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    Global Hardware 18 January 2020

    in Latest Charts on 23 January 2020

    I'm calling it now the Switch will sell over 100m! ...

    Write 64

    Opinion: The Future Will Not About Hardware Platform (PC/COnsole/handled/Mobile ) but Ecosystem (service/software)

    in Gaming Discussion on 17 January 2020

    If this future goes the game pass way I'm fully on board, but if it's the Stadia way I'll think about significantly lowering the amount I game. ...

    Write 3284

    Football Thread 19/20 Football is (temporarily) cancelled :(

    in Sports Discussion on 09 October 2019

    Good thing this thread is about the real football. ...

    Write 108

    What's the single best game Nintendo has ever created?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 02 October 2019

    I'm pretty young so the first Nintendo console I owned was a Wii (I did own a ps2 and a pre-owned ps1 though), but I'll still say Odyssey, cause it has such a superb level design, great music and an actual somewhat decent storyline for a Mario game. ...

    Write 99

    Do you think Trump will be elected a second term?

    in Politics Discussion on 19 August 2018

    I hope he doesn't but sadly I could see it happening....

    Write 47

    Nintendo Switch Owner - How much extra would you pay?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 21 May 2018

    The extra cartridge cost is 1 of the reasons why I'm going all digital. So I wont pay anything extra....

    Write 18

    Meet The Original Nintendo Switch From 1995 Brought to You by SEGA

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 May 2018

    This is just what modern Nintendo does they find existing tech and make it better....

    Write 223

    Theory/Prediction: Sony is about to reveal a Portable PS4

    in Gaming Discussion on 07 May 2018

    I don't even know if it's possible to make a ps4 portable at this point if you don't want to make it cost a $1000....

    Write 152

    Nintendo Labo is trending below GameStop’s expectations

    in Nintendo Discussion on 17 April 2018

    It's a really interesting concept but I'm not buying it because I'm not that crafty of a person and I don't have kids. Also It's going to be really interesting to see how well it does in the holiday season cause that's when most casuals and kids get their console. This is because at the moment Switch gamers are of legal age and at least somewhat hardcore gamers....

    Write 36

    Do you think God of War will boost ps4 sales above MHW launch week of 408k.

    in Sony Discussion on 17 April 2018

    It depends on how well it sells in the US and Europe because what I've heard God of war has never sold super well in Japan....

    Write 146

    World War 3 is near

    in Politics Discussion on 17 April 2018

    HollyGamer said: Matsku said: Hopefully you are joking because war is never good. Also there was no world war 3 during the cold war so I think we'r just going to go through a cold war 2. Did i mentioned in OP that  want war??? I am just predicting the outcome of Trump attack in Syria. And World war 3  is not equal Nuclear War.  You did mention that...

    Write 146

    World War 3 is near

    in Politics Discussion on 14 April 2018

    Faelco said: ArnoldRimmer said: The scientists who set the doomsday clock seem to think different; the doomsday clock has never been closer to "midnight"/"doomsday" than it is now (=2 minutes to midnight). Even during the cuba crisis, it was at only 7 minutes to midnight - and just two months after the cuba crisis, it was even further set back to 12 minutes to midnight. Even in...

    Write 146

    World War 3 is near

    in Politics Discussion on 14 April 2018

    HollyGamer said: Bye bye Consoles war welcome to world war 3, Seriously If Trump start to attack Syria this time probably Russia will also move, and Nuclear war is eminent.  But why they are not   battle in  normal war, using Air force , Tank , Navy and Army,  instead of Nukes. I want to see modern war that not include Nukes.  Using Nukes is just too simple...

    Write 86

    Bold prediction: Dark Souls Remastered will sell most copies on Switch

    in Sales Discussion on 08 April 2018

    Because of the sheer number of ps4:s sold I think it will sell most on the ps4 but I think the fatigue will bw seen on the xbone sales which I think the Switch will beat....

    Write 249

    Dragon Quest XI for Switch delay due UE4, game based on PS4 version of game, why was announced for Switch so early

    in Nintendo Discussion on 08 April 2018

    Nuvendil said: Meanwhile, at Sudio Wild Card Seriously, this should have been taken care of ages ago.  The UE4 Switch support updates went out over a YEAR AGO.  But here we have a plucky indie dev and their small time porting studio partner beating one of the wealthiest and most influential Japanese publishers to the punch with a game that gives...

    Write 89

    Can the Switch realistically surpass XBOX One's sales figures?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 03 April 2018

    It's pretty obvious the Switch will outsell the xbone given the miserable sales in Japan and the Switch being the fastest selling console ever....

    Write 83

    How many units do you think SWITCH will sell in 2018 (sold through)?

    in Sales Discussion on 02 April 2018

    If Pokémon comes this year 20mil if not 15mil....

    Write 132

    Switch Price Cut?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 29 March 2018

    Not at the moment but in a couple of years yes. Why it's not selling that much at the moment is because it haven't got any huge system seller games at the start of this year when smash releases it's over....

    Write 59

    NATO, US, Canada, Australia & 25 European countries expel a total of 152 Russian envoys over Russian former spy poisoning

    in Politics Discussion on 28 March 2018

    Why did we have to do this when we are not even sure Russia poisoned the the guy that was living in Britain....

    Write 39

    Pokemon direct rumoured for tomorrow!

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 March 2018

    peachbuggy said: Source:- Would have been announced already so I doubt It's real....

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