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    6 New fighters in Fighter Pack 2 for Smash. Your Picks?

    in Nintendo Discussion 4 days ago by JWeinCom

    CarcharodonKraz said: JWeinCom said: The DK/Cranky thing was pretty much retconned with Mario vs. Donkey Kong Was it or was it a case of like father like son? :) Considering Pauline looks like that these days, hard to believe it could have been Cranky in that original game.  Or maybe she just has an amazing skin care regimen. ...

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    Game of the decade: The 1990s

    in Gaming Discussion on 07 February 2020 by Wyrdness

    Ocarina of Time. ...

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    Top 12 GameCube Games Ever!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 12 December 2019 by padib

    The gamecube was a console way ahead of its time, the things coming out for it bend the rules so hard, it was hard for Nintendo fans to fully appreciate it. Some of us were not so happy about Wind Waker at first, until the sheer quality of the game charmed us back. Nowadays, colors and rule-defying game mechanics are common, but back then all this was almost so new people didn't know what to do...

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    What games did you pick up during Switch's e-shop sale this past week?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 04 December 2019 by d21lewis

    Forgot to check. Hopefully I'll remember when I get some free time tonight. ...

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    Looking for something to play

    in Nintendo Discussion on 20 May 2019 by John2290

    The messenger. You need to play this game from what i've seen in your OP. Do it, now! Honestly it is the best sidescroller this gen at least if not of all time, whimsical comedy to boot...

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    What Nintendo systems has Switch already surpassed for you?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 13 May 2019 by curl-6

    Jumpin said: I think of consoles more in tiers.Top Tier: SNES, Wii, DS, SwitchMedium Tier: NES, 3DS, Gameboy, GBALow Tier: Wii U, N64Irrelevant Tier: Gamecube, Virtual Boy But I also think of Nintendo in terms of historical eras (excuse my slight Eurocentrism):Classical Age: NES/early SNES - The era which Nintendo really built its foundations as an innovative video game giant which...

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    Wii or N64?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 13 May 2019 by Jumpin

    HoangNhatAnh said: S.T.A.G.E. said: The wii had the lowest quality libary of any popular platform of all time, all helmed by a handful some of the best Nintendo first party games. The N64 had fewer games, but a vastly and more solid lineup of first and third party games. The Switch is already ahead of the Wii in terms of quality games and its only been around two...

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    What do You prefer: MK8DX Odyssey DLC or MK9?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 16 November 2017 by CaptainExplosion

    vonboy said: Personally, I'd love to see MK 9 kind of take the Diddy Kong Racing route, with different vehicles to drive, and a singleplayer adventure mode, with a sort of hubworld, like in DKR, with having to pass races and missions to advance to new areas in the map. Basically, I think they've perfected Mario Kart in it's current form, so i nthe next one, they need to go in some very...

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    Best game ever made? POLL #2!!!!! UPDATE. Winner declared!

    in Gaming Discussion on 28 July 2017 by GribbleGrunger

    niceguygameplayer said: GribbleGrunger said: The Last Of Us. Nothing else comes close. Hey, I may be getting a Pro later this year. Do you have one? Unfortunately not. I'd love one though just so I could improve my streaming on Youtube....

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    What is your single favorite game you saw from E3 2017?

    in Gaming Discussion on 16 June 2017 by PAOerfulone

    Super Mario Odyssey, hands down. That game looks like it can easily surpass Galaxy as my favorite Mario game. Hope it delivers!...

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    Super Mario Odyssey - E3 2017 Trailer (Nintendo Switch)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 15 June 2017 by curl-6

    Nuvendil said: curl-6 said: Every main Mario game has its fans, I simply think 3D World will, along with Sunshine, end up having a smaller fanbase compared to the more "blockbuster" entries like 64, Galaxy, and Odyssey. I think you might be wrong there.  3D World has much more personality than 3D Land, so it has a more memorable identity.  And its focus on...

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    Best game on Wii BESIDES the Mario Galaxy games?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 08 November 2016 by theRepublic

    I voted for Skyward Sword. It is probably a toss up with Prime 3 though. I am still working my way through my Wii backlog, so I still have Xenoblade to play yet. Resident Evil 4 is fantastic, as is Prime Trilogy, but I discount both of those games since they are ports. Brawl and Mario Kart were excellent, but I have a hard time calling those the best overall games. Best in their genres,...

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    Post your 3DS stats - Official Super Smash Bros. WiiU/3DS Thread

    in Nintendo Discussion on 09 July 2015 by t3mporary_126

    ExplodingBlock said:Was Shulk the last non-dlc character revealed? ...

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    Splatoon should have been hyped as a single player game....

    in Nintendo Discussion on 14 June 2015 by Exandrek

    I was really surprised by the amount of variety in the single player part of Splatoon. Basically each level is built around a gameplay mechanic that wouldn't be used later. Maybe there are only 28 levels but each of them feels really different ...

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    So, I'm playing Xenoblade Chronicles for the first time...

    in Nintendo Discussion on 12 May 2015 by RolStoppable

    Alex_The_Hedgehog said:To be honest guys, I don't like the visions that you have during the battles. I was fighting a giant enemy and they appeared like three or four times in a row. It kinda breaks the pace of the battles. Also, sometimes they are kinda useless, like, showing that a character will take damage, but will not die. Also, my main team is Shulk, Dunban and Sharla/Reyn. I use...

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    Your Top 10 Most Used Games/Apps for 3DS

    in Nintendo Discussion on 30 April 2015 by 97alexk

    uran10 said: I'll post mine except its not my 3DS, my prediction is pretty safe though MK7 and KI:U will be on top. when I get home I just gotta say that i really like your profile pic. Oregairu is one of the best animes i seen. Sorry if its a bit off-topic...

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    Show me your SNES/NES collection!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 21 March 2015 by MDMAlliance

    Hiku said: MDMAlliance said: Cloudman said: Wow, that's terrible... : / Sorry that many of your games were stolen... They were really my big brother's.  He was the one who was really upset since they were his.  I didn't even play all the games that he had. That sucks. =/ How did they get stolen? My parents had got a small barn-looking...

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    Thinking of getting New 3DS....should I?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 22 February 2015 by Kerotan

    I think you'd be better off spending that money buying 5 or 6 games instead. ...

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    The Zelda games rated from Worst to Best

    in Nintendo Discussion on 28 December 2014 by ExplodingBlock

    When link saw dis list...

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    Little Mac No Longer Overused!? Wii U Character Usage List! <(^_^<)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 04 December 2014 by mZuzek

    From my own experience: Very extremely abused and over used:1. Link Over used:2. Sheik3. Mario4. Yoshi5. Captain Falcon6. Zero Suit Samus7. Sonic8. Mega Man9. Little Mac Often used:10. Fox11. Lucina12. Ganondorf13. Ness14. Toon Link15. Bowser16. Rosalina & Luma17. King Dedede Regularly used:18. Marth19. Diddy Kong20. Donkey Kong21. Lucario22. Olimar23. Jigglypuff24. Peach25. Dr....

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