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    Dark Knight Rises vs Dark Knight?

    in Movies Discussion on 27 July 2012

    I prefer Vanilla ice cream....

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    Steam Big Numbers is a Fake

    in Gaming Discussion on 23 July 2012

    Hang on Steam logs in automatically like my PSN and Live account? And shows up in stats even if I'm not playing a game - like my PSN and Live account? All three have the exact same scenario so there's no difference I can see. This just assumes people are turning on their console to game which plenty of statistics (for PS3 and 360) show they aren't. Steam numbers are no more fake than PSN...

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    Anonymous declares War on Terror

    in General Discussion on 20 July 2012

    All I'll say is I'm a lot happier to have then hack terrorist organizations or affiliated organizations than my PSN account. They certainly stand a better chance of achieving something useful rather than annoying a bunch of people trying to play some games....

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    2012 - Awful for Xbox 360 Sales / 2nd Lowest 6 Months Since Launch

    in Sales Discussion on 20 July 2012

    If MS think that the console has simply shifted seasonality then I doubt they'll rush to cut price. the 360 is seven years old and over last two years Kinect plus their marketing seems to have resulted in overall decent demand on an annual basis with a heavily skewed seasonal curve around Q4. If MS are happy with that they're not going to cut price just to try and raise demand in other...

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    Can X360/PS3 reach 100 million sold units?

    in Sales Discussion on 17 July 2012

    Wii - yes. Pretty much a given. PS3 - maybe. Requires it to get a decent tail outside core markets in the same vein as PS2, however given this worked for PS2 and Sony still seems to sell better in those markets it's not impossible. I reckon though it's unlikely. The PS3 outside US/Japan has been on the market for less time than the 360 too which could help it appeal as "newer" in emerging...

    Write 69

    Films That Scare You

    in Movies Discussion on 13 July 2012

    I wouldn't say anything scares me as an adult, but the following films are all perfectly unsettling if you invest in them (mainly Western films although I think many Asian horror films are the best - The Ring, Grudge, etc): The Shinning Texas Chainsaw Massacre (original) Manhunter (Brian Cox Lecter - or Lektor - for me plus a better sense of mad horror than Silence I think) The Haunting...

    Write 13

    Sex House, new reality TV show

    in NSFW Discussion on 13 July 2012

    Gotta' love Onion....

    Write 109

    Sony: "No plans to continue Resistance"

    in Sony Discussion on 26 June 2012

    Resistance 2 killed the franchise and that's all there is to it. R3 would need to have been beyond good across the board to salvage things. I still feel the setting was one of the best for an FPS yet, but it was squandered with the see-sawing between gameplay styles and seeming changing of the concept from one game to the next. Letting it go - at least for a while anyway - seems the best...

    Write 44

    Microsoft's Surface tablet crashes on stage.

    in Microsoft Discussion on 21 June 2012

    Gotta feel sorry for the guy presenting. That's horrible....

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    Introducing Microsoft Surface - Windows 8 first tablet and a full Microsoft hardware/software solution!

    in Microsoft Discussion on 20 June 2012

    I like the design but having essentially two OS versions depending on model sounds confusing in a market whose rules, for the most part, where set by Apple and customers don't have to consider something such as OS version. I really like the keyboard and the pro spec is interesting - although perhaps a bit too similar to a PC : can't decide yet if that could turn out to be a good thing or a bad...

    Write 72

    Can Americans Not Handle The Sight of Their Ancestors Being Killed in Assassin’s Creed?

    in Gaming Discussion on 17 June 2012

    I admire his honesty. The marketing team are obviously chosing to portray a lopsided view of the game they feel will play better. I don't like it, but it happens a lot for films and the practice seems to be coming more and more to gaming : marketing decide which elements will sell and focus on those even if they distort perception of the product. But as I say - I like the fact the...

    Write 117

    121k PS3's sold globally (Week of June 9th, trend continues)

    in Sales Discussion on 16 June 2012

    You need to add "pre-owned" to you poll, because in general from my knowledge people buying a PS3 or 360 this late in the game (as a new customer not replacement or whatever) are doing two things: a) buying older games pre-owned at much cheaper prices to build their library at lower cost (this is one of the reasons game developers dislike used sales so much. With PS3 in particular pre-owened...

    Write 270

    My Diablo III first impressions

    in PC Discussion on 28 May 2012

    I was planning on skipping this for a while and seeing how the whole "always online" thing played out. But temptation coupled with pester power from my son made me cave in. Game is pretty good I think but the way single player is handled is just plain ridiculous. First "always online" game I've bought for SP and probably the last. This approach is just draconian and too customer unfriendly...

    Write 50

    Max Payne 3 – PC version features ‘four times higher’ quality textures than its console counterpart

    in PC Discussion on 27 May 2012

    Held of purchasing 'till I could check out PC version - if it is truly a solid version then PC will be my platform of choice for this....

    Write 12

    E3 2012 Rumor: IS Sony Partnering up with a leading cloud gaming service?

    in Sony Discussion on 24 May 2012

    Wonder if this will be something less interesting... like access to streamed demos... or something... more interesting. Would be quite an interesting take if Sony decided to allow their hardware to be used as a general access box for Onlive or Gaikai (spelling?). ...

    Write 92

    Sorcerys Meta doesnt look good

    in Sony Discussion on 24 May 2012

    SvennoJ said:After watching the trailer on the psn store I'm interested again. I'll get it from a brick 'n mortar store though when I have the chance, same price for a digital download doesn't sit well with me. Try the demo - better than a trailer....

    Write 72

    Still can’t play Diablo 3 (or why I hate PC gaming)

    in PC Discussion on 24 May 2012

    Sounds like you (and your buddies) have somehow messed up your PC setups. Consoles are for sure easier - but your issues are definitely atypical. Most PC games install without fuss or issues - Steam in particular of course tends to be a breeze. The gap between console and PC (particularly PS3/360) is really not that great now for ease - all three being home to patches, updates and the ability...

    Write 84

    Most Anticipated Game remaining this generation?

    in Gaming Discussion on 22 May 2012

    I'd say the last guardian but I'm not even sure it's coming now. Damn it....

    Write 71

    Leaked Bungie contract basically confirms Fall 2013 Xbox 720 release

    in Gaming Discussion on 22 May 2012

    fillet said: VGKing said: d21lewis said: Dallinor said:Why alienate a section of the market by releasing only on the 360/720 for the first game? Hasn't seemed to have worked out too well with other IP's this gen. Saints Row, Dead Rising, Bioshock, Mass Effect, Call of Duty 2, Lost Planet, Ghost Recon Advance Warfighter The only real success there is...

    Write 17

    James Bond Skyfall trailer

    in Movies Discussion on 21 May 2012

    Looking good. Love the aesthetic in the trailer anyhow. So far Craig's had a terrific and a solid turn as Bond and on paper based on the talent involved this surely has a decent chance to be another terrific one....

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