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    kowenicki's Wall

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    < Kerotan posted something on kowenicki's wall:

    Oh really? Ps4 will hit 10m in Japan. http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/post.php?id=6376508

    < Kerotan posted something on kowenicki's wall:

    Looks like you're in hibernation till next gen. Will you stick around this time if Xbox does better?

    < Fei-Hung posted something on kowenicki's wall:

    Hey dude, a long time ago you had this amazing profile picture and I asked you who it was by, you gave me the name of the artist. I've tied looking through my wall and inbox and I cannot find the name. Any chance you can a re the name? It was a picture of a paining you bought.

    I cant remember which it was? Was it the one with the union jack background?

    on 31 January 2018

    I think it had a lady and had superheroes.

    on 31 January 2018

    Ohhh... Sandra Chevrier is the artist. Google image search her name and you will see plenty of examples.

    on 01 February 2018

    Thanks, it's been bugging me for ages! :)

    on 01 February 2018

    < Carl posted something on kowenicki's wall:

    You managed to stay up again. We bottled autos.

    You can still do it, hope you do. We did manage to stay up. Next year will be very different, because Shez will hang around this time. If Shez's record is put over a whole season we are looking at the play offs. No reason to suggest he cant do at least as well or better next year

    on 26 April 2017


    on 12 August 2017

    < Farsala posted something on kowenicki's wall:

    No MS earnings thread?

    I wouldn't want to take it from you, but it seems not anyone wants to make it.

    < kowenicki updated his status:

    The next 18 months will be interesting.

    How so?

    on 06 July 2016

    It will be interesting indeed and Amazon is already showing that :)

    on 11 July 2016

    who says I'm talking about sales?

    on 12 July 2016

    Tell us!

    on 12 July 2016

    < Teeqoz posted something on kowenicki's wall:



    Always fun to see when ones' predictions are right.

    The stock is barely up on where it was prior to the results. It will probably fall back today and tomorrow too as people take profit, so little profit to be made, if any. That surge doesn't reflect the forecasts either. Bit of an odd market reaction if you ask me.

    on 25 May 2016

    It's up 8% since before the results were released, which is, imo, notably more than "barely".

    Like I said in the comments I linked to, wether the stock *should* rise on the forecast is a different story, I just predicted that it would. But honestly, the forecast isn't bad when you factor in that Operating Income was reduced by 100 Bn Yen due to the earthquake. Wonder how much they'll get back from insurance (which isn't factored in in the current forecast).

    on 25 May 2016

    That 8% is if you bought at the bottom and sol yesterday. It wont stay that way. Decent point on insurance, unless they are insured through Sony financial of course...

    on 25 May 2016

    I mean, I just took the stock's performance in the last month, in which it is up in total 8%. Damn, should've bought more after the drop lol, could've made almost 15%. That's what happens when you aren't confident enough in your predictions to act on them haha.

    on 25 May 2016

    And in the last year its down over 10%. Performing poorly v the market and its peers. Its still a volatile stock for good reason. But if you can get in and out at the right time, fill your boots. I'm more of a long holder.

    on 25 May 2016

    < kowenicki updated his status:

    Does "supporter" mean "I'll attack the 'opposition' at every opportunity"?

    < Wright posted something on kowenicki's wall:

    Kowen, my man. How's it going?

    Hey kowen, I'm still here, hope your day is going great or at least you're happier than you usually seem

    on 30 April 2016

    < Proxy-Pie posted something on kowenicki's wall:

    It's a shame that you don't really post much anymore. I kinda share the same sentiment about the site not being as good as before. Guess Sony domination is just boring.

    That's not the reason. The community is largely dull. Most of the interesting characters left.

    on 18 March 2016

    I agree. It seems like it's just a bunch of NX rumours and the occasional Xbox bashing thread :S
    The Xbox community left because they didn't like what the site is becoming .-.

    on 21 March 2016

    < iceland posted something on kowenicki's wall:

    What's this avvy about? xD

    KAWS, a favourite artist of mine.

    on 29 January 2016

    < Wright posted something on kowenicki's wall:

    Merry Christmas and be sure to have a happy new year!

    < VersusEvil posted something on kowenicki's wall:

    Have a good holiday, Merry Christmas.

    < Teeqoz posted something on kowenicki's wall:

    Do you think Sony will miss analyst estimates for FY15? It's been half a year, and they still haven't upped their net income projections. Analysts are expecting only a small net loss for Q4, while Q4 has been a notoriously unprofitable quarter for Sony in past years.

    Is it possible that Sony are intentionally being modest in their forecast, for only to surprise investors by increasing their projections when they hold their shareholder meeting for Q3?

    Well I have no idea. But Sony margins are very very tight, profit margins are tiny. So one thing that will push a tiny profit either up or down is actually exchange rates. The share price has fallen recently more than markets have and I suspect exchange rates are contributing to a bit of a sell off.

    on 10 December 2015

    Yeah, the exchange rate has hit Sony pretty hard, (funnily enough, Playstation being one of the segments hit the hardest), but their FY15 forecast is based on a less beneficial exchange rate than the current one. I just can't make any sense of it.

    On the bright side, I'm pretty confident that their stock will perform well over the next few years, and that's the timespan I'm keeping in mind when investing.

    on 10 December 2015

    < OnlyForDisplay posted something on kowenicki's wall:

    Hey Kow-San! Thank you for accepting my friend request. I hope we can have some discussions soon! Until then Kow-San, take care!

    < Seece posted something on kowenicki's wall:

    Enjoy E3 dude!!!

    < kowenicki updated his status:

    a shadow of its former self.....

    You're talking about yourself, right? =P

    on 02 June 2015

    no. this site and forum... obviously.

    on 02 June 2015

    I knew that's what you meant... Just wanted to make some fun out of it. You haven't been what you once were for quite some time yourself. But this has to be because you don't enjoy your time in the forums much anymore.

    As far as I can tell, the forums are in a transitional state right now. And I think things will get better as time goes by.

    Of course, I understand that your comment is mostly a reaction to Jaywood's ban. I've refrained myself from adressing that since his ban, except for one minor comment, and I will continue to do so.

    I will just say that there are plenty of other good members around here, and that focusing entirely on the bad ones from the other fanbases isn't the way to go to enjoy your time around here.

    There's more to the forums than Jaywood's contributions and Empire thread.

    on 02 June 2015

    Not much more to it to be honest. I rarely come here now and I dont see that changing.

    on 02 June 2015

    < kowenicki updated his status:

    What a thoroughly enjoyable night and what a beautiful morning. "Hell yes" ?.... Hello no!!! Bye bye Ed.

    < Carl posted something on kowenicki's wall:

    If we actually buy a back 4, playoffs next season. It will be glorious.

    I am tipping you to flirt with relegation I'm afraid... I am also tipping us to do the same. In truth you are mid table I reckon, whatever you do and we could be anything as this new manager is a total unknown quantity. Ours is actually a nice league next season, lots and lost of local derbies. Championshiop will be ahrder next season. Mk Dkns and Bristol City will compete at the top. Just renewed my season tickets in the shiny new stand.. at last it is bulit after 10 years of the council fucking us over.

    on 06 May 2015

    < Ryng posted something on kowenicki's wall:

    Why you have the graphics "The Shipment history since" with Home+Hand, home only, but not handheld only?

    At least i can comprite Sony because... because we all know, but Nintendo MUST have a graphics handheld only, you don't think?

    huh? simply take away one from the other...

    on 06 May 2015

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