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Majin-Tenshinhan's Wall

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No! Not T-Tar...Rainbow must not like me anymore wouldn't even have voted if I didn't give you a link LOL!

Hello, please vote for "Rainbow Yoshi" in the following thread:

< Moren posted something on Majin-Tenshinhan's wall:

what happened with you? you where are big user and no you no longer even post

lol okay.....I did hear it wasn't as great as the first two!! Anyway congratulate FFXIII !!

I liked DKC2 a lot too!! But I dunno something about DKC1 just makes me like it a tad more. I actually never played DKC3...I didn't knew it existed till rolstoppable told me!

Gona play DKCR in a few weeks....If I like it as much as DKC1 it'll be my GOTY! Though thats unlikely....DKC1 was like my 2nd game ever.....I am too nostalgic about it if you can see what I mean

try to get em. Oh and you need to do the 14th Cie'th stone mission to unlock chocobo's that you can ride and the treasure hunt minigame

lol no I didn't go with the people I liked most....well not completely. I went with Light/Fang....I do like them the most. But I picked hope just because I wanted a 2nd medic....and I liked him more than Vanille. If I had my favs it would be Light/Fang/Snow....but having Fang and Snow at once is kinda pointless ....enjoy roaming around. There's a few optional cut scenes that are pretty cool..

And tehehe @ the game that came in alt accounts did their job well lol j/k....

Cool nice to see you got to chapter 11!! Are you at archlytte steppe or just at the start of chapter 11? MY party was Fang, Light, hope....we have completely different parties lol


I completely messed up by January school exams (A2 Level Exams)

lol there's a lot, with exams coming up, terrible weather, uni work piling up.....but I try to pretend there's not that much work, I dunno thinking like that helps me do the work even more .....but I can understand what you mean, that happened to me around 1 year back during the uni application, entrance exams, school exams, voluntary work many things had to be done at once

Yeah rescheduled for February 6th ....loads of other tests were cancelled last week too so its kinda all piling up

My driving test got cancelled because of stupid snow

Hello! You are formally invited to join us for the 3rd annual Wii Secret Santa event. Please join us before December 15th!

Hey brother-in law


Of course your just looking at FF13 while playing it, Lightning is tooo attractive to not to look at just her when your playing FFXIII !!! lol

Wow I wish I was able to multitask like!! It sounds pretty ability to multitask with things like that is terrible lol. Thats why I waste loads of time I guess....your lucky you can multitast that way! Now if only there was a way to do notes and play on the PSP at the same time hmmmmmm

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