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    "Newcomer's Introduction Thread"- What brought you here?

    in General Discussion 2 days ago by cycycychris

    mimtendo said: Hello! Anonymous1796 said: I just want to talk (mainly) about videogames with other people. Also I really like this forum format. Welcome to the site! ...

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    Rate the song above you !

    in Music Discussion on 15 January 2020 by Mr_No

    6.5/10 Seems a bit generic and bland, but fairly enjoyable. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-I8ALlYxdY ...

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    Nintendo is committing a lot of the same lethal mistakes they did with the WiiU, and more.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 18 August 2018 by Keybladewielder

    Alby_da_Wolf said: We do it to tenderise its meat!  :-P  OT: Switch is a success, Wii U was a flop and OP was wrong....

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    The NINTENDO PACT 2015[2016]2017- Post your daily Nintendo purchases here! First games of 2017? BotW!!! Cars 3 soon!!!??

    in Nintendo Discussion on 12 July 2018 by spurgeonryan

    Super Mario World Virtual console release on Wii U Booty Diver Masked Forces Cycle of Eternity New games over the past two weeks for Wii U....

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    How Rich are You on a Global Scale?

    in Politics Discussion on 27 April 2018 by TalonMan

    I honestly don't think that calculator is very accurate - you're telling me that $80k a year (US) puts you in the top ".1%"??? No freakin' way - that just can't be possible... ...

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    Japan Sales- Switch Year 1 vs 3DS and Wii U

    in Sales Discussion on 20 March 2018 by pastro243

    RolStoppable said: pastro243 said: What were the final numbers? Wii U is displayed in the OP already, so 1.2m. Switch finished at 3.8m, the 3DS got slightly above 5m. Thank you! ...

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    The Next President Of The United States Is Donald J Trump

    in Politics Discussion on 21 December 2017 by Mandalore76

    StarDoor said: Final-Fan said: 1.  While the epidemics were incredibly devastating to native populations, it's very wrong to think that white settlers just moved into empty spaces.  They forced native populations aside.  Ever hear of the Trail of Tears?  2.  Claiming that the native tribes were so different from European powers that diplomacy was just...

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    Predict PS4, Xbox One and Wii U Lifetime Sales

    in Sales Discussion on 01 November 2017 by DonFerrari

    Seems like the PS4 over 100M, X1 under 50M and WiiU under 15M weren't so out of place....

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    Should Sony add 1 PSVR game per month to PS+?

    in Sony Discussion on 01 September 2017 by Kerotan

    Every 2 or 3 months they should give away a vr game ...

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    Switch Custom Skins

    in Nintendo Discussion on 13 May 2017 by Chazore

    The NES/SNES retro skins, wtf Nintendo, why aren't you getting on this?. [img]http://i.imgur.com/TwsrOR0.gif[/img]...

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    History of the Entire World

    in General Discussion on 11 May 2017 by sethnintendo

    kljesta64 said: sethnintendo said: Can't imagine how many drugs it would take to think that. but people do believe in infinite space ... isnt the same then ? :D Universe somehow keeps expanding.  I don't know you pretty much have to smoke weed to start studying space....

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    UK software sales - Week ending 04/29/2017

    in Gaming Discussion on 03 May 2017 by Platina

    Wish they posted numbers with this, but still a very good launch for MK8 Deluxe...

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    What are your PC specs??

    in PC Discussion on 31 March 2017 by BasilZero

    Very outdated.   2010 pre-built PC with a 2012 GPU   AMD Athlon II X4 630 Processor 2.80 GHzGigabyte HD Radeon 7850 2GB OC6 GB RAM1 TB HDDWindows 7 Home Premium Edition SP1     I'm overdue for a overhaul but what I have now gets the job done as I can play 95% of my games at 60 FPS at 1080p....

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    Zelda Players, Let's Make a No Guides Pledge/Group

    in Nintendo Discussion on 12 March 2017 by Johnw1104

    Just checking in to report that I am still alive. I honestly can't remember the last time I played a game this much outside of those Paradox Interactive grand strategy ones like CK2 or EU4. It's very clear why this game reviewed so well... I'm gonna head back into my cave now....

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    Horizon Zero Dawn beats Zelda to No.1 in UK ( PS4ís biggest ever new IP launch)

    in Sales Discussion on 11 March 2017 by StreaK

    Peh said: Guess which console has the bigger user base at the moment.   54 million customers on PS4 vs 13 million on Wii U and less than 2 million on Switch. So,  who can sell their software the most? But Horizon is a new IP with no proven track record to match. Not even close when you compare it to Zelda. Horizon is gonna outsell Zelda and that to me is the TRUE...

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    105k Switches sold in France - best ever launch - 130k Zelda (96k Sw)

    in Sales Discussion on 08 March 2017 by SpokenTruth

    Nautilus said: Lawlight said: Where did you get that 500,000 number? And we're all Nintendo to release hard numbers. We know that the Switch had the best launch(saleswise) ever for a Nintendo hardware in the Americas.And according to some users here, the Wii sold around 400 k in the US.Add 100 k for the others countries for good measure, and you have at least 500 k sales,...

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    Nintendo Switch is the fastest-selling Nintendo console in European history

    in Nintendo Discussion on 08 March 2017 by naruball

    Miyamotoo said: naruball said: I always have trouble following what you're trying to say. But I'll attempt once again. The ps4 did amazingly well just like the Switch. You claim that Switch did so because of x and Ps4 because of x. That doesn't make it a fact. It's nothing more than your guess. Like an another person said, in order to know this, we would need a proper poll and...

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    GameStop - Switch launch was 'one of the strongest & most successful' console launches in several years

    in Nintendo Discussion on 07 March 2017 by Ruler

    good for nintendo ...

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    Official Super Mario Maker Thread - Mario Maker for 3DS has been released?! Ok...

    in Nintendo Discussion on 03 March 2017 by adrianweather

    Here are my newest levels: SMB. 3 Level 1-1 SMW. Version: https://supermariomakerbookmark.nintendo.net/courses/2079-0000-0309-A905 SMB. 3 Level 1-1 Ghost House: https://supermariomakerbookmark.nintendo.net/courses/3768-0000-0309-A8F1 SMB. 3 Level 1-1 Underground: https://supermariomakerbookmark.nintendo.net/courses/D74A-0000-0309-A889 SMB. 3 Level 1-1 Airship:...

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    Prediction: Zelda BOTW will not reach 90 metacritic

    in Nintendo Discussion on 02 March 2017 by DJjazzyGETH

    This is all very funny, but I truly am surprised at how universal the praise is in this day and age. I thought we had completely shifted into a 85-89 = masterpiece era with far more nuance in review scores. I still think that's largely true, with more even incredible games landing in that sweet spot these days than ever before, but that just goes to show how great Zelda must be. Can't wait to get...

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