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    What will be your second platform of choices for next gen after Switch (outside PC/smartphones/cloud gaming)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 31 December 2019 by Pemalite

    Bandorr said: Where -as I will base my purchasing decision on hardware specs exclusives. See the difference? Good for you. You aren't the person who my original post was aimed at. Slownenberg said: People have at least a decent idea of what they are gonna get based on if they get a Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo system. So people who already have an idea of which system...

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    God of War (4), The Last of Us Part II, Ghost of Tsushima, which will be the best PS4 game?

    in Sony Discussion on 31 December 2019 by method114

    After playing Shadows die twice I doubt GOT will be able to top it. The combat in Sekiro is so clean and well done I don't see any samuraisword game ever topping it. The one on one battles feel like something straight out of an anime it's insane. I tried to go back to Nioh after that and it was a joke of a game. The combat felt silly and I used to love Nioh. I think TLOU2 will take it all....

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    Of the Highest Rated New Releases of 2019 Which is Your Favourite?

    in Gaming Discussion on 30 December 2019 by RetroGamer94

    Resident evil 2 followed by links awakening and Mario Maker 2! I was just blown away by RE2R. Game of the year for me ...

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    Nintendo Switch Outsells Xbox One Worldwide

    in Sales Discussion on 26 December 2019 by Farsala

    Bofferbrauer2 said: Farsala said: The Wii (and most consoles) ship most of their units within the first 5 years (21 quarters). This is more true today due to worldwide launches in multiple territories. Wii: 93.5% DS: 81.2% 3DS: 75.4% Wii U (lol): 100%, PS3: 72% PS4 (assuming 115m sold): 80% PS2: 55% The reasons PS2 sold as well as it did after 5 years, is because the Wii...

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    Pokemon Co: Sword/Shield sold through 6 million globally in its first 3 days

    in Sales Discussion on 23 November 2019 by curl-6

    JWeinCom said: curl-6 said: Sad thing is, the probably will. I can honestly see Smash 6 getting a similar reaction to Sword/Shield for not having every character ever. I was not being the least bit sarcastic.   My bad, I can't for the life of me pick up on sarcasm, especially in text. ...

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    Update: Pokemon Sword/Shield sells 2 million in first 3 days in Japan, doubles Switch hardware to 180k

    in Sales Discussion on 23 November 2019 by curl-6

    p0isonparadise said: curl-6 said: How so? People were quick to comment on the "disappointing" sales of Sword/Shield and how the decline continues for the series, ignoring the fact that the voucher program has had a negative impact on Nintendo games at retail since the summer. I even mentioned this would happen last month. Since The Pokemon Company have released sales...

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    Director's/Extended Cuts that massively improved a film?

    in Movies Discussion on 21 November 2019 by KManX89

    I just watched the Extended Cut of Sucker Punch. While still not a GREAT film, it definitely fleshes out the story by adding back in missing story elements from the TC, including a pivotal scene with Jon Hamm (High Roller) and Emily Browning (Baby Doll) that makes the ending much more clear and ups the ante with more gritty action that was also missing from the TC.It might be worth a second...

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    What happened to the Pokemon Spinoffs?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 19 November 2019 by RetroGamer94

    I’d love a good mystery dungeon and a Pokémon Snap, I loved both those spin offs so much, mystery dungeon got shitty with its last couple games though. So I’d really only like to see it if they were more like the original games Red rescue/blue rescue/explorers of time/darkness and explorers of sky. ...

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    Just picked up an old CRT TV and holy moly this is a gamechanger

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 November 2019 by QUAKECore89

    If only widescreen CRT TV branded by SONY is available from the flea market, boy this one i demand and it's hard to look around. ...

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    Canada Votes 2019

    in Politics Discussion on 12 November 2019 by EricHiggin

    Better yet, now that Don has some free time on his hands and probably has something to say about free speech and woke culture... Scheer may not be able to triumph over JT in a year or two, but Grapes on the other hand... ...

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    UK: Link's Awakening has the best Switch launch of the year; first Zelda game to make #1 in 16 years

    in Sales Discussion on 05 November 2019 by The_Liquid_Laser

    RaptorChrist said: The_Liquid_Laser said: Link's Awakening is selling better than I thought. With results like this, I hope they remake the first 3 NES/SNES Zeldas as well. If they remade Zelda 1 would they take liberties towards making it less cryptic, or would it still require reading the manual and sharing secrets with friends (i.e., guides on the Internet in these...

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    The Witcher TV Series Debuts Next Month, Will You Watch the Show?

    in General Discussion on 02 November 2019 by Nogamez

    Ill give it a try. Need a game of thrones replacement. ...

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    GoT season 8 final episode 6 tonight. (spoiler discussion) Fin. The end... for ever. D&D can burn in the seven hells.

    in General Discussion on 21 October 2019 by Immersiveunreality

    Solid fanboy of Emilia Clarke here, she is so goddamn lovely! ...

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    Famitsu Sales: W40, 2019 (Sep 30 - Oct 06) - Tax Edition

    in Sales Discussion on 11 October 2019 by TruckOSaurus

    curl-6 said: Ka-pi96 said: It'll recover. People are just being pussies and overreacting to a 2% tax increase. It's still lower than the tax in most European countries... Cheers. Hopefully once the initial shock wears off people will forget about it and sales will rise again. Was just worrying to see this week's sales drop so massively from last. It might also...

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    Mario and Luigi RPG developers AlphaDream declare bankruptcy

    in Nintendo Discussion on 11 October 2019 by Dulfite

    Lonely_Dolphin said: Dulfite said: My bad, I guess I didn't read enough prior posts to pick up on that. To be fair, I still enjoyed the games. Even the most unoriginal Paper Mario games are still decent games, they just are annoying because we know what the series is capable of. Naw it's my bad, expecting people are as big a loser as me to remember a debacle from 3 years...

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    DRAGON QUEST XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age - Definitive Edition (Hype Thread)

    in Gaming Discussion on 08 October 2019 by OTBWY

    I wonder what the totals will be, sadly I don't think we will get numbers until much later on. Metacritic score is still solid. ...

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    How much do you predict The Rise of Skywalker will make?

    in Movies Discussion on 24 September 2019 by The_Yoda

    1.27B WW ...

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    Global Hardware 07 September 2019

    in Sales Discussion on 23 September 2019 by Ganoncrotch

    curl-6 said: Switch more than 5:1 over the Xbone, and regularly shaving 200k off the lifetime gap per week. Gears 5 should give the Xbone a boost next week, but at this point I don't think anything can substantially alter its trajectory. The thing is though, Switch and PS4 sales go up and down by around 25% in a week so you see the Switch ranging from 190k-250k with various new...

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    The Nintendo Switch Lite Launches This Week - Will You be Buying One?

    in Gaming Discussion on 20 September 2019 by Pemalite

    PortisheadBiscuit said: jonathanalis said: Only if Nintendo release a mini dock for it. Defeats the purpose of the Lite Could call it a... *drumroll* Lite Dock. ...

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    New Resident Evil Project will be announced at September 9

    in Gaming Discussion on 19 September 2019 by twintail

    Xxain said: ? What is everybodies beef with this game? Maybe ppl just don't care for the concept? The only mp which forum fans want is Outbreak related. This is why there are OB posts here. Otherwise ppl want more of what is making RE good atm: RE2R and RE7. ...

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