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    Is Sea of Thieves Worth Playing?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 27 December 2018 by Ayla

    I've been meaning to try it out as well. It has the most detailed and realistic water I have ever seen in a video game. That must count for something. ...

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    What Were Your Peak Gaming Years?

    in Gaming Discussion on 01 December 2018 by BasilZero

    To be honest the last 3-5 years have been my most peaked gaming time. Prior to that, I didnt game as much as I used to, then again it wasnt as consistent as it is now (1-2 hours per day) - but 8-9 hours per weekend in the past. Nowadays, I play and finish more games than I used to....

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    Microsoft designs controller attachments to turn your phone into a Switch-like device.

    in Microsoft Discussion on 26 November 2018 by Puppyroach

    aiwass said: Has Microsoft ever had an original idea with Xbox? Gamepass? ...

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    Unattractive males face rejection by society?

    in NSFW Discussion on 26 November 2018 by cycycychris

    Locking by request of op...

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    Best campaign of the Halo series, and why

    in Microsoft Discussion on 25 November 2018 by curl-6

    Pemalite said: curl-6 said: Ah, cheers. It was mostly the awful-looking partner AI, (saw many clips of your teammates failing to revive you, or getting killed in stupid ways and constantly needing to be revived) and people saying that it felt like just chapter 1 of a full game that turned me off from getting in on it. Bit of a shame; if Halo 5 and Gears 4 had turned out as great...

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    Possible Launch titles for next Xbox / overview of current MS Studios

    in Microsoft Discussion on 20 November 2018 by Mr Puggsly

    danno_omen said: Mr Puggsly said: You're making an assumption I have as well, the X1X could be supported in the future while ending base X1 support. But If a game can function well on the Xbox One X, then it should be playable on a base Xbox One. Maybe it will require a dynamic resolution that goes below 720p, maybe it will struggle for 30 fps and maybe the graphics settings will...

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    With Sony out of E3 2019, are you ready to admit E3 is not the climax of gaming news it used to be?

    in Gaming Discussion on 19 November 2018 by PAOerfulone

    As others have already stated, you have to consider the position Sony is in ATM. The PlayStation 5 is right around the corner and most, if not all, of Sony's 1st Party development has shifted towards that system. And the games they all have in development for the system aren't going to be remotely ready by 2019. Furthermore, the PS5 itself will likely be a 2020 release and most importantly of...

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    No Physical Media for Next Gen?

    in Gaming Discussion on 17 November 2018 by exclusive_console

    This could be a deal braker for me. I do love deals on digital version but I like to own physical disc as well....

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    Which Devs Do You Wanna See Try Which Genres?

    in Gaming Discussion on 16 November 2018 by CaptainExplosion

    Ayla said: melbye said: I have a developer working on a specific franchise, FROM Software making a Castlevania Oh yes. That will probably never happen though.  Same. Never thought of it at first. I should do a thread for which devs I'd like to see work on which franchises. Has Sora ever done anything besides Smash Bros.?...

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    Should I halt my boycott of Acti-Ubi-EA-nami?

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 November 2018 by Errorist76

    Baddman said: boycotts are stupid..why aren't you boycotting take two also? How are boycotts stupid? Everyone should boycott companies that act morally irresponsibly. That’s what a decent human being should do, or nothing will ever change. I surely won’t buy anything from Nestlé ever again. If video game companies fall under the same category is a different...

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    How Democrats Went from Opposing Illegal Immigration to Supporting it.

    in Politics Discussion on 07 November 2018 by Puppyroach

    jason1637 said: Puppyroach said: So by your reasoning, a person that commits a crime should be put into prison for the rest of their lives, regardless of their crime, otherwise you support the crime right? 😊 No. If you commit a crime you should be punished accordingly to what you did. Exactly, so you agree that illegal immigrants can apply after a period...

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    Your Favourite Developers

    in Gaming Discussion on 29 October 2018 by Kai_Mao

    - Nintendo EPD - Intelligent Systems - Game Freak - Retro Studios - Monolith Soft - Namco Bandai - Capcom - BioWare (I have not played Mass Effect Andromeda, though have seen the...compelling game footage) - Square Enix (especially their smaller Bravely team) - Koei Tecmo - Sora Ltd. (combining Project Sora's Kid Icarus: Uprising since Sakurai directed that game) - Naughty Dog - EA...

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    EA stock is down by nearly $50 (33%) since late July

    in Gaming Discussion on 26 October 2018 by StriderKiwi

    They've effectively lost all the tremendous gains in sock price they achieved since April of last year. And since BFV isn't likely to reach sales goals, not to mention EA's eroding fan base (doubt Anthem will be a hit like they want it to) it's all on their sports monopolies to bring the bacon/lootbox sales home....

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    $2.25 Billion in revenue for Xbox Division in Third Quarter 2018

    in Microsoft Discussion on 26 October 2018 by DonFerrari

    LudicrousSpeed said: Barkley said: The only console manufacturer who refuses to give shipment numbers or operating profit for their games division, makes their reports the least interesting. It’s not interesting to me because they always make billions and billions of dollars. It’s kind of like NPD and PS4. Meh. It’s expected. Xbox makes billions and...

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    Japan losing interest in sex, relationships, and having kids

    in Politics Discussion on 24 October 2018 by Faelco

    Jumpin said: Faelco said: I'm not a specialist on that at all. But weird, because what I found on Dr Baker website is "Numerous studies demonstrate that vegetarian, low fat or vegan diets often result in lower levels of free testosterone". In my opinion it would seem normal to need a healthy diet, so not 100% meat of course (who can be stupid enough to do something like...

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    Black Ops 4 physical sales down by 50% in the UK, lowest physical sales since Modern Warfare 11 years ago

    in Gaming Discussion on 23 October 2018 by CuCabeludo

    The streaming scene for BOIIII is totaly dominated by PC streamers now, amazing. It's the 1st CoD to do that as far as I know; all previous games were mostly streamed through consoles....

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    How many hours a day do you spend playing video games?

    in Gaming Discussion on 22 October 2018 by Rogerioandrade

    Much much less than I wanted. Actually, I can´t play every day. You know.... need to do housework, cooking, cleaning, washing etc. Housework nevers ends, and even when there´s no housework to do, I usually got home so exausted that I can´t even think about playing. Normally, on weekdays, I play on my 3ds during commuting (about 30-40 minutes) and if I have some spare time in the night, I´d...

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    Resident Evil 2 Remake New Licker Footage

    in Gaming Discussion on 17 October 2018 by Chazore

    I feel like they changed how the licker is actually supposed to act. In the original Resi 2, it simply stalked you from the walls/ceilings, closing in on you and then jumping you st the last possible moment. With this new Licker, it seems to just waltz on by you from time to time, either ignoring or tracking you, but giving you so much time to react to it's presence. It looks quite off from...

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    CAPCOM plans to release multliple AAA titles each fisical year

    in Gaming Discussion on 17 October 2018 by Ayla

    Good for them. They are finally bringing back some of their former glory. I miss the Capcom of the 90s and early 2000s. ...

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    Sega: Updated sales numbers for Persona, Yakuza, Hatsune Miku & more

    in Gaming Discussion on 17 October 2018 by Ayla

    Sega needs to spend more on advertising for all future Persona games. I'm sure nobody knows what Persona is outside of the gaming community. ...

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