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    Rate the Look of the PS5

    in Sony Discussion on 25 June 2020

    It looks like a router. ...

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    Should Halo Infinite drop Xbox One and go Scarlet exclusive?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 12 July 2019

    No. I don't plan on buying next gen consoles for at least 5 years. ...

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    Let's Talk - Halo Infinite

    in Microsoft Discussion on 15 June 2019

    LudicrousSpeed said: I've started playing through Halo MCC on Legendary right after E3 again. I've only ever finished the first two games campaigns. I forgot how incredibly shitty the checkpoint system in the original was. I'm only a few levels in but multiple times already I've been given a checkpoint where I'm surrounded by like 5 grunts and 4 elites lol. I've played through all...

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    How physical are you?

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 June 2019

    I'm 100% digital since about 2015. ...

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    Which japanese company should Microsoft buy?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 12 June 2019

    Tango Gameworks is owned by ZeniMax an American company. ...

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    Which japanese company should Microsoft buy?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 12 June 2019

    Platinum Games and From Software. ...

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    What to do when the girl you like just wants to be friends?

    in General Discussion on 06 June 2019

    Drop her and tell her you don't need more friends. ...

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    Will the XBOX One outsell the SNES?

    in Gaming Discussion on 31 May 2019

    60 Million lifetime. ...

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    Muslim parents in UK protest school children's storybook featuring same gender parents

    in Politics Discussion on 31 May 2019

    Send them back to their countries. I'm sick of these people. The religion of peace strikes again.I'm sick of religious people in general, but muslims take the cake. ⚠️WARNED: Flaming ~ CGI ...

    Write 17

    Sony Mobile effectively exiting US market amid slowing sales of smartphones

    in Sony Discussion on 28 May 2019

    I've never known anyone with a Sony phone. They are nonexistent here. ...

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    Is it really accurate to compare Nintendo to Disney at this point?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 06 April 2019

    Conina said: Eventually Nintendo will be a part of Disney (in a few decades) ;-) I honestly wouldn't be surprised. ...

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    I need tips from gamers that (actually) went clubbing before

    in General Discussion on 30 March 2019

    I used to grind on girls. I'd say 1 in 5 wouldn't mind. I wasnt looking for a wife. I remember this one girl stephanie. She was wasted. I walked up to her and started making out. I haven't been to a club in 15 years now. Dont be scared of rejection. It's a numbers game. Confidence will come with time. ...

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    Have You already Made Your Decision on What Next-Gen System(s) You'll Buy?

    in Gaming Discussion on 21 February 2019

    Xbox and play station. I always get both. Xbox is my main console. ...

    Write 100

    Dark Souls is overrated, it simply isn't fun

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 February 2019

    Dark Souls is a masterpiece in my opinion. What a wonderful trilogy....

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    Worst decision you can/did make in a game?

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 February 2019

    Delete my younger brother's Final Fantasy 8 save file. He was on disk 3. ...

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    Is it unusual to game on multiple consoles in a gen?

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 February 2019

    1 is plenty. I usually get 2 or all 3, but 2 primarily collect dust. I also have a weakness for digital sales. I buy so many games that I will never play. ...

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    Bob Iger is Happy With EA's Star Wars Games

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 February 2019

    They are good games. We just need more of them. So many genres to choose from. Come on EA. Let Bioware make a Mass Effect type Star Wars game....

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    Will we ever get another 98/100 game on Metacritic?

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 February 2019

    Resident Evil 2 should be on that list. I can't believe some of those negative reviews on there. Opinions.........

    Write 189

    Unpopular Gaming Opinions

    in Gaming Discussion on 06 February 2019

    Nintendo hasn't made a good console since Gamecube. Resident Evil 6 is a good game. Xbox One is a good console. ...

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    Should Final Fantasy become a new type of game or should Final Fantasy not become a new type of game?

    in Gaming Discussion on 01 February 2019

    Final Fantasy needs to go back to being Final Fantasy. Forget everything that happened after FF12. FF13 and its sequels and FF15 drove me away from the series. I used to look forward to every new entry. Lost Odyssey is a good example of what a newer FF should play like. ...

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