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    WOW DrDisrespect Banned permanently from Twitch

    in General Discussion on 27 June 2020

    Eh... whatever the reason, these people are 10-a-penny. There'll be someone else to take his place. Maybe one day, society will reward people who actually deserve it. Think of it as he won the lottery every week for a few years, and now he's not winning any more. ...

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    I/O Throughput Data Speeds

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 June 2020

    IO speed refers to how quickly data gets into RAM from the hard disk. The speed to get from RAM onto the screen is much, much higher (for example DDR5 is 50Gb/s per channel). ...

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    Why the PS5 should be backwards compatible with all Playstation consoles

    in Sony Discussion on 12 June 2020

    It's not just the power and capabilities, you also need to license IP (for example, IBM owns the Cell processor from the PS3). In any case, from Sony's point of view it's all about selling new hardware and new games, and you have to see backward compatibility in that light. So, if you want to play PS2, you are a Retro gamer, and you'll be one Ebay. Or you'll be buying your games one at a...

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    Are cutscenes in games dying?

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 June 2020

    Cut scenes used to be separate videos, but these days they are mostly just rendered in realtime with the game engine. There isn't any particular reason to not put a high quality movie on the disk (apart possibly from the size), but the modern theory is that having a consistent look is important for immersion, so the game engine graphics are preferred. As to whether cut scenes as a thing are...

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    Cross-gen support; what's your take?

    in Gaming Discussion on 07 June 2020

    Most companies will have game engines that can support cross gen compatibility without too much hassle.  I expect that we'll see a lot of PS4/PS5 games that are basically identical - obviously with cut down graphics for PS4.   Get used to hearing the phrase: "free PS5 upgrade codes when you buy the PS4 version".  It isn't logical to "ignore the new platform" or to "ignore the...

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    Linus - Iíve Disappointed and Embarrassed Myself (re: PS5 SSD)

    in Sony Discussion on 07 June 2020

    To be honest, I never rated Linus' technical knowledge very highly. He seems like someone who knows his way around the a few websites to order computer parts, but does he even have a computer science degree? Has he worked as a software developer? Does he work on Linux in his spare time or something? That he was wrong about something highly technical does not surprise me. That he thought he...

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    What if?: Bring Wii U back!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 21 May 2020

    Nostalgia for old consoles? Welcome to Retro computing!!! ...

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    Xbox Series X's cross-gen approach is robbing players of the next-gen thrill

    in Microsoft Discussion on 17 May 2020

    The question is: will the next gen offer enough above the current gen? Current era games are usually limited by their budgets not the hardware. If the PS5 fulfils the next-gen thrill in the same way PS2->PS3 did then Microsoft is doing the wrong thing. If the result of the next gen is that games look a little better and load a little faster but basically play the same, then Microsoft's...

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    The End of Evangelion Movie is trash and makes absolutely zero sense.

    in Movies Discussion on 08 May 2020

    vivster said: Complaining about Evangelion not being coherent is like complaining that the eyes on a Picasso painting don't sit right. Picasso is a great comparison... although over the years I came to the conclusion that "Eva got lucky and painted 90% of a Picasso painting, then realised they weren't Picasso." It's still an amazing series though.  The fun is in the...

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    The End of Evangelion Movie is trash and makes absolutely zero sense.

    in Movies Discussion on 08 May 2020

    The first half of the movie made sense, and was infinitely better than the original ending of the series. It suffered from "the author never really had a plan for an ending". Personally, I would have ended it as everything returning to normal with the Government having had the troops kill everyone at NERV and then "covering up" the whole saga. They could say that it was a criminal conspiracy with...

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    Sony might be useing 3D stacked chips to be more power effecient, have better cooling.

    in Sony Discussion on 23 April 2020

    Nah - the consoles will contain off-the-shelf parts. They'll be something that looks like a Ryzen 3800X CPU, and a Radeon RX 5700 GPU. The only stacked chips could be the SSD (where stacking is already common). A console isn't like a phone or laptop where size is a premium. There is no point increasing complexity/risk/price for the product. ...

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    Nintendo stock for 1.1 billions has been bought by ValueAct and want to make Nintendo as fully digital entertainment Service/ media company EDIT: Add Bloomberg article

    in Sales Discussion on 22 April 2020

    This is *very* bad news. Activist investors are very focussed on making money, over the long term profitability of an organisation. The main purpose is to heavily cut costs to boost the balance sheet, and then take out very large loans, before returning money to the investors. Then they cash out and leave the company with greatly increased debt. They will say a lot of things that "sound...

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    How will virus fallout impact the market share of traditional gaming relative to mobile gaming?

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 April 2020

    In six months, we'll have forgotten what Coronavirus is. Just like every other "we must never let this happen again" world event... ...

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    How The Switch 2 Could Do 4K@120fps

    in Nintendo Discussion on 14 April 2020

    JEMC said: True, but there's what, one only company capable of making mobile GPUs poweful enough? By the way, that's the kind of low end chip that can go in a handheld/hybrid console like the Switch successor. And yes, Tegra when it comes to the mobile market has been a failure, but Nvidia has found another market for it with self driving vehicles and AI. Not ideal for a console, mind...

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    How The Switch 2 Could Do 4K@120fps

    in Nintendo Discussion on 14 April 2020

    JEMC said: At this point in time and even more by the time the Switch' successor comes, it will be smarter to bet on a chip and display that are capable of VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) like the XBsX and PS5. No more 30, 60 or 120fps, just constant smooth gameplay. OneTime said: I doubt that Nvidia will invest in mobile GPUs at this point. The Tegra never really caught on in mobile:...

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    How The Switch 2 Could Do 4K@120fps

    in Nintendo Discussion on 14 April 2020

    Leynos said: OneTime said: If Nvidia don't produce a decent chip, I can guarantee that Nintendo will go elsewhere.  Potentially there may be an Nvidia laptop chip they can switch to, but that wouldn't be a direct Tegra replacement either.   Mobile chips are mostly compatible with each other (it's all just Vulkan toolkit, there isn't really an Nvidia-only toolset these...

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    How The Switch 2 Could Do 4K@120fps

    in Nintendo Discussion on 14 April 2020

    Leynos said: garretslarrity said: Well I believe that was Huang's hope/expectation. I think it's likely but would caution against treating it as a certainty. Nintendo basically stuck with ATI/AMD for close to that long. Nintendo is not stupid enough to build the tools with Nvidia to support Switch to suddenly start over with someone else. If Nvidia don't produce...

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    How The Switch 2 Could Do 4K@120fps

    in Nintendo Discussion on 14 April 2020

    I doubt that Nvidia will invest in mobile GPUs at this point. The Tegra never really caught on in mobile: the Switch is basically the only customer for it. Nintendo will need to find another vendor for the next Switch (of which there are plenty in the mobile space). ...

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    Someone made a Consolized switch

    in Nintendo Discussion on 31 March 2020

    I don't think that a "console SKU" would necessarily be cheaper or save Nintendo money. A screen and battery are actually probably fairly cheap at the volume that Nintendo buys at. They'd have to knock off at least $100 from the end customer price to sell it... ...

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    YouTube no longer considers 720p as high-definition...

    in Gaming Discussion on 28 March 2020

    Technology moves on as it always has. 1080p is the base now. 4k is midrange. The limits going forward are going to be development budgets, not hardware. ...

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