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    XBOX 360 in charge of this generation?

    in Gaming Discussion on 04 September 2008

    Falcon095 said: ^ i don't know who he is but his face made me laugh lol "What's a Chachi?"  ...

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    Sony have stolen someone elses creation again with LBP sackboy!

    in Gaming Discussion on 03 September 2008

    Sackboy isn't overtly homosexual....

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    Crysis: Warhead Official Trailer!

    in PC Discussion on 02 September 2008

    Ickalanda said: And one thing I'd like to say, anyone who thinks that Crysis is only about the graphics and it's just a medicore game probably hasn't even played the game and if they have they didn't even take the time to complete it. If you get Crysis expecting a medicore game then only play the first level or so that's what you might think it is just because you were believing that. ...

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    Brilliant Sean Mastrom's blog entry

    in Gaming Discussion on 30 August 2008

    celine said: I'm curious. Could you explain beyond the metal illness why do you think that piece lack substance ?   I'm curious, too. Curious why the comments section is closed on his blog. Could it possibly be because he doesn't want people to refute his feeble analysis?Isn't it ironic that he compares analysts to the scarecrow, when he relies on a straw man...

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    GTAIV DLC Rumored To Be Huge And Cost 1600 MS Points

    in Microsoft Discussion on 26 August 2008

    Dodece said:I find the rumor very interesting in that it may prove what has been said earlier. That these expansions in fact will be closer to full fledged games. We have to remember this generation Grand Theft Auto will only have one game to it, so these packages are probably closer to a Vice City type of installment rather then what we have come to expect from other DLC. Where the...

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    Next-Gen Eyetoy Game to be Revealed at Sony Presser

    in Sony Discussion on 20 August 2008

    Actually, it looks like the game will be EyeToy Play: Hero. It will bring 1:1 motion controls for a swordfighting game to market before Nintendo does. Unfortunately, it will only be in 2 dimensions. A second camera would be needed for 1:1 controls in 3D....

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    Next-Gen Eyetoy Game to be Revealed at Sony Presser

    in Sony Discussion on 20 August 2008

    Spankey said: PS3 Fit? I think you mean Eyetoy: Kinetic 2. Also, the heading says a new Eyetoy game, but the main body of the article says a new Eyetoy. I would be a lot more interested in the latter. Camera-based motion control with advanced pattern and colour recognition will definitely supercede accelerometers and gyroscopes in the future....

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    Metacritic Rating PS3 Edition

    in Sony Discussion on 27 July 2008

    Garcian Smith said: Gobias said: Garcian Smith said:LittleBigPlanet: 71%   This thread is supposed to be about the scores we think we'll see, not what we want to see. Reviewers constantly rate artsy games lower than realistic games, and in addition, the developer's credentials (the much-hyped but poor Rag Doll Kung Fu) don't exactly bode well for the...

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    1UP's Best of E3 2008

    in Gaming Discussion on 26 July 2008

    When I saw that their top 5 PS3 games were all exclusives compared to just 2 of the 360's, I thought that they must have realised which way the wind was blowing, but then I saw that their top E3 Strategy pick was Halo Wars. That wouldn't be a big problem if it didn't beat out Empire: Total War!EMPIRE: TOTAL WAR!No conventional RTS has ever come close to being as good as the Total War series, and...

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    Why dont you have a 360?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 25 July 2008

    Are you familiar with the story of Faust?...

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    WTF Sony?

    in Sony Discussion on 25 July 2008

    wenlan said: Maybe Phil Harrison is not a RPG fan or he invest too little money in Japan. It seems to me that Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios put most of their resources in western studios (especially Europe). Hopefully, we will see more balance between different genres in the near future as Shuhei Yoshida is in charge now. You have this all backward. Phil Harrison...

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    Kojima: "PS3 is a monster machine"

    in Sony Discussion on 23 July 2008

    Sicilian. said:   That sucks.... he is my favorite character but i want The Boss Bruce Springsteen? OT: Whoever fights monsters... etc.  ...

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    Tekken 6 coming to the Xbox 360?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 22 July 2008

    disolitude said: Riachu said: selnor said:I dont really care. Tekken series is one of the worst beat em ups I played. You dare call a deep and complex fighting game one of the worst beat em ups you ever played. Especially since Tekken is a fighting game series and not a beat em up.   No offense...but Tekken is about as deep as a Rock_On post on this...

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    Say goodbye to the computer mouse

    in Gaming Discussion on 21 July 2008

    Goodbye, mouse!I'm going to trade you in for something that is more expensive and much, much less accurate....

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    MGS .. does anyone notice this ?

    in Gaming Discussion on 20 July 2008

    NNN2004 said: Starmistkarmic said: NNN2004 said: AnarchyWest said:im surprised i thought every MGS fan knew this Kojima bases some of his names and titles off movies that inspired him   but ..... this movie .. for a famous game ??!!! sad thing :(   It's not the movie, but the character. Escape From NY and MG couldn't be more different...

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    I just downloaded Opera

    in PC Discussion on 20 July 2008

    Oyvoyvoyv said: Gearbox said: Opera is the same web browser as the Nintendo Wii. It is a very old Web Browser and only 1.7% of the people with internet use it.IE7 27%IE6 26.5%IE5 .5%Firefox 41%Mozilla .5%Safari 2.6%Opera 1.7%     xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxEDITxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Safari 3 is the fastest web...

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    which will sell more gears of war 2 or gta 4 (360)

    in Microsoft Discussion on 20 July 2008

    Tigawoods said: Gears 2, tho if it doesn't I think the people will still be a lot happier with their purchase than buying their copy of GTA4 Only if they are simpletons....

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    in Sony Discussion on 17 July 2008

    That video looks a lot better than I was expecting. Pretty damn good, actually.The best thing about it is the guy from Sucker Punch, though. The look of disgust on his face when the chick asks him what platforms it is on is hilarious, but the look on his face when she mentions Skate It is even better!Pure gold....

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    The most realistic graphics ever seen

    in Gaming Discussion on 16 July 2008

    Are you drunk?That really wasn't very impressive at all. For CGI it was totally bog standard.Incidentally, I don't know if anyone else has this problem, but the IGN video player plugin I downloaded last night has screwed up quicktime playback on Gametrailers. I watched that f***ing homeboy advert about 10 times before I realised what the problem was....

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    Sony's E3 conference: I knew everything

    in Sony Discussion on 16 July 2008

    A missed opportunity for what?...

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