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    Top 50 Seventh Gen Games (all platforms)

    in Sales Discussion on 11 May 2014 by Azhraell

    Such an awesome bump...

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    Why doesnt Sony charge for PSN membership?

    in Gaming Discussion on 02 February 2014 by mysticwolf

    Because they charge for PS+, right?...

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    2012 Sales Predictions

    in Sales Discussion on 24 November 2013 by pezus

    man-bear-pig said: pezus said: man-bear-pig said: Yonyx said:Who won this prediction??? There are no winners here, only losers. OT: Where the hell is the 2013 thread! I can't find it anywhere Ooh thanks..Why the fuck is it in the gaming discussion forum! I was searching through sales...

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    Update: Jury awards Microsoft $15 million in Motorola patent case

    in Microsoft Discussion on 08 September 2013 by Nsanity

    Thread and title updated....

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    Online play to be charged on ps4?

    in Sony Discussion on 27 June 2013 by sales2099

    Jay520 said: sales2099 said: So essentially, you are covering all your bases. lol I can give you hundreds of posts from dozens of forums and you can just say "ppl change their minds all the time". lol nm. Same goes with me, in that your mind can't be changed in some things and we will use any and all fallback points to justify our stance. Do you agree that people's...

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    Xbox 720 'will support Blu-ray, might not play used games' - report

    in Microsoft Discussion on 12 June 2013 by Goatseye

    radishhead said:Wow I can't believe people picked me up on that quote >< I might actually have to eat a hat...

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    Xbox 360 Vs. Playstation 3 2012 - *February* Update

    in Sales Discussion on 22 December 2012 by Bliss

    360 sells crazy in Americas only, for 5 weeks in a whole year, in high season, IMO !   PS3 sold more in 2011, and PS3 will sell more in 2012 worldwide. ...

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    Breaking News!DS tops PS2 and becomes No.1 WORLDWIDE!

    in Sales Discussion on 14 December 2012 by amp316

    weaveworld said: amp316 said:I am locking this for obvious reasons. Wait what...? And please, be so kind to state your obvious reasons in the future. Helps people understand the reasoning a lot more. The thread is almost two years old... Necrobumping is against the rules. edit - And now it's locked.  Spaced out for a minute there...

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    What is your favorite Television Show and Why?Weekly Ratings update! ~ " What did you watch today?' The Office is finally ending its run in America'

    in General Discussion on 04 November 2012 by spurgeonryan

    Community is great! Cannot wait for last season. Sad though... Dexter on time now! TWD was wild! Like tank season first season....

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    The WWII Thread

    in General Discussion on 20 October 2012 by sethnintendo

    I was pretty drunk last night so I didn't clarify "fair" chance too well. What I meant was that most of the major powers had a chance in winning. I am not counting Poland, Greece or any other small nation that wasn't really ready for the bloodshed that was about to happen. I was just considering Germany could have won the Battle of Britain, war against the Soviets, etc.. Probably the weakest...

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    PS3 360 gap below 2 million post adjustments

    in Sales Discussion on 30 August 2012 by CGI-Quality

    XanderZane said: The 1st Quarter 2014. By then the next generation will have start and it won't matter much anyways. Yeah, that's IF it takes that long. I don't think it will happen at all (and really don't mind either way), but it will always matter given what's happened this gen (even if individual nobodies like you or I don't care). The industry will take notice if the PS3...

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    Dark Knight Rises vs Dark Knight?

    in Movies Discussion on 30 July 2012 by FujiokaMidori

    Rises is a pop corn movie. Bane and Talia have a Bond-Villian complex where they give the hero enough time to screw up their plans, when they had everything to win without much effort. Batman v.s. Bane fights are both the same. Batman hits Bane on the face with different results. In the first one almost gets killed, on the second one he wins. Bane, Talia and Catwoman are SO...

    Write 44

    Steam Big Numbers is a Fake

    in Gaming Discussion on 25 July 2012 by makingmusic476

    Usually half of my PSN friends list are watching Netflix, with another couple doing nothing or watching Hulu. I'm trying to figure out why any of this matters....

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    Films That Scare You

    in Movies Discussion on 25 July 2012 by foodfather

    The only true scary movies, are the ones that absorb you into the characters, you feel their drama and their struggle. The only way this is accomplished, is by very good story telling, intricate direction and good performances. The only movies to have ths effect on me are Alien, The Thing, The Descent, Shutter and Pulse (Kairo). These 5 movies are the most perfect horror movies ever made....

    Write 27

    Current Amount Of Final Fantasy XIV Players

    in PC Discussion on 24 July 2012 by greymay

    I got back on it about a month ago, it is an awesome game, but I also liked it back when it came out. Riding a chocobo was a nice new feature. I unsubscribed for now though, but it looks like 2.0 will have tons of new features....

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    121k PS3's sold globally (Week of June 9th, trend continues)

    in Sales Discussion on 24 July 2012 by Cobretti2

    IllegalPaladin said:Playstation Home obviously! :P Dunno, have there been some big games lately? Honestly, I haven't played on my PS3 in a few months. I don't get much time to use the HDTV in the house for games so it's much easier to just hop on my computer and stuff like the Steam's summer sale has created a nice little backlog of things to play. This is sort of a reminder to head out to...

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    2012 - Awful for Xbox 360 Sales / 2nd Lowest 6 Months Since Launch

    in Sales Discussion on 23 July 2012 by Conegamer

    Well, what do people expect? It's 7 years old, and the market is saturated. We need new consoles, but we've known that for months now....

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    Can X360/PS3 reach 100 million sold units?

    in Sales Discussion on 22 July 2012 by kopstudent89

    Well no biggest all 3 consoles seem to be dying out. Wii wil definitely get there, and I do agree that the PS3 has a big shot since it is big in smaller markets, but I don't think it has enough left in it. It probably will barely sell 10 mil this year, and I can't see it doing that next year and the year after...

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    Anonymous declares War on Terror

    in General Discussion on 21 July 2012 by crissindahouse

    sounds good but the question is, don't they disturb the work of cia, nsa or whatever organization with that? sometimes you let terrorist do something to gain more important informations. they could maybe destroy years of work with that....

    Write 270

    My Diablo III first impressions

    in PC Discussion on 13 July 2012 by Ail

    Anyone else still playing D3 in this thread ? I still play 1-2h/day either on my barb or my wiz.. The wiz is up to 40k dps... The barb is only at 15k but doesn't die. The barb does Act1 farming, the wiz Act 1 or Act 2. I should probably take the wiz to Act 3... I am spending most of my time on SC2 not D3 these days as I am starting to get better so SC2 is becoming more fun......

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