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    PS4: FFXV Bundle Is The Most Stylish Bundle I've Ever Seen

    in Sony Discussion on 14 September 2016

    Beautiful console, not only the moon design is beautiful, Slim is also smaller, quieter, cooler and more power efficient than OG PS4. People that buy that bundle and get to enjoy FF XV on it are in for a treat....

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    Face it. It is over. Trump won.

    in Politics Discussion on 14 September 2016

    I really really hope Trump wins, although I'm not American. Good luck people....

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    Why the Scorpio will sell for no more than $399 (if its 6tflops).

    in Microsoft Discussion on 13 September 2016

    It has to be 400$ to have any chance of competing with PS4 Pro. Regular PS4 (which is already more powerful than Xbox One and Xbox One S) now costs as much as Xbox One - 299$. For 100$ more (from PS4 Slim 500gb) or 50$ more (from PS4 Slim 1TB) you can buy PS4 Pro which has over twice as powerful GPU and 30% faster CPU. During that year more and more people will be buying PS4 and Xbox One S to...

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    PS4 Pro is the best deal in gaming hardware

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 September 2016

    I absolutely agree, I'm shocked by the amount of people on Youtube, IGN, Gamepost and other sites saying that PS4 Pro is basically an Xbox One S for higher price without UHD blu-ray... That ignorance... 3 Times more powerful GPU than X1, CPU clocked at 2.1 GHz, something that actually matters and benefits both 4K TV owners and 1080p owners, like the new Tomb Raider, hell even without 1080p ultra...

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    The Hypocrisy and Irony of 4K Blu-ray Exclusion

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 September 2016

    jason1637 said: twintail said: Then maybe go find the cost to make a ps4s first? Its likely less because of the lack of a 4K player. You know what costs more than 4K Blu-Ray? 3 times more powerful GPU in PS4 Pro compared to Xbox One S for just 50$ more. Comparing 1TB Pro to 1TB Xbox One S. Sony wanted to have the most powerful console that would cost 399$, hell...

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    Xbox One S Sales Increase By 111% On Amazon After Sonys PS4 Pro Event

    in Microsoft Discussion on 08 September 2016

    Microsoft are masters of manipulation and damage control. I can't believe they think their 1.4 Tflop Slim console is a better deal than 3 times faster 4.2 Tflop PS4 Pro for 50$ more (1TB version vs 1TB version).  Just because of the 4K Blu-Ray? I've seen people say 4K Blu-Ray in Xbox One S is one of the worst on the market. Using HDR as a console seller? Something 40 millions of PS4's will...

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    Need a New PC

    in PC Discussion on 20 July 2016

    pokoko said: If you want to build it yourself then it's time to start browsing Newegg for deals on hardware. They sometimes have deals on DIY kits, too. They have guides, as well. For example Intel Core i5-6400 6M Skylake Quad-Core 2.7 GHz, Asus Z170M-PLUS MOBO, Avexir Core 8GB DDR4 2133, Fractal Design Core 1000 mATX CASE, Mushkin 120GB SSD, Seagate 1TB Bar. HDD, RAIDMAX XT Series 500W...

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    Need a New PC

    in PC Discussion on 20 July 2016

    How about this? http://www.gamersnexus.net/pc-builds/2493-diy-gaming-pc-build-for-under-500 It's 436$, but if your budget is 500$ you could take this GPU instead (better match for i3, 4 gb of vram) http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814487224&cm_re=gtx_960-_-14-487-224-_-Product This one would be much better, it's over 500$ but you get performance of GTX 980 for...

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    Xbox One advertisements were EXTREMELY good during the holiday season in Italy !

    in Microsoft Discussion on 02 January 2016

    vivster said: And the sad thing is they're probably still getting outsold 4:1 because it's Europe and Europe hates America.   Oh yeah! That's totally it! You found the reason for Xbone not selling well in Europe! Yeah... not really. Why would anyone buy an Xbox One for FIFA (yeah Xbox has marketing rights I know) when PS4 version sold like 280% more copies according to...

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