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    Opinion: Nintendo Switch will still FAIL

    in Gaming Discussion on 30 January 2020 by icykai

    Nu-13 said: Huge proof that wrong opinions are very much a thing. Wrong predictions yes. Him calling it an opinion is just wrong . ...

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    What do yo think will be the hardware specifications of PS5 if it arrives arround 2019-2020?

    in Sony Discussion on 30 October 2019 by Trumpstyle

    haxxiy said: Trumpstyle said: That's a lot of random numbers you got in your post. First I believe both Xbox and PS5 will have 44CU's and if AMD made a 48CU's discrete Gpu I expect that to have a die size of 270-280mm2. We know from Flute leaked that Sony very likely has 8mb GameCache instead of 32MB found in 3700x, this reduces the Zen2 from 70mm2 to 40mm2. Your numbers for...

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    Prediction: PS4 Spider-Man will outsell best selling Batman game - Arkham City

    in Sony Discussion on 21 July 2019 by Zoombael

    kazuyamishima said: A lot of people underestimate the power of Spider-Man, possible the most profitable character in the marvel universe.I think this game has a real chance to pass the 20 million mark. It sold 8.6 millions by November 25th 2018. ... ...

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    Popular porn searches by country

    in NSFW Discussion on 16 July 2019 by Jumpin

    I recently heard a good explanation. The increase in incest porn in recent years is the result of the large influx of bumpkins that were late getting to the Internet: computers were generally taboo to them, some due to religious beliefs against techmology, and others because they were terrified of people thinking they were nerds; being intelligent/knowledgeable is actually a negative in bumpkin...

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    Opinion: Next Gen Console Lockhart, Anaconda and PS5 will be built to do Hardware Ray Tracing

    in Microsoft Discussion on 27 April 2019 by SvennoJ

    fatslob-:O said: SvennoJ said: I was under the impression Assassin's creed Unity was so big (file size) because of the light maps. Every bit helps anyway, but the SSD will have a much bigger impact of course. Ray tracing in VR will be magical. No clue if the ps5 can pull that off, yet holding a flash light with ray traced light and shadows is going to be mind blowing...

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    Your top 5 Music Artists/Bands of All Time

    in Music Discussion on 16 March 2019 by mZuzek

    mZuzek said: 5. The Beatles4. Queens of the Stone Age3. Deep Purple2. Muse1. Electric Light Orchestra Honorable mention U2. I guess I'm fine with that list, actually. Hm, I guess I approve of this one. I learned about Ayreon over the past year and that would definitely make it in, such an amazing project. But back then, it was what it was....

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    Days Gone looks amazing!

    in Gaming Discussion on 12 February 2019 by GribbleGrunger

    twintail said: yvanjean said: I think the zombie horde mechanic will be the down fall of this game. Sadly, that's also the game biggest feature. down fall based on what? Hope....

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    Dreams Global Game Jam Stream At 5pm GMT Today!

    in Sony Discussion on 09 February 2019 by GribbleGrunger

    If you're interested in seeing lots of characters, check this out: ...

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    What's With The PS4 Sales Doubt?

    in Sony Discussion on 05 February 2019 by thismeintiel

    Errorist76 said: KingofTrolls said: This is not 100% accurate because PS4 already surpassed PS3 by a mile, I think PS4, especially PS4 Pro, will be more enticing for gamers after PS5 launch than PS3 was after PS4, the PS4 has mooooore room for price cuts than PS3. I think they will release PS4 Super Slim close before PS5. Yeah, definitely. With only one price drop...

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    Anthem demo impressions

    in Gaming Discussion on 05 February 2019 by Pemalite

    Errorist76 said: Pemalite said: Inquisition was amazing! Step up from Dragon Age 2 in every aspect. Andromeda was meh. Not really...Inquisition was not as buggy as Andromeda but had similar problems. Shallow writing, boring characters, dumbed down and less tactical gameplay, repetitive fetch quests and huge and beautiful world which still felt sterile and empty. In...

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    My young friend got kidney stones yesterday his 26 years old

    in General Discussion on 12 January 2019 by NightlyPoe

    A good chunk of the board will either get or has had kidney stones. They're generally not a big deal unless they're obstructing something. They just hurt for a day or two.  And it's not something that happens with old people....

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    Global Hardware 24 November 2018

    in Latest Charts on 10 January 2019 by Amnesia

    Supermario28 said: Amnesia said: Hi ! I have not really updated it more because I don't trust the last Hardware result here with the Smash week. I think it is pretty difficult to estimate this intensive period but as you wish. If we keep this 1.2M for the switch, sure the 20M are doomed. I would really bet a lot that Switch was much higher than the PS4 for this week even in...

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    God Of War Wins Game of the Year at Game Awards

    in Sony Discussion on 05 January 2019 by KazumaKiryu

    For IGN too, Game of the Year was God of War....

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    PS Plus - 2018 Review

    in Sony Discussion on 05 January 2019 by Immersiveunreality

    I had to reinstall everything on ps4 one time because of an error and had such luck those cloudsaves existed, also good amount of great games each year on ps plus....

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    What Sound System you use for Gaming

    in Gaming Discussion on 01 January 2019 by GrahfsLament

    SvennoJ said: GrahfsLament said: -- A surround system sounds great at low volume as well. Most receivers, if not all, have settings for dynamic range, from full to standard to night mode. But indeed, if you like your sound loud, headphones will help you more often. That's true. Night Mode has come in handy in the past. Also, in my experience, bass seems to...

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    What will drive Switch's 20+ million year sales?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 01 January 2019 by 160rmf

    VAMatt said: 160rmf said: Fixed for you Your revision does create an accurate statement.  But, my original was also accurate.   No, it wasn't. Nintendo made some wrong predictions in the past, but it doesn't make them notoriously bad. This title is solely exclusive to a considerable part of the Vgchartz community. Congratz guys! It will only get...

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    Last game you bought for PS3/360

    in Gaming Discussion on 29 December 2018 by Ayla

    PS3 - Tales of Grace's F I think. I never finished it. 360 - Resident Evil 6 probably....

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    Sam Harris Drops Patreon - Other Creators Follow

    in Politics Discussion on 28 December 2018 by Immersiveunreality

    SpokenTruth said Edit: Also outside of the mildly negative back and forth, have a great Christmas! To you and yours, I hope it was merry as well For you the word was born our of racism and i agree on that but it has branched into different meanings and uses since then so for me that pulls away the racism partly but we will most likely never agree on this matter so...

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    Global Software, 17th November 2018: Pokemon Let's Go debut

    in Latest Charts on 26 December 2018 by curl-6

    PAOerfulone said: Is there any particular reason why the two versions of Let's Go are counted as separate versions. zorg1000 said: PAOerfulone said: Is there any particular reason why the two versions of Let's Go are counted as separate versions. I was wondering the same thing, they have always combined them. The official...

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    Global Hardware 1 December 2018

    in Latest Charts on 21 December 2018 by LipeJJ

    Curious to see next week, which is Smash week I think....

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