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Masked_Muchaco's Wall

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< COKTOE posted something on Masked_Muchaco's wall:

I'm so lazy. Do you take requests?

Yes, but I don't guarantee that they'll be processed immediately.

on 28 July 2020

Excellent. Super Blood Hockey. I think it's on all platforms. And thank you.

on 28 July 2020

Done. You're welcome.

on 30 July 2020

Yo. :)

on 31 July 2020

< Marth posted something on Masked_Muchaco's wall:

You are back? :O

Yeah, at least for now. Raising a baby while still studying and looking for a job is extremely time consuming.

on 10 April 2020

Ah seems like a lot has happened. Congratulations on becoming a father!
Don't worry about VGC too much. I am just glad you're ok :)

on 11 April 2020

Thanks man! I'm glad to see that you're still going strong too :)

Indeed, A LOT has happened, my life turned upside down last year. But I'm not complaining though, my son was the best thing that ever happened to me.

on 11 April 2020

I have also taken a step back from VGC because of personal stuff. :D

That is great to hear :)

on 11 April 2020

< Masked_Muchaco updated his status:

Happy New Year everyone!!

Same to you, May you find another ten thousand bugs in 2019. :)

on 31 December 2018

Good job on your level up

Thanks Genki :P

on 30 December 2018

< Masked_Muchaco updated his status:

Level 9 at last, maybe now I can finally realize my dream of reaping souls :P

< Masked_Muchaco updated his status:

Today marks one year since I joined this site :D

That is a great achievement! Grats!!!

on 14 December 2018

Aww, congrats buddy!!

on 17 December 2018

Thanks skele.. I mean Kirby! Thanks snakey ^^

I've been a lurker in this site for quite some time, but when I saw that the DB was open to user contributions again, I knew I had to join, because I always wanted to help it grow.

on 17 December 2018

You making us proud (:

on 18 December 2018

< Masked_Muchaco updated his status:

50k!!! :D

Nicely done. You've certainly earned it.

on 23 November 2018

Congratz :)

on 23 November 2018

Thanks guys :)

on 24 November 2018


Oh hi snakey, how have you been? Is that professor genki in your avy?

on 20 November 2018

I've been alright, you? Yerp, it is

on 20 November 2018

I've been fine too. I really want to go back to saints row 3 and finish it, but my PC isn't helping D:

on 21 November 2018

GODDAMN PC. That's terrible :/

on 22 November 2018

< Marth posted something on Masked_Muchaco's wall:

Congratz to 10K this month :)

Thanks, I want to go even higher in the coming months :D

on 25 September 2018

< Masked_Muchaco updated his status:

XB1 Gamewise box arts are now gone from the DB.

< Marth posted something on Masked_Muchaco's wall:

Hey :) wanna split the last few xone gamewise games?

There's only 7 left, if you want you can take all of them, but if you prefer to split them, let me know the ones you want to take :)

on 15 September 2018

Yeah you have done a lot of work there! I would take Inner World, Shadow Tactics and This War of Mine

on 15 September 2018

I usually just put a box art and update the information when needed, and leave the banner, screenshots and summary aside, which speeds up the process a lot.

on 15 September 2018

I do that because I don't always have access to a computer, so I end up having to resort to my phone, which is not ideal for these types of things.

on 15 September 2018

I can understand that. You are still doing a lot of work on the DB and I am very thankful for that :)
The question now is what is up next? :D We only have the 3 big ones left. Vita, PS4 and Windows. Vita is a lot of japanese only stuff, PS4 also has a lot of those and Windows has some really obscure stuff. Gonna be a "fun" time with the last 500 or so.

on 15 September 2018

< COKTOE posted something on Masked_Muchaco's wall:

Dude, you are a machine. :) I always see your name the most in my friends feed.

I'm not all that, you should see Marth when he's on his good months, that's what I call a machine. He will still probably stomp me on the leadboards this month, I'm just enjoying my time on the top before the storm comes XD

on 07 September 2018

Thanks for friend request!

Thanks for accepting :)

on 09 August 2018

My pleasure

on 10 August 2018

< Masked_Muchaco updated his status:

All 3DS gamewise box arts have been cleared.

< Marth posted something on Masked_Muchaco's wall:

You are catching up fast this month when it comes to points. Need to get more active soon :D

There's still a 5k gap between us, I'm not catching up anytime soon, specially now that my break is over. But I have to say, being able to approve my own submissions do speed things up a lot.

on 06 August 2018

And the gap keeps growing XD
I'm never gonna catch up with you mate, you are a absolute beast.

on 06 August 2018

< Marth posted something on Masked_Muchaco's wall:

Deleted Ragnarok Odyssey and Puzzle&Dragons

Thanks for the reports :)

< Masked_Muchaco updated his status:

Will games without box arts ever get below 8000?

One day it will :D When I'm done with Gamewise those are next on the list ^^

on 18 July 2018

I wish we had more people actively contributing to the DB.

on 18 July 2018

< Marth posted something on Masked_Muchaco's wall:

Thanks for the Reports! I cleared up the Spiderman section :)

I'm glad to be able to help with the DB again :)

on 09 July 2018

Its great to have you back! :)

on 09 July 2018

Deleted Metro Redux. Thanks for the report :)

on 17 July 2018

You're welcome :)

Man, it's 4:00 am here where I live, I should be sleeping XD

on 17 July 2018

Also, there is a duplicate for Metro Last Light (PC), which have no sales numbers.

on 17 July 2018

Go to sleep man :D
PC version is also deleted

on 17 July 2018

< Marth posted something on Masked_Muchaco's wall:

Hey you are back :) How are you doing? Everything alright?

I was incredibly busy with the final exams on my computer graphics course, especially with 3d animation. But now that they're over and I managed to pass all the subjects, the only thing left for me to graduate is present my portfolio to the examining board, which I decided to do at the end of the year.

Now that I'm finally on a break, I can go back to contributing to the DB, commenting on the forums, watching anime and gaming (and also spending more time with my gf of course :P).

So yeah, I'm doing great right now. How about you my friend?

on 28 June 2018

I see. Congratulations for passing all of it! :) Is this for a bachelors degree?

As long as your gf does not get mad at you for working on the DB :D

For me its mostly the same as always. :D My sleep schedule is awful atm but that happens quite often. Havent been as productive as I wanted to be (in everything not only the DB) but I think next month is going to be better.

on 30 June 2018

It's a 2-year degree, I don't know how it's called in english though XD I think the closest thing to it would be what you call an associate degree. I'm also studying computer science on college, which I took a time off in this first half of the year in order to focus on the last period of my computer graphics course.

She does unfortunately D:

I hope everything goes smooth for you next month :)

on 30 June 2018

< VersusEvil posted something on Masked_Muchaco's wall:

Pro tip. Paste as plain text.

I'm so used to just copy and paste that I actually forgot that option existed :0

Thanks for tip!

on 16 April 2018

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