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    The Nintendo Switch is generation...

    in Nintendo Discussion on 20 December 2018

    The idea of a Generation has to do with grouping systems together, for the purpose of comparison. With taxonomy. The mistake everyone in this debate makes is to believe that there are some sort of objective criteria -- that we can simply state the facts and determine where Switch belongs. We can't. It is a mostly arbitrary designation. Analysts now can look at the Switch and say, "Well, the...

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    What's the point in having children?

    in General Discussion on 18 December 2018

    I don't know if this is the whole reason -- or if this speaks for anybody else -- but my reason for having a child was, in part, philosophical. So far as I can tell, I have this one life. And it seems to me that fatherhood has been a large part of the human experience since forever (and figures to continue to be, going forward). I wanted to have that experience, as a means of fully investigating...

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    Mumm-ra vs. Skeletor

    in General Discussion on 21 November 2018

    Dravenet7 said: I'm flabbergasted, but impressed by your optimism of the character. I stan for no cartoon villain; I'm merely trying to bring some much needed objectivity to the discussion. Dravenet7 said: No, I did not think that was a possibility because its not. Let me preface the fact that Mumm-Ra never is that smart by stating this: After sending Mumm-Ra flying,...

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    Mumm-ra vs. Skeletor

    in General Discussion on 21 November 2018

    Dravenet7 said: That's exactly what I'm saying, because Mumm Ra is a joke. Snarf didn't *stumble* into some awesome power nor did he have the element of surprise.  He was literally chained next to the ASOE with a chain that was, quite foreseeably, easily broken. Also turning into Snarf Ra didn't drain Mumm Ra as Mumm Ra would have known his power was siphoned. Its not as if Mumm...

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    Mumm-ra vs. Skeletor

    in General Discussion on 20 November 2018

    Dravenet7 said: Mumm ra on the other hand... had this happen against Snarf All right, well, hang on. You saying that if Snarf-Ra had shown up in Eternia, he couldn't have dealt with Skeletor, too? Snarf-Ra had stumbled into some awesome power (possibly diminishing Mumm-Ra's in the process; who knows how thin the Ancient Spirits of Evil can be spread?) and had the advantage of...

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    Which was your first RPG (video game) you played through?

    in Gaming Discussion on 19 September 2018

    If it counts, probably Zelda II. Otherwise, maybe Dragon Warrior. Nintendo Power once ran a promotion where you got Dragon Warrior free (!) for subscribing, so that was nice. But then I fell in love with Final Fantasy, and I guess my avatar shows the result......

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    Why do people hate Anita Sarkeesian so much?

    in General Discussion on 13 September 2018

    The vitriol against Sarkeesian? I'd guess, more than anything, it's because she sort of became a figurehead of the culture war. Her feminism is pretty run-of-the-mill, her points often rather obvious. She's good looking and mild, her videos are decent but not particularly entertaining or well made. It's rather amazing that she gained any sort of fame outside of a small circle, and I'd attribute...

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    What's the greatest song ever made, in your opinion?

    in Music Discussion on 07 September 2018

    When I saw the thread title, Bohemian Rhapsody was the first thing to come to mind -- so not surprising in a way to see it as the OP pick, too. It has such an epic sweep to go along with the virtuosity of Queen and Mercury's irreplaceable voice....

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    Do you believe in God? Why/Why not?

    in General Discussion on 07 September 2018

    Dota2Gamer said: I have not yet found a convincing counter-argument against the Moral Argument as a proof of God's existence. Granted, I admit I have my own bias since I'm a Christian. We have our own biases anyway but I'm open to hear some different opinions. How would Atheists in this forum counter the moral argument. And please, don't misrepresent the moral argument. I'm not saying...

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    Do you believe in God? Why/Why not?

    in General Discussion on 28 August 2018

    Usually when people ask the "God question," especially capital G, they have a particular god in mind -- and especially (in my experience, in the US) the Christian God. But having studied history, read some of the work of Joseph Campbell, etc., recognizing that over the millennia billions of people have worshiped nearly as many different gods and associated, you begin to have a certain perspective...

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    Leaving for college in two days... any words of wisdom?

    in General Discussion on 13 August 2018

    Poliwrathlord said: I will be leaving for college in two days and will be living on campus for my first year at least. I'm going in freshman year undecided for my major but at this point I'm leaning towards a Bachelor's in History and trying to do a five year Master's in Education Administration, with hopes of eventually becoming a principal of a high school or an administrator at a...

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    Israel: the new face of apartheid - Discuss

    in Politics Discussion on 29 July 2018

    To understand the situation with regards to Israel, we need to consider the context. Israel was conceived in part due to widespread and long-standing antisemitism and a major impetus for its ultimate founding was the build-up to WWII and the Holocaust. Jewish immigrants to the Palestine area were not warmly received and the creation of the state of Israel was met with immediate warfare: for the...

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    Music reviews are totally pointless and stupid.

    in General Discussion on 24 June 2018

    Music reviews are the absolute worst. Reviewers have virtually nothing to ground their opinions and so they come as hard as they can with invective or over-the-top praise in order to seem knowledgeable. Listening to a music critic is like consulting a witch doctor: you're gonna get a lot of noise and flash, but very little of any use. That said, it has been funny to watch over the years as...

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    How do you feel about MGTOW

    in General Discussion on 07 May 2018

    It's not surprising that some men have bad experiences with women -- just as some women have bad experiences with men. To generalize those experiences to the whole gender is a mistake, imo; a mistake made equally by MGTOW and many feminists....

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    White Girl Wears Chinese Prom Dress - Outrage Commences

    in General Discussion on 02 May 2018

    the-pi-guy said: @bold: I'd accuse anybody of anything that they've done.  If a black person is being racist, I call it out.  If a white person is being racist, I call it out.   If a male is being misogynist, I call it out.  If a female is being misandrist, I call it out.   Apologies for butting in, but this jumped out at me. I applaud your...

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    How to satiate sexual desires while maintaining respect for women?

    in NSFW Discussion on 27 April 2018

    VGPolyglot said: So, this is a topic that has profoundly troubled me for a while. I do have sexual desires, which I currently relieve through masturbation. However, it's hard to do that through thoughts alone, so I tend to use pornographic material too while doing that. Now, this is where the problem lies. The pornographic industry is not the happiest place at all, far from it in fact....

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    Last person born in 19th century dies

    in General Discussion on 22 April 2018

    CrazyGamer2017 said: You are both right and wrong in the sense that the first established year (established much later as I said) is indeed the year 1 but that is mathematically speaking a mistake as any counting should start from 0. Er, so... out of curiosity, when you tell someone "I'm going to count to ten," do you start with zero? When a video game is released in some new IP,...

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    Recommend Me a New Game

    in Gaming Discussion on 05 April 2018

    This is way way way outside the box, but... I recommend Photopia by Adam Cadre....

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    What are the Most Brazen Attacks in the History of the Console Wars?

    in Gaming Discussion on 05 April 2018

    AlfredoTurkey said: donathos said: Yep. Those ads were so effective that, to this day, I kind of hate Sonic/Sega, lol. Isn't it hilarious? The fact that SNES and Genesis people still fight with each other online is insane... yet so glorious lol There's a book I read not too long about on the subject called Console Wars by Blake Harris -- it tells the story from...

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    What are the Most Brazen Attacks in the History of the Console Wars?

    in Gaming Discussion on 05 April 2018

    AlfredoTurkey said: SOA were the kings of trash talk. Sony tried and did a very good job emulating it with PS1 vs N64 but nothing like Sega during the 16-bit wars. My favorite is probably the blast processing commercial where they make SNES and Mario Kart look like something that only your mentally challenged five year old cousin would be caught dead playing. Those ads were so...

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