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    should games be desexified while every other social media focusses on sex and appeal?

    in Gaming Discussion 1 day ago by 0D0

    Gaming businesses is slowly getting centred to the States. Inside the States, gaming is slowly but surely moving to a Hollywood way of doing show business. As a result, gaming will get more political and 'woke'. Hopefully there'll be always silly and fun games that don't lecture the audience on social issues and female parity stuff so we can keep just playing and having fun. ...

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    I'm going deaf.

    in General Discussion 2 days ago by IcaroRibeiro

    I can't give you any proper advice I'm sorry, I just hope you get medical treatment and don't get any worse ...

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    Now is the time to start collecting Wii games!

    in Nintendo Discussion 3 days ago by curl-6

    GoOnKid said: curl-6 said: It is quite substantially different from the first game. It starts out from a similar beginning point, but diverges dramatically from there. Alright, I'm intersted. Thanks, curl! Cheers, hope you enjoy it! ...

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    WOW DrDisrespect Banned permanently from Twitch

    in General Discussion 5 days ago by kirby007

    ironmanDX said: Well, whatever happened...He's back. Currently got 35k viewers on... YouTube? he managed 350k untill the tweet it he would stream tomorrow ( 2 hours from now ), but hes been getting subs nonstop ...

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    Lucky you! You're the new head of Nintendo. What do you do?

    in Nintendo Discussion 5 days ago by Slownenberg

    Salnax said: In Approximate Order: Panic in a secure location. Then learn Japanese so that I can actually talk to my employees. Review what big projects we have in the pipeline. Make sure that we can feasibly have at least one major release every Q4 for the next few years. Relaunch the Virtual Console brand on the Switch eShop. Hire a company like M2 to handle the emulation if...

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    Is there a possibility that the Nintendo Switch will be the best-selling console?

    in Sales Discussion 6 days ago by Fight-the-Streets

    The_Liquid_Laser said: The most likely scenario is that Switch will become the best selling console of all time.  This year is going to be it's peak year, and it's going to peak higher than any home system ever has.  The only system with a higher peak would be the DS, and it's sales fell extremely quickly after it's peak (basically it fell harder than any successful system ever...

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    Would you date someone from the opposite side of the political spectrum?

    in Politics Discussion on 05 August 2020 by K98632

    Immersiveunreality said: K98632 said: I feel there is much more to this question than dating from the opposite side of the political spectrum. Liberal or conservative has no impact on the personality of the person. I also think someone's political views aren't anywhere near as important as how they view the home, their role in a relationship, and where they want to see themselves in...

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    Over 3 years in, Switch is still missing basic features.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 03 August 2020 by Hiku

    Slownenberg said: I saw a video the other day on youtube that was like "5 reasons why we (as in gamers) don't care about achievements anymore". Which was basically like they were novel when they first came out but then people realized there isn't much point to them. Also I guess some obscure achievements forced players who liked getting achievements to just blow a bunch of time trying to...

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    Does the industry consider the mid-gen upgrades (PS4 Pro and X1X) successful?

    in Gaming Discussion on 31 July 2020 by Bofferbrauer2

    For them, probably good enough to do a repeat. It allowed the current gen consoles to somewhat keep up with mainsteam gaming PCs, which would have left the current gen consoles performance-wise totally in the dust otherwise. When the PS4 and XBO launched, they were already just at the performance of mainstream PCs and couldn't hope to compete with the high-end in raw performance, so a mid-gen...

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    Will 'Console Killer' PC's be dead for next gen?

    in PC Discussion on 30 July 2020 by Alby_da_Wolf

    ArchangelMadzz said: Alby_da_Wolf said: PC isn't dead, PC HW market is slow, as once they buy a PC, most users are fine for a long time, but the existing user base is huge, and slowly growing too. PC power users is a much smaller niche, this is true, but games don't require those configs to run, otherwise they wouldn't run on consoles at all.What could actually happen in PC market...

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    Now stop with rumors please.

    in General Discussion on 24 July 2020 by Dulfite

    Jumpin said: Dulfite said: You meant to say, "don't tell me what to do, mom." Oh no what have I become... HAHAHAHAHAHA Post of the day. That moment when I find out I've become what I despise. ...

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    Do you think developers should give console players more option akin to pc?

    in Gaming Discussion on 21 July 2020 by PotentHerbs

    Having options (performance modes) would be great. ...

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    What are you thankful for?

    in General Discussion on 15 July 2020 by curl-6

    Internet access. In our current state of pandemic lockdown, being able to access almost limitless entertainment and information and video-chat with my friends from the comfort of my own home is an absolute lifesaver right now. ...

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    Last generation for physical copies? Capcom: Game sales are 80% digital, and rising

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 July 2020 by DPsx7

    John2290 said: ... maybe they'll find a place to live there but it's really up to the 10th gen consoles to put the final nail in the coffin removing the disk trays entirely or not. Perhaps there will be third party enternal disk drives for the super dedicated for those consoles if it there is still a percentage to make money off, of when the time comes. The fact Sony was willing to...

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    Is this okay to be muslim in USA ?

    in General Discussion on 14 July 2020 by Chris Hu

    YanisFromFrance said: I am gay and muslim That would be big problem in a lot of muslim countries.  But as a whole its a lot easier being a muslim in a non muslim country them being a non muslim in a muslim country. ...

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    How many units will Atari's new Atari VCS console sell in it's lifetime?

    in Sales Discussion on 10 July 2020 by Mandalore76

    Wman1996 said: Less than a million. The price is far too steep for the specs. There doesn't seem to be much appeal at all in the software library either. It would be lucky to hit 500k lifetime sales. That's because it doesn't have a software library.  It literally has no exclusive games.  Even the Coleco Chameleon had some developer contacts on board (Piko Interactive,...

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    Did Play Station made home console gaming the standard ?

    in Gaming Discussion on 08 July 2020 by CGI-Quality

    I don't have a problem with the premise of this thread. The issue is the intent that flows from it. Not only are there fallacies in the OP, but you ignore folks who have tried to help you correct them (allowing this thread to become the bottom-bait-bed). It is unnecessary, inflammatory, and will now hug history. As nice as I can say this, your forum etiquette needs to improve. ...

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    Why Play Station is always held at such high expectations, unlike competition ?

    in Sales Discussion on 08 July 2020 by Ryuu96

    Baity thread, locking. ...

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    How important are first party games to a console?

    in Gaming Discussion on 03 July 2020 by DonFerrari

    TheMisterManGuy said: Ka-pi96 said: How on earth is it more like PS/Xbox than it is Steam? That's like saying Spotify (Stadia) is more like buying a CD player (consoles) than it's like iTunes (Steam). It just... isn't. Because the games are running on Google's own hardware, not a PC. Spotfy is running on that companies servers, e-mails are running on companies...

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    Playstation 5 - CPU might have 1ccx instead of 2.

    in Sony Discussion on 02 July 2020 by Pemalite

    OneTime said: LurkerJ said: Except that Mark talked heavily about how closely they worked with AMD on those "vanilla" parts and that their partnership is likely to influence AMD's approach to future GPU/CPUs, Mark explicitly predicted that whatever new technology the PS5 has at the moment will be the standard for many PCs in the near future. I don't doubt that Sony and...

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