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    Club Nintendo: The Official Nintendo Thread

    in Nintendo Discussion 7 minutes ago by Mar1217

    curl-6 said: I wonder if No More Heroes 3 is still coming this year.It says "2020" on the eshop and on Nintendo's last quarterly report, but they joked about "2020 release? Good luck" back in 2019 before the pandemic, so I can see it potentially slipping into 2021.I really hope we get a proper gameplay trailer soon, I enjoyed the first two games on Wii. We already got gameplay...

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    The Last of Us Part II - Review Thread (MC: 94 / OC: 94)

    in Sony Discussion 13 hours ago by BraLoD

    The game is now 94th from 111 games on the 94 score range. I don't think I can say it has already settled its final score xP ...

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    in Sony Discussion 2 days ago by DonFerrari

    d21lewis said: Just finished it. And this time I'm positive because the credits are rolling! Jeezus, this thing just went on and on.Managed to avoid all spoilers, trailers, reviews, etc., too. Proud of myself for that. Anyway, I posted my thoughts a few times when I thought I was at the end of the game and they weren't very positive a lot of the time. Those threads have been closed for...

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    The Moderator Thread

    in Website Topics on 06 July 2020 by CGI-Quality

    Guys, I don't mind the discussion, but in another thread please. Let's keep this about moderations. ...

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    Football Thread 19/20 Liverpool are Premier League champions!

    in Sports Discussion on 29 June 2020 by kirby007

    See this is already way more interesting than seeing bayer win again ...

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    Sony first Party games sales, A huge leap from PS3 era. ( Entered Ninty Level ) Update: GOW at 10m & Uncharted 4 16M

    in Sony Discussion on 20 June 2020 by CGI-Quality

    LGBTDBZBBQ said: Agente42 said: I remember have a topic comparison Horizon Zero Dawn x BoTW sales.  Well and now?  BOTW - 19.1M HZD - 10M Still no official price cut for BOTW while HZD has received a price cuts and a lot of promotions. The Price cuts prove nothing and that Horizon number is as of February 2019. So, very outdated. Not sure why...

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    Can we agree Nintendo should go third party, now?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 19 June 2020 by Kai_Mao

    I believe I talked about this a long time ago, but with the Switch kicking @$& for more than 3 years now and still has some more years to go (if Nintendo permits), it’s kinda nice to see the narrative turn around a bit. It’ll be a long while before Nintendo even starts to consider going third party. Sega had to because it was bleeding money by the time the Dreamcast came out. After the...

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    PS4 VS Switch lifetime sales, which console will sell the most?

    in Sales Discussion on 16 June 2020 by The_Liquid_Laser

    Still think NSW will win by a large margin. How large? The exact numbers at this point depend on how much these companies are willing to cut the price of these systems. Currently Sony and Nintendo are acting as if price cuts have become passe. Will the PS4 get another price cut, and if so to what level? Will the Switch get a price cut...ever? ...

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    The VGChartz Website Development Thread - Post Suggestions/Feedback.

    in Website Topics on 15 June 2020 by kirby007

    2 remarks regarding charting old stuffEDIT if its possible at all since i only noticed just now the PS2/OG xbox and GC are also gone from the weekly charts from that era ...

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    Switch Gamers Club - Final Update, February 29th 2020

    in Nintendo Discussion on 06 June 2020 by Mr.GameCrazy

    Got physical copies of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition. ...

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    What will sell more, Animal Crossing Switch or Pokemon Sword/Shield?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 04 June 2020 by Kaio_felipe

    Until Nintendo announced their financial results for Q1 2020, I was inclined to think that Pokémon Sword/Shield (which had excellent sales in its first 6 weeks, and is on track to be the 3rd best seller in the franchise, behind only Red/Green/Blue and Gold/Silver) would sell more than the new Animal Crossing. However, AC is selling incredibly well, especially in Japan, and because it is a...

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    Anybody trying to lose weight ? heres my story. of 6 days 7lbs lost

    in General Discussion on 21 May 2020 by dx11332sega

    vonny said: Congratulation 50 pounds in 9 months isn't easy.I've really got to get back on my diet... I say that like it's recent but I've been off it for like 18 months, I've put on 6kg (13 pound) from my lowest. Still down 24Kg from my heaviest though. Hitting 85kg would be my ideal weight Thanks, And you can do it. Your ideal weight ...

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    Forget ALL YOUR Predictions, Animal Crossing gonna SLAY!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 10 May 2020 by Dulfite

    Zero_Revolution said: Reading through some of the naysayer posts in this thread is hilarious now. People thinking 15 million would be basically impossible and it's probably already reached that by now, and it came out less than two months ago lol. Tears I will enjoy for years to come! ...

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    Sony is losing playstation console exclusives left and right this 2018.

    in Sony Discussion on 05 March 2020 by CGI-Quality

    Rol was spot on when he mentioned that this thread's necro was pointless. 2018 is long over and it just feels like a pointless thing to keep open for people to pick at each other. So, now it joins the dodo. ...

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    Do you workout ?

    in Sports Discussion on 26 February 2020 by dukerx2

    Not as much as I would like. Hard to find time with work and family. ...

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    The Nintendo Switch will sell less than the Wii U...

    in Sales Discussion on 30 January 2020 by OTBWY

    Ah the quarterly bump is here. And of course, we say: 52 million under 3 years. Boy were people underestimating the fully operational battlestation that is the Nintendo Switch. ...

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    Pokemon Sword/Shield Official Metacritic Score/Review Thread. (80)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 14 January 2020 by BraLoD

    Darwinianevolution said: Ok, the Metacritic for both Pokemon Sword and Shield are 80 (why are they counted as separate games?). Thus, whoever voted 80 for the betting, congratulations.https://www.metacritic.com/game/switch/pokemon-shieldhttps://www.metacritic.com/game/switch/pokemon-sword Also, no idea on how to give away the betting profits, any help from the team? Contact a...

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    Wanna predict how much the Switch will sell?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 13 January 2020 by peachbuggy

    It looks like i was 1 of a select group ,only 30 of us who voted for the higher figure and it looks like we may stand a chance of being correct in a few years time! At worst, i'm pretty confident I won't be 1 of those eating crow on this thread! ...

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    Switch vs PS4 2019

    in Gaming Discussion on 03 January 2020 by tripenfall

    It's time to close this thread. Although the sales figures on VG Chartz only go until December 28th I think that's close enough for the purpose of this topic. In 2019 the Switch has sold 20.2 million consoles compared to the PS4 with 14.1 million, therefore Switch wins by 6.1 million. At this time 35.59% of people had accurately predicted this result on the OP poll. The most popular poll...

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    Best Graphics on Xbox 360

    in Microsoft Discussion on 03 January 2020 by shikamaru317

    Halo 4. That game was seriously impressive for a last gen game. In many ways it looked better than Halo 5 on XB1, the pursuit of 60 fps on Halo 5 really hurt it's graphics. ...

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