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    MaxwellGT2000 E3 2012.... LOL worst overall E3 in a while
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    MaxwellGT2000's Wall

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    Hey, my 3DS broke and I got a N3DS, but I lost all my friends! I've re-added you, but I need you to re-add me too! New Friend Code - 4957-5573-4181. Don't forget to delete my old 3DS if you still had it as a friend.

    My N3DS broke and they reset everything I don't have a single 3DS friend anymore, I just hadn't taken the time to re-add 100 folks, but my new FC is 2981-9040-2306

    on 24 December 2015

    I know your pain well. But! I've added your new code and we're all good to go, so you've got that going for you, which is nice. '-'

    on 25 December 2015

    < noname2200 posted something on MaxwellGT2000's wall:

    Season's greetings! I would like to personally invite you to join this year's Steam Secret Santa event, thread link below. Please drop by and help us make this holiday season a bit more merry for everyone. Looking forward to seeing you there!

    Hi, Maxwell! I am leaving this here in case you want to predict Mario Kart 8 sales!

    < Stefl1504 posted something on MaxwellGT2000's wall: Steam Secret Santa if you are interested

    What about E3 2013?

    pretty awful like the previous year, Xbone was as terrible as I had imagined, and PS4 took a step down to become a 360 but because it's not a massive middle finger to consumers they look like the savior coming down from Heaven in comparison. Overall, still impressed with Watch Dogs, might actually pick it up, probably the only "next gen" game I'm interested in, though I'd probably get it on Wii U over PS4 either way, Smash is welcome, Xenoblade sequel is also nice, and Super Mario 3D World is pretty cool. Basically E3 was a lot of known games I was already looking forward to and two new consoles, one of which isn't a big pile of crap which I'll buy just because the industry probably won't port everything to Wii U.

    on 11 August 2013

    the legendary maxwell. sup.

    Apparently my reputation

    on 11 August 2013

    indeed lol.

    on 30 August 2013

    < noname2200 posted something on MaxwellGT2000's wall:

    Hello! You are cordially invited to join our site’s third Steam Secret Santa event. Come help keep this community tradition alive, while also giving and receiving some great games. If you’re interested in joining, just PM me or post in this thread:

    by the 20th. Looking forward to seeing you there, and have a happy holiday season!

    < Mr Khan posted something on MaxwellGT2000's wall:

    I added you on Wii U. Add me at Mr.Khan

    Perfect timing. Nintendo has been blowing up the forums as of late. Halo 4 as well, but we do not talk about that here.....

    Could not care less really lol I visit from time to time just to see the forums are pretty dead and there's not a whole lot to come back to, it's really sad to see something I put so much time and effort into circle the drain but it's not being helped so why bother to continue to fight for it? Anyway I'm here cause Smeags had some thread he wanted me to check out and sent a 3DS swapnote

    on 05 November 2012

    His top 50 thread. Site is always dea at midnight on a Sunday. I have a dozen 100-200 post threads and 3-5 1000 post plus threads out there. Not as slow as you think. The database leaving is a problem though. This year has been twice as busy as last year. Things are actually looking up! Mods are less strict so we have more fun.

    Take care.

    on 05 November 2012

    Pineapple did a thread saying we were on the rise. Maybe it is more people are posting now. Not sure. But last year you had to be Seece tonget a thread over 100 posts. Now it is no problem it seems. Our database leaving left a huge hole though. Lots of business going to gamewise. Talonman came back!

    on 05 November 2012

    But I am a vgchartz extremist. So....

    on 05 November 2012

    Well Talonman coming back pretty much means the site will run smoother again, break less, and have more features added back (hopefully) but the problem is still the same, when traffic does pick up, just like it did in 2008-early 2010 and no one takes care of the community to protect it, to make sure it grows and sustains so 2011-2012 never happens again... given myself and a few others sorta warned like ALL of this would happen and was mocked for it I just don't see a reason for fighting to build it back up...

    on 05 November 2012

    ioi trusts the wrong people for advice. I am totally ignored when giving advice. I am here all day. Who knows more. Some guys who are hardly here ( not saying you) or myself? He listens to old friends who are not aware what the community is like anymore.

    on 05 November 2012

    That was actually the problem when me and MakingMusic brought it up ages ago, we were mocked, MontanaHatchet was mocked for it, it's just a waste of breath and effort when you've got a team of individuals that cared, really freaking cared that this site was built off the backs of, and a select few decided the hell with everyone else. It's honestly heartbreaking for me to see it happen which is why I still visit from time to time. It's like a parent coming to visit their coked out drugged up son, sure they're circling the drain, some good days, some bad, but they won't fix the philosophical issue that is causing all the issues, and it pains you to see it, you still care, even though you know there's nothing to be done at this point.

    on 05 November 2012

    What were you like when you were a mod?

    Loved, hated, most active, the judge, jury, and executioner, a hero, a villain, fair and balanced, biased and evil, famous, infamous, but above all... a legend!

    on 23 September 2012

    More like a douche!

    on 01 October 2012

    MM476 is mad because I came online all the time and warned him about what being a lazy mod would do, and he did end up getting canned for it lol cause he let a permabanned person come back under an alt knowingly and didn't tell anyone. I also warned him how all the lazy mods and continual lack of standards would kill off the community at VGC and... welp, who was right? Days without new posts on threads on the front pages lolz

    on 02 October 2012

    See, a douche!

    You know I was far more vociferous about the gradual devolution of the boards than you were. :P

    on 02 October 2012

    STFU, I brought up the issues WITH the head mod at the time and you know it, I was simply shot down, you were just the first to make a thread about it in the staff forums and I supported you then... now look who is the traitorous douche... sad day

    on 02 October 2012

    Traitorous? How am I being traitorous!? And c'mon, we both talked to naz, like, all the time on Steam back then lol.

    on 02 October 2012

    And stop making sexual passes at me on Steam. It's weird..

    on 02 October 2012

    Maxwell said Super Mario Sunshine is terrible:

    maxwellgt2000 Earthbound > all: SMS is terrible
    maxwellgt2000 Earthbound > all: gtfo!
    makingmusic476: NO FUCK YOU

    See? Uber douche.

    on 02 October 2012

    MM476, you're the douche, you're supposed to keep up my Nintendo fanboy image!

    on 02 October 2012

    < SaviorX posted something on MaxwellGT2000's wall:

    I could say the same for you and VGC! lol

    < Kenology posted something on MaxwellGT2000's wall:

    Hey Max, added you on the 3DS. Add me back! 0903-3016-0674

    I'll add you back when I have net in my new place!

    on 06 August 2012

    < MaxwellGT2000 updated his status:

    E3 2012.... LOL worst overall E3 in a while

    We have all mostly decided that the Nintendo E3 event was a success. It was just lame for core gamers who already know about everything that they showed. Mostly.

    on 19 June 2012

    Nintendo's E3 was very middle of the road even if you think it's slanted towards the masses, E3 2006 is the example you want to go by to really get that group, 2008 wasn't bad to get that group either just people forget that due to Wii Music... The presentation was just off, though not nearly as bad as Microsoft, who I swear gets worse every year, and Sony killed the mild momentum they had with wonderbook, at least The Last of Us was awesome looking.

    However the Nintendo Direct and the 3DS event was far more entertaining and I enjoyed those shows. I want New Super Mario Bros U and 2... ZombiU, Paper Mario, KH 3D, Heroes of Ruin, Project P 100 (which looks FANFREAKINTASTIC!), Nintendo Land (which could be the new Wii Sports with the right marketing and as a pack in with the Wii U), and I'll probably buy Batman AC for a third time (PS3 and PC... now Wii U) cause the Wii U functions made me have a nerdgasm from the way it makes you act like Batman with his little monitor haha.

    Basically I was mostly disappointed with the presentations rather than what was shown, games were par for the course for this point in time of a generation, thought hints at new hardware would come from Sony and MS to shake things up, and they just made things boring lol

    on 21 June 2012

    New mods in place, you should come back now.

    on 09 August 2012

    What did you think of recent Nintendo conference?

    on 18 September 2012

    While I have you here for a second, did you get Kid Icarus?

    What do you think of the changes?

    on 22 April 2012

    Yes I have Kid Icarus, and by changes I'm guessing making it an on rails game? Cause in all honesty it's a Nintendo made Sin and Punishment... and well I love Sin and Punishment... only KI is less punishing (unless you want it to be and I totally dig that)

    on 22 April 2012

    Lol, no I mean site changes. Going back to basics.

    There is a kid icarus league on here if you have time or care to post in it, or just check it out. Thanks for stopping by!

    on 22 April 2012

    Splitting up a base that is small(er than it has been) and on a decline is never a good idea, to be fair the forums had always been very broad so a return to basics would mean keeping mostly the same stuff on the site now, minus a few sections that were added, like online.

    A better return to basics would mean a clean simple common sense ruled forum, mods take care of the community, not the rules, moderators are never meant to hold those rules to such a strict standard, since a moderator of a forum is kinda like a moderator of a debate, you make sure the discussion is quality, make sure the people involved stay on topic, and when people start spewing nonsense you cut the BS. Online that basically means you gotta see some people are here to uplift the community and discussion, while those only here to spew negative opinions, force them on others, and overall debby downers... well they should hit the road, problem being when you make a system so set to the rules, those people who cause the issues learn to skirt the rules, they know the bounds they can push while still achieving their goal, and obviously it has worked in their favor since even with the small amount of people active here discussion should be going on for pages like in the old days (50 posts per page) instead most threads die in less than one and take days for replies (while still being on the front page of the forum index)

    on 23 April 2012

    I would like to point out that some are missing. Even ioi has mention ed it. The forums are busier. Since around December of last year they have picked up. Each month has been busier and busier. E3? Maybe. But I am here all day and I notice trends here and there. The forums are picking up, even if Carl does not see it. Which is amazing seeing that once a week this site seems to be down and it is changing all the time.

    on 24 April 2012

    Fair enough, the gaming and Nintendo sections have picked up, I noticed that while periodically lurking, but Carl won't believe it's picking up because the Sony forums are slowing down (happens when a company has nothing but negative news posted about it, see Nintendo and all the anti casual news)

    Carl came in with the true boom to the site popularity, the Sony crowd that moved in after 2008, the site went from about 70 Nintendo 15 Sony and 15 Microsoft to 40 Nintendo 40 Sony and 20 Microsoft for the "camps" while all the sides increased in raw numbers and activity, but while member numbers boomed civil discussion declined, a growing pain of a growing site or what have you, being proactive about that growing pain would have kept discussion standards a bit more consistent.

    That's what a lot of old members miss and want back, talking to them on various IM clients they all say similar things, and they realized one of the things I did. We can have our old high quality discussions in chats on instant messenger. The only downfall to this is the lack of new ideas introduced from new blood and the site used to be a great source of information, facts, and data, mainly... the charts, you could make various comparison charts, people used to compare games and consoles... but that's gone and one more reason factual discussions left. Oh well, it can be fixed, like anything, but it'll take a lot of work at this point, me and MM suggested a number of things even going as far as strict common sense rulings and filters for incoming members to cut out spambots and give people a reason not to make an alt, I feel those sorts of standards really need to be implemented to bring up quality.

    on 24 April 2012

    Maxwell hit the nail on the head there. Im not saying the forums are dying in popularity, Im saying theyre dying in quality discussion.

    My main gripe is with Sales related stuff. The content that originally brought the majority of members here is now gone, with that went the vast majority of quality sales related topics.

    Spurge, you talk about post/thread count rising - Check the "WW Up!" numbers with previous Years' numbers. "Others up", "Americas Up" and "JP Up" threads all used to do more than the current WW up threads alone... There was general excitement, Weekly, for VGC numbers.

    on 24 April 2012

    And to add. Another gripe I have about the forums is the upcoming split.

    on 24 April 2012

    Sales wise our main posters are Seece, Kowenicki, D-joe, I love giggs, Acevil, Noctis, and Shwinn.

    Seece has taken a back seat, which is why the general discussions are flourishing, The next two never really gave us much over 200-300 posts worth of discussion. Then we come to The Media create guys. Media create has not been too exciting since early this year. There is the occasional member who posts an interesting sales thread, but usually boils down to Ethomaz doing a GT sales thread that gets 20 people interested, and the same can go for whoever else.

    The problem is, sales are not exciting right now. Vita did not turn the handheld battle into a war, Wii is obviously dead so nothing to talk about there.

    It is strange that so many people came to this site looking for sales and sales discussion, yet no one makes threads about sales. Shit! I came here for sales, but cannot think of anything to say for the life of me. All of this fresh blood, noobs, new users to the site need to start making interesting threads instead of just posting in them. For a while I thought that maybe me posting so many threads was hurting the site, so I stopped. But it just give us less to talk about.

    It is different from before. That is for sure. Also well, actually got to go. The site is not as bad as it was a year ago, but work needs to be done. Splitting the site makes me nervous, but ioi seems to think it will save it so we will see.

    Thanks for the chat!

    on 24 April 2012

    For reference, not saying there isn't things you can discuss in a civil manner, me, MakingMusic, Zarx, and Gnizmo discuss sales all the time in instant messenger, and we get the same quality discussion older threads here had... just no chart tools anymore :

    Then... hate to say it, but I find similar to older VGC quality discussion about sales and consoles when I go visit NeoGAF's Media Create and NPD threads, they never ever turned into the brawls that happened here, and if a staff member ever dared be as biased and shut down threads like that to further his own agenda, then they would have been quickly removed from the team there.

    Like I have something against NeoGAF in the sense of lots of members think it's a better place simply because it's private and has game developers posting on it, thing is so did VGC and heck one is still around and a mod, but their quick action to take care of the community makes a world of difference, and me, MakingMusic, and Montana basically lobbied for that sort of change to help prevent more older members from leaving... and well... it never happened...

    on 24 April 2012

    Also not to sound ZOMG BIASED AGAINST THE SONY MEMBERS, but when 3.0 hit it actually wiped a lot of those members out, which actually unintentionally helped the community out a lot, forums became less active but the people still around were the dedicated guys, not the ones wanting to troll people up from their PS3 browser about how PS3 was the best no argument and you can't touch me cause it's an opinion...

    There have been Microsoft and Nintendo fans like that but never to that extent in numbers, and 3.0 unintentionally balanced it back out. I think that's the main reason people saw me as some anti Sony guy, I was banning Microsoft and Nintendo biased guys like that but the Sony ones were greater in number and easier to notice :S but that just happens when demographics of a site changes, funny thing is whenever I had to get rid of Nintendo or Microsoft fans like that they always PMed me with messages about being Sony or Microsoft biased... and when I did it to Sony fans they messaged me with how I was Nintendo biased... funny how that works out, eh?

    I know my opinions of Sony and their soon to be downfall because they weren't keeping the consumer in mind wasn't popular in the 2009-2010 highs, but I was never and have never been against Sony, only being a long time fan wanting them to be more like their old selves. Oh well I guess haha most of my claims actually have come to pass, fans fighting back, their overall plan lacking focus and innovation putting them in a corner, and people never appreciate the bad PR. Billions of dollars down, Vita sales numbers not totaling up to their initial shipment numbers, and TVs not selling worth a damn and I guess I was right all along

    tl;dr version: I got side tracked and devolved into "I told you so"

    on 24 April 2012

    Lol! Wasn't this wall post about Kid Icarus? I am just joking, I understand what you are saying.

    on 24 April 2012

    LOL I know right? Though you asked me my thoughts on the split, and well I don't think that's the same as going back to the basics, which is what this all boils down to.

    on 24 April 2012

    flash mob on axumeblads wall in one minute.

    on 03 May 2012

    < Paul posted something on MaxwellGT2000's wall:

    hi, I added you on my 3DS, add me back if you would like


    Hey paul you should come re-introduce yourself to the vgchart community in this here thread.

    on 17 May 2012

    < ClaudeLv250 posted something on MaxwellGT2000's wall:

    What the hell happened to make you leave?

    A number of things, from the community going downhill, to the forums being painfully slow, to discussion being nearly non existent, and most of my friends moved on anyway. There are a number of other things too but the bottom line was not really having a reason to come back, the reason I logged in tonight was the MK7 PMs spammed up my email.

    on 06 March 2012

    I think Rol put a stop to those PMs. lol

    on 06 March 2012

    < leatherhat posted something on MaxwellGT2000's wall:

    Come on back- I know things are shitty but people running away isn't going to fix anything.

    it's not that easy sometimes hat. i'll be here but it will never be the same, and i'm sure max fills the same way.

    on 19 January 2012

    No trying to do something about it and pretty much getting spit in my eye for it isn't alright. People lack respect for one another and others don't want to help fix the problems... so if you're someone trying to get things put into motion and aren't getting anywhere in two years then why continue :P

    on 06 March 2012

    You know you want to keep posting Maxwell. You can't run from the chartz!!!

    I've already moved on heh, work has me occupied a lot of the time, while they're moving me up the corporate ladder, then the community no longer discusses things, it's all fighting, got an old VGC friend Bodhevesta to get my account approved over at NeoGAF and have had a fun time with that community like I used to here.

    on 06 March 2012

    I have an account on GAF but rarely use it. How is it over there?

    on 26 March 2012

    GAF is pretty amazing, like the 2007-2009 days on the Chartz community wise, but it's like the quality discussions of the 07-08 period, with the activity levels of 08-09, so I'd say you should use that account :P

    on 22 April 2012

    Meh. They are the myspace an Aol of forum sites.

    on 25 April 2012

    Not sure why he left, but he had one of the greatest Avatar's ever on this site!

    Thanks man, I love being a huge promoter of Earthbound, I have a lot of fond memories with that series

    on 06 March 2012

    I am pretty sure I added you and will double check today. My FC is 0216-1095-1009

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