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    PS4 Beats Wii and PS2, Fastest Console To 100 Million

    in Sales Discussion on 31 July 2019

    The_Liquid_Laser said: zorg1000 said: Nope DS was 51 months. Thanks.  So PS4 is the fastest selling home console.  Still an impressive achievement. Historically I'm pretty sure the term console is usually reserved for non portables, but it's just nitpicking ...

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    Digital Foundry tests the GTX 1080

    in PC Discussion on 17 May 2016

    Dunno if anyone can answer, but if I buy this new card can my i7 4820k 3.7 ghz cpu continue to work well for me, or will it become a bottlenecking liability soon?...

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    No Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 localization to avoid possible "treatment of women" backlash

    in Sony Discussion on 24 November 2015

    I heard the game has an english language choice, so import might be fully #worth. Can anyone verify?...

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    Worldwide weekly chart up - 28th march

    in Sales Discussion on 30 April 2015

    sales2099 said:Yup....PS4 running away with the win this gen. Only thing that matters now is if Nintendo and Microsoft can at least eek a profit out of whatever marketshare PS4 leaves them. Basically this is the 6th gen, but with Xbox One doing better then the original Xbox at the very least. Serious observation: While I am sure diehard PS fans have zero problems with a repeat monopoly of...

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    Square Enix Teases “Secret” New Game; Reveal Coming on April 13th

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 April 2015

    Look at the spacing of the S _ A R. One letter goes between S and A. It's gotta be T. Star. Star Ocean! Best prediction world? lol Edit:  It's also over a background of an ocean, so gg haha...

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    Import thread! Dragon Quest Heroes review! Tales of Zestiria review!

    in Gaming Discussion on 25 March 2015

    Oh man, good thread. Hope this gets updated a lot, so many GAMES....

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    WW HW + SW week ending 31st Jan

    in Sales Discussion on 20 February 2015

    Blood_Tears said:With these numbers (adjustments) PS3 has now moved into 1st place overall for Europe's home console sales last gen. :) PS3 33,796,323 Wii 33,678,949 Nice! So Wii only leads in Japan now right?  The other two consoles had such better longevity....

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    Sony making a turnaround - aiming at $4.20bn profit by end of FY 2017

    in Sony Discussion on 18 February 2015

    kowenicki said: This shouldnt be a shock to people, operating profit is already there in most of their sectors. Looks like at last the final vanity project of mobile will likely be sidelined and probably ultimately sold off. Thats the final piece as far as I am concerend and was inevitable months ago after sales numbers didnt move up, hence my personal decision to buy in. As I say,...

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    Need help in Exo Surival for Advanced Warfare

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 November 2014

    Does anyone have the map "Riot" so I can duo with you in a private match and get the zombie trophy instead of playing hours of exo survival?  I don't even know how big COD is on this site, I haven't played the last few but this ones pretty good imo.  If anyone can help we can play later on in the day or tomorrow. HALP I'm on PS4 also by the way....

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    16th August HW up; + adjustments; PS4 at 9.9M

    in Sales Discussion on 28 August 2014

    CGI-Quality said: Ninsect said: Yafea said:PS4 is on fire. It'll be around 12-15 million easily by the end of the year. That's an understatement... It's going to be close to 20m Yep, 12 million will be here, as a bold predicition, by the end of September. I'm thinking between 18-to-20 million by Jan 1. Christ, what did the Wii have in year 1?...

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    Rumor: Sony readying new PS4 SKU with 1TB storage for this Fall

    in Sony Discussion on 08 August 2014

    The concept of a terabyte of space will help PS4 even more in the public mindshare. It would be a pretty effective buzzword in my opinion. ...

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    Is Wind Waker the most under-appreciated Zelda game?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 17 June 2014

    I feel like Link's Awakening is sometimes the forgotten game in the series, but it was amazing, better than most of them imo....

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    Sony's E3 show seemed to be what some people hate about MS.

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 June 2014

    Sony had tv as a subject, not the main focus. That's the difference. LittleBigPlanet3, Bloodborne. Sudas game. Uncharted, Grim Fandango, lots of great stuff. In my opinion they won. ...

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    IGN: The Last Guardian Officially Cancelled! Edit: Not Cancelled? IGN Lied?

    in Sony Discussion on 08 June 2014

    BasilZero said:Amazing how people are going wild on such a small niche game :P Its like Bayonetta 2 announcement all over again l0l. I think the reputation of its predecessor is what makes this case special for people who think of games as more than...ya know, games.  Bayonetta doesn't really have the same pedigree....

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    PS Store Flash Sale: $5 Games this Weekend

    in Sony Discussion on 02 May 2014

    outlawauron said:I don't think there's anything up. This is the expectation of a digital marketplace. But not every marketplace seems to go this hard.  They don't have to do this, but it's fantastic nonetheless.  It just makes them look better and more appealing....

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    Can Persona 5 (Crimson?)Be Multiplat With The Next Nintendo Handheld (or Exclusive)? PQ Showing Good Signs :0

    in Gaming Discussion on 29 April 2014

    Has Persona main series ever not been on PS?...

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    Global Hardware/US Software April 19th up!

    in Sales Discussion on 25 April 2014

    ps4tw said: pezus said: ps4tw said:Xbone sells well in US, less in EU. Why are people confused? That makes perfect sense - US tends to buy US goods... Maybe because PS4 easily outsold One in March despite the price cuts and TF. Now that the price cuts and TF hype have died down, we are to believe X1 sales are actually increasing while PS4 falls (and it even had FFXIV...

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    Ready At Dawn: The Order ‘A Huge Commercial Risk

    in Sony Discussion on 19 April 2014

    phantom0 said: lol a dude bro shooter with typical cover shooter mechanic. SUCH RISK I think the atmostphere plus the lack of multiplayer which makes said dudebro shooters popular is the risky part....

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    "The Console Market is Shrinking" is a BS Statement

    in Sales Discussion on 18 April 2014

    Shaunaka said: NYANKS said:People always say this when a generation is coming to a close, because sales are going down and somehow this is not to be expected with old products. It's really dumb and not worth mentioning.   Are you saying this thread is dumb? It took me 15 minutes to get all the data and plot it on Calc. Did I waste my time? Lol no, you're...

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    "The Console Market is Shrinking" is a BS Statement

    in Sales Discussion on 18 April 2014

    People always say this when a generation is coming to a close, because sales are going down and somehow this is not to be expected with old products. It's really dumb and not worth mentioning....

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