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    Stadia offers free demo for Immortals: Fenyx Rising and other games

    in Gaming Discussion 19 minutes ago

    Mnementh said: DonFerrari said: For me if it isn't free it isn't a demo =pUnfortunately I don't have interest in Stadia so these aren't the games that would entice me to test it. Well, but it *IS* completely free. Just open the links in Chrome and you can play them. I know people don't like the idea of Stadia and don't want to sub to it or buy games, but if there is...

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    Your Xbox Series SX & PS5 lifetime sales predictions

    in Sales Discussion on 28 September 2020

    PS5: 80-90 mil Xbox Series: 40-50 mil With the Xbox turnaround I think it will match the Xbox One and will reclaim North America over Sony. For PS5 they will have less sales in Japan and North America, but Europe will continue to be the biggest continent for Sony. I think PC gaming has grown so much that it will hurt console sales this generation, and game streaming will impact it in a few...

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    Great graphics, shame about the gameplay

    in Gaming Discussion on 26 September 2020

    Sonic 06 ...

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    Gampass is a scam

    in Gaming Discussion on 25 September 2020

    You're going to have a hard time convincing anyone this. ...

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    Good franchises that fell off a cliff in the succeeding generation

    in Gaming Discussion on 24 September 2020

    Pokemon DS -> 3DS ...

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    What is the cost to manufacture a PS4 these days? And should Sony cut?

    in Sales Discussion on 20 September 2020

    Leynos said: Imagine a $200 PS4 and $300 series S next to a $300 Switch. Nintendo needs to cut the price as well. Why exclude the Switch Lite that's $200? Going into this holiday season Nintendo still has the cheapest system. ...

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    Who will sell the most ?

    in Sales Discussion on 19 September 2020

    I do not see the PS5 passing PS4, and I predicted the Switch would outsell the PS4. In fact I don't think the PS5 will pass 100 mil. A lot of people seem to forget how the PS4 got rolling, Microsoft and Nintendo stumbled hard at the start of the 8th generation. This is completely different, so I believe the PS5 won't be as hot as either PS4 or Switch. ...

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    Why do people think the Ps5 costs more to manufacture?!

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 September 2020

    Random_Matt said: Fei-Hung said: Any idea what the cost of dram and nand are?  Couldn't say, fluctuates a lot considering the demand and pandemic. But Bloomberg say $450, and Zhuge says XSX is between $460-$520. So yeah, PS5 will not be $499, I say $449 and potentially $399. The digital could then go $299/$349, Sony could potentially make both Xboxes completely...

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    Xbox Series S design leaked, Confirmed at $300 this Holiday (Series X = $500)

    in Microsoft Discussion on 08 September 2020

    This is a really good deal to get into next-gen gaming. It's the same price as the PS4 and Xbox S (I fully expect these prices to drop) and the Nintendo Switch. This is a fantastic deal to get for kids, casuals, and those who cannot spend much money cause stupid virus. ...

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    Super Mario 3D All-Stars monstrous performance on and it's already overtaken TLOU2 2020 total sales.

    in Sales Discussion on 07 September 2020

    Stellar_Fungk said: Pinkie_pie said: I've got 7 preordered. Hopefully I can make a small fortune in a few years time. One of my friends preordered 5 copies too To hell with you and your friend.  Goddamn opportunists. No honor in people nowadays. Nintendo pretty much encouraged this with their timed release. All they have to do is say, "Mario 3D All-Stars will...

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    PS5 or RTX 3080 (Lol update)

    in Gaming Discussion on 03 September 2020

    Captain_Yuri said: Getting a Ps5 will allow you to have access to more games since you can play exclusives where as a 3080 will significantly enhance your existing games and upcoming multi-platform games.Personally speaking though, as my main interest is in Ratchet and Clank, I would delay my purchase for the ps5 until then if I had to choose. How does a PS5 allow you to play...

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    Should Halo Infinite drop Xbox One and go Scarlet exclusive?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 25 August 2020

    Sogreblute said: No they shouldn't. Why? It would make every Xbox One owner mad that wanted Halo 6 for the longest time. They promised for 2 years it would be on Xbox One. I don't know why people think that exclusivity would help the game or the consumer. Imagine Wii U owners that really wanted Zelda: BotW which was promised to be on Wii U since 2014 just suddenly went Switch exclusive....

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    Which was Wii U's best year?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 23 August 2020

    2014 had Watch Dogs, Smash Bros, Hyrule Warriors, Captain Toad, Bayonetta 2, Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, Mario Kart 8, Shovel Knight, and Shantae and the Pirate's Curse. And of course the best Wii U game ever, Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric. ...

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    PS5 120 million units to be shipped within 5 years, according to supply chain source.

    in Sales Discussion on 21 August 2020

    Sogreblute said: I actually predict the PS5 will sell around PS3 numbers 80-90 mil. For Xbox Series S/X I predict 40-50 mil.  Ok... so you predict the XSX/S to sell about the same amount as the XB1... and predict that the PS5 will sell 20M - 30M consoles less than the PS4. Basically, you are predicting that coming off the PS console with the most momentum a PS...

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    PS5 120 million units to be shipped within 5 years, according to supply chain source.

    in Sales Discussion on 21 August 2020

    Wman1996 said: Slownenberg said: This rumor is obviously fake because:1) no company is gonna plan 5 years of shipments before the product has even hit the market2) PS4 never even came close to shipping that amount (24mil/year) for a single year, so obviously Sony isn't thinking PS5 is going to ship every single year SIGNIFICANTLY more than PS4's best year. Even more obvious when you...

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    PS5 and Xbox Series Launch Holiday line-ups

    in Gaming Discussion on 21 August 2020

    We may not know all the games in the launch lineups for these consoles, some may get delayed, but one thing is for sure is that it better be good. Previous consoles have shown to have a slow start because of their initial launch lineup. Xbox and PS need to make sure they have launch day down along with the next 3-4 months down. Gamers want to see what can they expect from a new console release....

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    Global Hardware August 9 to 15

    in Sales Discussion on 21 August 2020

    curl-6 said: siebensus4 said: New yearly lows for PS4 and XBO. Previous lows were for PS4 135k (Feb 1) and for XBO 21k (Aug 1). Price cuts are now necessary to keep the interest in this gen. Why bother trying to keep interest in a gen that will end in under 3 months though?  Because the previous generation always continues into the next generation for a few...

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    Why I'm Keeping my Switch, and Digital Refunds!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 18 August 2020

    AkimboCurly said: Please see the previous edit underneath this post to see the original post, with story and context and a great platter of controversy.  After probably about 6 cumulative hours complaining to various representatives from UK, US, and for some reason Danish (?) Nintendo support, I have pulled off the impossible. I have managed to get a refund from Nintendo for a...

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    Should a $300 Lockhart be counted alongside Series X in marketshare tallies?

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 August 2020

    Why would it be counted differently? The GB and GBC were counted together. DS and DSi PS4 and PS4 Pro Xbox One and Xbox One X 3DS and New 3DS They're the same system just updated specs and capabilities. ...

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    Famitsu Sales: Week 30, 2020 (Jul 20 - Jul 26)

    in Sales Discussion on 30 July 2020

    Supermario28 said: Marth said: Also New Horizons is now the best selling game of the franchise at retail in Japan.Wild Worlds LTD was 5.241.655Which also makes New Horizons the 8th best-selling game of all time.Next game ahead is Ruby/Sapphire at 5.337.045 LTD I think New Leaf is the best selling Animal Crossing at retail in japan with 5'790'000 units ranking as the 6th best...

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