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    Global Hardware June 21 to 27 - Switch, PS4 and Xbox One Up Year-Over-Year

    in Sales Discussion 17 hours ago

    Blood_Tears said: MasonADC said: By the 11th week of the year, the Switch was already up 400k, so it wasn't down yoy.  Yes, looking at weekly numbers here WW but I was referring to NPD numbers which was down for the first 2 months YoY. (January and February) No Need to split hairs.  You should probably mention NPD then lol otherwise your point is really...

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    Global Hardware June 21 to 27 - Switch, PS4 and Xbox One Up Year-Over-Year

    in Sales Discussion 17 hours ago

    Blood_Tears said: trunkswd said: Without the bump in gaming caused by COVID-19, the PS4 and Xbox One would likely be down 40% or more year-over-year.  Very true and without the Covid-19 bump the Switch yearly numbers would be drastically different to, considering the first 2 months this year it was down YoY and then went to record breaking months.  By...

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    Global Hardware June 21 to 27 - Switch, PS4 and Xbox One Up Year-Over-Year

    in Sales Discussion 20 hours ago

    10.3 million for the year so far for Switch. IF the holidays have the right games, this year will end on a big note. Also, covid really is making the ps4 and xbox one go out on a good note. ...

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    Phil Spencer confident after seeing PS5 presentation - Gamelab 2020 interview

    in Microsoft Discussion 3 days ago

    Mordred11 said:      People who think Microsoft will "do better" with their July presentation are vastly underestimating what Sony did. There is nothing MS can show that will generate more buzz. Maybe only something impossible like GTA6 being time-exclusive for a year. Not happening.     The PS5 presentation was some avengers endgame levels of buzz,...

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    UK: #1 The Last of Us 2 again, Number 9 is TLOU1

    in Sales Discussion 3 days ago

    brute said: MasonADC said: 80% How does that compare to other Friday releases? Seems steep? I’m not sure about most, but uncharted 4 had a 78% drop( which was a Tuesday release). So yeah it seems a bit steep but that’s just inevitable for how much it sold.  ...

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    UK: #1 The Last of Us 2 again, Number 9 is TLOU1

    in Sales Discussion 3 days ago

    brute said: Any word on the drop? 80% ...

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    NSW is here to Stay!! Itís Life Will Be Long and No Successor Will Come Before 2025!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 23 June 2020

    One thing I have been thinking of is that the pandemic really robbed away future sales from the switch. By this I mean sales that normally would be had when a price cut to the OG happens actually happened during March-to now period by those same people getting a lite instead. This is purely speculation but I think a price cut will have a bit of less impact than usual. ...

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    To prepare for Infinite, I am playing through the entire Halo franchise (current game: Reach)

    in Microsoft Discussion on 22 June 2020

    I was planning on doing this as well... like a year ago lol. I’ve played 4 and 5 and want to go through it all but I need to actually get the collection. Running out of time lol ...

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    May NPD 2020: Switch ~530K; PS4/XBO >150K

    in Sales Discussion on 22 June 2020

    Shadow1980 said: Agente42 said: Animal Crossing is a big system seller and brings new market tier. The growth of Xbox and PS4 is not the same, in size or shape. With Animal Crossing, switch have new type of consumers, because of that, the sales have big grow, second motive is Covid. Individual games rarely produce long-term increases to baseline sales. That goes for the...

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    Bleach anime is coming back y'all!!!!!

    in Movies Discussion on 22 June 2020

    Since this thread was created, I went through the entire series so I could be prepared for the comeback. It was great, one of my favorite shows of all time, and I’m super excited. Here’s hoping a bleach game will also be made some time soon, the last one was in 2012 ...

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    Famitsu Sales: Week 24, 2020 (Jun 08 - Jun 14)

    in Sales Discussion on 21 June 2020

    tbone51 said: curl-6 said: I don't think it will fall off a cliff, just that it will have a normal decline, with this year most likely being its peak year, and that by 2023 it'll be time for its successor. Ideally, you don't want to wait too long or until your system is already dead before replacing it. NSW isnt following a trajectory like any previous console before...

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    Your game expectations for the Switch on 2H 2020

    in Nintendo Discussion on 21 June 2020

    Jumpin said: WAY too early for holiday season stuff to be announced. Try back in about 4 months. But I expect this year to be fairly strong in terms of releases. I don't think Coronavirus will impact schedules much. I expect some juggernaut level titles like Breath of the Wild 2 and the rumoured remake trilogy of Super Mario 64, Super Mario Galaxy 1, and Super Mario Galaxy 2. But, as I...

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    When will the switch outsell the ps4?

    in Sales Discussion on 19 June 2020

    Shaunodon said: If Gamefreak finish this gen without a Pokemon game passing 30m, it's a big fail. They need to step their game up. SWSH will already become the best selling PKMN game in a long time, and new Pokémon games are made to fast. There’s no reason for anyone to expect 30 millions and they also don’t need it  ...

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    PS4/XBO/NS - 2019 vs 2020; Week 26 - HALFWAY THERE!!!

    in Sales Discussion on 18 June 2020

    Switch compared to last year is so crazy it blows my mind ...

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    Most adorable female character in a video game?

    in Gaming Discussion on 17 June 2020

    Chiaki nanami is pretty adorable. I think aegis from persona 3 is adorable in an awkward way ...

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    How much will Switch Sales be affected once Xbox SX &PS5 Release?

    in Sales Discussion on 16 June 2020

    It won’t be at all. I really hope when the switch has a natural decline next year, people don’t claim that it is due to increase competition from next gen. ...

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    Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory logo leaks

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 June 2020

    I’m not even sure when we could expect this to be announced. Tokyo games show maybe? ...

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    Rate the Look of the PS5

    in Sony Discussion on 15 June 2020

    2/5 ...

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    In your mind, what will the Xbox SX conference have to do to beat the PS5 conference?

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 June 2020

    It’s super easy for Xbox to have a better event for me. All they have to do is show their first parties games that we know are coming, reveal their new first party ip(s) and to have more Japanese support even if it isn’t exclusive. I also hope they show some games that we already know about such as tales of arise. I was planning on getting the PS5 at launch and Xbox later on but now I’m having...

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    PS5 could see even more 3rd party exclusives than PS4

    in Sony Discussion on 13 June 2020

    It’s far to soon to claim you are right lol. I still think there’s no way third parties naturally migrate to making exclusive ps5 games. ...

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