete dogshit, so it's not surprising that it's had an underwhelming box office performance. It's easily the worst Star Wars movie, and one of the worst movies I have ever paid to see. Yes, it's worse than Ep. 1 and 2, and it's far worse than TLJ as a movie. TLJ, at the very least, took a few risks and tried something new. ...

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    Most re-watchable movies?

    in Movies Discussion on 18 April 2020 by Jumpin

    Several mentions of The Shining.One thing I love about The Shining, is how it took 35 years to have a profound influence on the genre: The Babadook, Hereditary, Get Out, and others are the new style of horror... slow burns, genre bending, and the descending madness of its characters which twist the viewer perception of what is actually going on in the film.Why did it take so long?Slashers...

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    Half-Life: Alyx Reviews: 93 Metacitic, and 92 Opencritic

    in PC Discussion on 08 April 2020 by trunkswd

    When I get back to England I'll have to buy the game for my girlfriend's brother, since he has an HTC Vive. Gives me a chance to play the first AAA VR game. ...

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    Birds of Prey - 82% RT, and good audience reception

    in Movies Discussion on 30 March 2020 by d21lewis

    I cheer for DC and I love when they do well. Even if they don't make a ton of money, I'd settle for a good movie.I didn't have high hopes for this film after seeing the trailers but after the good reviews (or at least the scores because I usually skip reviews until after I've seen a movie), I thought it might be really good.I was disappointed.It just never got good. Watched it with my wife and...

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    How do I lose belly fat?

    in General Discussion on 11 March 2020 by DarthMetalliCube

    If you discover the secret to that let me know :P I'm definitely going to be picking up my workouts, and also taking a month or so off any boozing, and cut way back on sugars. I think that will make for a nice trifecta that will allow me to shed some pounds. I definitely have to do something, as it's gotten out of hand lately. ...

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    Sony is losing playstation console exclusives left and right this 2018.

    in Sony Discussion on 05 March 2020 by CGI-Quality

    Rol was spot on when he mentioned that this thread's necro was pointless. 2018 is long over and it just feels like a pointless thing to keep open for people to pick at each other. So, now it joins the dodo. ...

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    Difficulty vs Accessibility: A responsibility for the developers, not for the players.

    in Gaming Discussion on 28 February 2020 by CGI-Quality

    Yikes, this place is a mess. Rather than moderate everyone that contributed, I’ll lock it and leave this advice - civility over righteousness. You don’t have to win the argument. :) ...

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    Do you workout ?

    in Sports Discussion on 26 February 2020 by dukerx2

    Not as much as I would like. Hard to find time with work and family. ...

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    Tinder worth paying for?

    in NSFW Discussion on 24 February 2020 by Cobretti2

    Mate sadly these days I am so busy with work and other shit that I do not get a chance to come on here much. Read about 5 pages worth, Don't feel bad about yourself and your looks think positive that you can score. Good to see you going out on some dates. I herd the same from my wife's friends about tinder being mainly useless if you looking for a relationship. good for a root or two. They...

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    Is the word normie an insult

    in General Discussion on 17 February 2020 by pikashoe

    CrazyGamer2017 said: pikashoe said: There are words created specifically as insults, a word such as idiot, can only be taken as an insult. There are words that are created for the sole purpose of being insults. Whether someone takes insult at being called something is irrelevant. Not true, the word idiot is meant to describe someone that acts in an idiotic way. We may abuse...

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