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    Do you think Nintendo killed off the Wii too early

    in Nintendo Discussion 2 days ago by Soundwave

    I don't think Nintendo rushed the 3DS or Wii U because of Sony/MS, because why not in that case just wait until 2013, the Wii launched alongside the Playstation 3 without much averse effect.They had grown accustomed to very high sales the prior 3-4 years, likely pressure from shareholders to maintain that was the key pressure they felt. Shareholders don't care the reason why sales drop, they just...

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    Do you think 3D Mario HD Collection & 3D World Deluxe are big enough Holiday titles to help sell the Switch??

    in Nintendo Discussion on 05 August 2020 by Slownenberg

    Dulfite said: I really hope they do a remake of those 4 games in the Odyssey engine. If it sells well, we could see the same thing for other collections.Imagine if they bundled A Link to the Past HD, A Link Between World's HD, Ocarina of Time HD, and Majora's Mask HD together in a collection.OrDKC 1-3 HD and 64 HD all bundled.Or Metroid Zero, Fusion, Super Metroid HD all together.I'd be...

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    Spiderman: miles morales has a 4k 60fps mode.

    in Sony Discussion on 22 July 2020 by method114

    sales2099 said: twintail said: Wow always finding a way to Xbox > PS, and in some laughable ways too. Sony games on PS4Pro already support performance modes. They're just continuing with that.  It’s good they do. I’m just wondering why they chose to wait over a month to confirm this. Many fans were confused after Digital Foundry said the trailer was...

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    in Politics Discussion on 21 July 2020 by JRPGfan

    Remember the rumors of the US intrests in the NHS, and how a deal would come at the cost of the NHS?Dont worry, UK isnt moveing towards privatised NHS, profit driven by the US, sold off part by part.... that'll never happend...TORIES VOTE DOWN AMENDMENT TO PROTECT NHS FROM FOREIGN CONTROL IN BREXIT TRADE DEALS:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4mPwzeiYSg Remember how easy trade deals would be?...

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    Some TLOU2 Haters Are Nut Jobs CONFIRMED!

    in Sony Discussion on 11 July 2020 by CGI-Quality

    As we already have plenty of threads up that turn into what this turned into (and now we're not even discussing Las Of Us Part II), it's time to zip this one up. ...

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    What are the main reasons Why Xbox One Sold Far Less than PS4?

    in Sales Discussion on 29 June 2020 by LudicrousSpeed

    I can't think of one that was worse or did more damage to a brand. Even as bizarre as the 95 E3 Saturn reel was, that wasn't what killed that console. ...

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    The LGBT thread (Revisited)

    in General Discussion on 24 June 2020 by Runa216

    curl-6 said: Well, early reports suggest TLOU2 is the fastest selling PS4 game ever, so I think it's safe to say at this point that the "lol oppressed homos 10/10" crowd are just a loudmouthed minority. :) I coulda told you that!  ...

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    Lets settle this: Worst Main FF.

    in Gaming Discussion on 21 June 2020 by FormerlyTeamSilent13

    The thing about FFXV is that I know its reputation as being bad among some of the hardcore community and I had friends who didn’t enjoy it, but I know some of the story was split off the game in the form of a movie and anime. I just know that I used to have my own idea for a story and it seems similar to what they went with in FFXV (the main plot, not the boy band friendships) and that has...

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    Who do you think will win the 2020 election, Trump or Biden?

    in Politics Discussion on 19 June 2020 by Bristow9091

    Snoopy said: gergroy said: That’s because you are asking who you think will win, not who they want to win, and young people tend to be more pessimistic when it comes to politics. A lot of people are voting who they want and are being biased. Or maybe they're voting for who they think will win, and they think the person they want to win, will win? Regardless...

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    What's the most disappointing game system you've ever owned?

    in Gaming Discussion on 11 June 2020 by Bofferbrauer2

    padib said: Bofferbrauer2 said: This one here: And as you can see, I even got the Kickstarter exclusive brown version no less. Not pictured: The cover plates with my username etched on them (I got those later, after I made my photo session with the console). On the second spot: The PSOne. Hit the 3D ceiling so hard. Only game from it I liked was Tekken 3 - but got a PS2 for...

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    PS3 VS X360: So, who won ?

    in Sales Discussion on 06 June 2020 by sales2099

    derpysquirtle64 said: sales2099 said: I’m not wrong to say Xbox 360 was a western dominated brand. Unless you show me a Japanese passport you probably lived in a country where Xbox beat Ps3.  You can't just write out Japan and claim that all the other countries were won by 360. It's not how it works. I don't have the sales data for each country but if I were to...

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    Why Xbox One flopped in Japan ?

    in Sales Discussion on 06 June 2020 by Ryng

    Is high price really a reason...? I don't even know the price of Xbox one in Japan (why should i even care) but i'm pretty sure they made a lot of deals just like in the west. ...

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    The James Bond Rewatch: Current Movie - SPECTRE

    in Movies Discussion on 04 June 2020 by Darwinianevolution

    I don't want to watch Spectre again. It's the only Bond movie I've ever fallen asleep to while watching. ...

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    What if?: Bring Wii U back!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 27 May 2020 by Pyro as Bill

    I thought this was the sort of thing the smartphone app was going to allow for instead of being an abortion. ...

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    Kim Jong Un May Be Dying

    in Politics Discussion on 23 May 2020 by melbye

    So he disappears, then suddenly shows up, now he's disappeared again. My guess the Kim Jong-un we saw at the beginning of May was a body-double and the real one is either in a coma or dead ...

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    Can we talk about The Wonderful 101 laughable Demaster?

    in Gaming Discussion on 21 May 2020 by RolStoppable

    Mandalore76 said: Xxain said: You asked why Nintendo financed TMS but not W101. Platinum games approached Nintendo with the idea of a W101 multi plat port from the beginning (Platinum is pursuing a self publishing future) which is why Nintendo did not finance it but did for TMS, which performed much worse than W101.  It did? 62.) The Wonderful 101 (Nintendo) 0.36m...

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    which next gen console are you looking forward to the most?

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 May 2020 by Chris1596

    Has to be the PS5 for me, will probably pick one up day 1 ...

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    Tracking The Rise (Or Fall?) of Skywalker

    in Movies Discussion on 08 May 2020 by xbebop

    The movie's complete dogshit, so it's not surprising that it's had an underwhelming box office performance. It's easily the worst Star Wars movie, and one of the worst movies I have ever paid to see. Yes, it's worse than Ep. 1 and 2, and it's far worse than TLJ as a movie. TLJ, at the very least, took a few risks and tried something new. ...

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    Noooutyyy Dog *NO SPOILERS*

    in Politics Discussion on 29 April 2020 by CGI-Quality

    I get a sense of de ja vu. Because nothing good came of the last thread of this ilk, no need to try it again. Gonna kill it with fire before it gets out of hand. ...

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    Best and worst DLC.

    in Gaming Discussion on 29 March 2020 by curl-6

    Immersiveunreality said: curl-6 said: Okay, I just finished Hearts of Stone and I'd say it pretty much takes top spot as the best DLC I've played to date. Gonna need a long break before I try Blood and Wine though, kinda tired of Witcher 3 for the moment haha Blood and Wine is on a next level,absolutely fantastic. Of that I have absolutely no doubt, it's just...

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