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    malistix1985's Wall

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    Who is your avatar ? Iíve been wondering about it for a while.

    its a cosplay off triss, Fenix Fatalist (aka Mariya) a Ukrainian cosplayer, model and costume designer from Kiev

    on 27 January 2018

    Witcher 3 ? I see.
    I never thought that is cosplay photo .

    on 27 January 2018

    < QUAKECore89 posted something on malistix1985's wall:

    My rig is almost same like yours(though 1700X and 64GB DDR4 Ram) but i don't have GTX 1080 Ti because it's overpriced, like $900 now.

    my 1080ti was 599,- paying over 900 sounds horrible

    on 17 July 2017

    They blame on miners for many reasons, but this 1080ti is a GDDR5X, so i'm not sure they're interest in this...

    on 17 July 2017

    The problem is people buying a 480RX or 580RX selling it for profit and buying Nvidia cards, making a huge shortage for the cards

    on 18 July 2017

    < VGPolyglot posted something on malistix1985's wall:

    Thanks for the friend request!!

    Thank you for being my Friend :D

    on 11 June 2017

    < malistix1985 updated his status:

    The Hype isn real, Scorpio is amazing, Phil spencer is the best head in the business, switch is on fire and I cannot wait what they have to show us and PS4 is rolling in piles of money from their fans I am sure they will deliver, E3 starts tomorow, yeah! :D

    < malistix1985 updated his status:

    As an owner of the PS4 and Future owner of the other 2 consoles this E3 is going to be amazing!! expect a lot from all 3 :D

    I hope so. Especially MS has to show a lot. To be honest theirs E3 confs are fuckin boring this gen, even EA is more interesting.

    on 09 June 2017

    Nice avatar! I have a huge crush on Rose McIver :)

    Everybody should! ^^

    on 16 April 2017

    < malistix1985 updated his status:

    I hope Microsoft online policies of cross-buying, refunding and sharing will become the standard, I want that on my PS4 too!

    < malistix1985 updated his status:

    Persona 5 is almost releasing and its time to use that PS4 again, I still love the old launch boy and its going to get some use with God of War and Detroid hopefully hitting this year but oh my the Scorpio hype is getting to me :)

    My PC is great but I always bring consoles over to friends and stuff and being able to buy a third party game and play it both on my console and PC will be the greatest thing since porn.

    Hi malistix1985. Why did you friend request send to me ?

    I'm really interested in it.

    You add good discussions and stuff on the forum, so as a sign of appreciation ^_^ and you have a super cute avatar, obviously

    on 12 September 2016

    Thank you for telling me.

    on 13 September 2016

    < malistix1985 updated his status:

    I really like Microsoft announcing the Scorpio so far ahead, I like to know whats going on in the industry and what companies have in store for us in the future. I never owned a Xbox since I went from Sega to Nintendo to Sony but I don't think I like the way Sony and Nintendo are announcing their new hardware so close to launches these days :(

    < COKTOE posted something on malistix1985's wall:

    Hey, thanks bud. :)

    Thank you 2 for accepting :)

    on 27 August 2016

    < Captain_Yuri posted something on malistix1985's wall:

    Hey! Thanks for the friend request!

    ANytime! you seem friendly :) glad u accepted

    on 26 August 2016

    < malistix1985 updated his status:

    Its been 6 years since my father died but sometimes things make me remember it like it was just yesterday. My uncle (his brother) is very sick right now and when I talk to people about it... memories pop up. I wish I still had a parent to talk to :(

    < malistix1985 updated his status:

    on the NX: If all the rumours are true they are making something that is AMAZING for SOME people but most of us want either a good handheld or a good home console and they are going to either make a product for a very good price-value that offers extra options that everyone will like or..

    What I am afraid of is that they are making a product that is supposed to be for everyone but will eventually appeal only to those who really use both functionalities and in the end that won't be a lot of us.

    I can just see it in my own friends circle, most have an Xbox, WiiU or Ps4 and just like to play on the TV, others, especially my twitter followers, have a 3ds or PSVita and just have no interest in playing on a TV.

    I am sure there are exceptions but I don't think they want to target exceptions, they want to target everyone, like they did with the Wii and that is just NOT going to happen with this product.

    < malistix1985 updated his status:

    I am Glad I don't have to vote on the US Presidential election, the republican party is completely corrupt and they voted away the best candidate (B. Sanders) and Trump seems like a well, also bad but I guess a little bit better choice, still, its not great who-ever wins.

    < malistix1985 updated his status:

    I am so happy I chose to join the Army, I am a loving person but with all the mess in our world right now I am happy to know that should the need arrise I can be of help for my family, friends and democracy

    < malistix1985 updated his status:

    I spent too much time on my twitter @MythologyGamer just making random game stuff, I need to do some more games :D my backlog is insane!

    < Ganoncrotch posted something on malistix1985's wall:

    Thanks for the friend request on here, always appreciate the add :)

    As for your worries about the rumours on the NX, remember no amount of rumours makes for a fact, only Nintendo news is the stuff to listen to in my opinion, I can't remember who said it first but you should always take rumours to be false instead of true, makes the "news" a lot less dramatic :D

    Im more worried because I really like nintendo games but I really didn't like the Wii and Wii U. I am a simple man, I like the idea of a console and a controller ^_^ and when I see news about well.. everything so far, I am like nooo I dont want to play my games like that haha, and your welcome! you seem nice! :)

    on 07 July 2016

    Thanks very much, I generally try to do my best to be nice to others on here, often thought there are a few users I find the only way to do that is to not actually get into 1 to 1's with , I just feel some people have a view which is unlikely to change with discussion and it just leads to conflicts.

    Still though, just passed 6000 posts on here without being moderated, hopefully that wont change until at least 10k haha, maybe then I'll have a big blow out and insult someone! :o

    As for Nintendo consoles and the way they're going, I dunno... I wasn't a giant fan of the Wii either, but that said in little bursts as a secondary console it has a lot of good games, things like Mario Galaxy 1+2 really are fantastic on the system, regardless of the control scheme, I'm sort of in agreement with you though, I felt those games were good in spite of their controls not because of them if you get me.

    There has been a few Zelda titles which have controls which put me off them as well, if you seen the DS titles they are just stylus controls only, really put me off playing them which was sad because my partner said they were great games once you got into them.

    I guess we can just wait and see what Nintendo come up with, everyone is just waiting now for the reveal and I think weirdly the console will either be made or broken right there on day one, if people see it and think wtf is that, it's done before it even launches. But can just wait and see and enjoy the classic control Nintendo titles on the 3ds like A Link between worlds/OOT and Majora's mask in the mean time, because there is still a ton of classic control Ninty games.

    on 07 July 2016

    < malistix1985 updated his status:

    I am so worried about the Nintendo NX, I want it to be good but 90% of the rumours seem its not going to be for me, which makes me sad

    < malistix1985 updated his status:

    I really dislike people replying to my messages when its usually just my opinion, agree or disagree don't comment just share your own opinions

    I agree :)

    on 13 May 2016

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