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    Do Wii U owners feel disappointed?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 20 May 2016 by Wman1996

    Yes, I am disappointed quite a bit. No Exploration-Based 3D Mario game, No Fire Emblem, No Animal Crossing (a spinoff doesn't count), A Paper Mario game that looks ridiculous, no GameCube Virtual Console titles, lack of third party support. With all that being said, I do not regret buying a Wii U. I got it for $250 (deluxe model), got Mario Kart 8 and Super Mario 3D World for buy 1 get 1 half...

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    My Xenoblade Chronicles X Impressions

    in Nintendo Discussion on 24 January 2016 by Semmie

    i hope the next game will be more polished.im not dissing the game tho. im happy...

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    I predict Xenoblade Chronicles X will sell NO MORE than 1 Million copes. (Sadly)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 11 December 2015 by bigtakilla

    Sales of Xenoblade X are actually 73% higher in the UK than the original, and the original wasn't rare like in the states. It's also the third best selling game on Wii U behind Kart and Splatoon according to this. http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2015/12/xenoblade_chronicles_x_earns_modest_uk_chart_position_but_outsells_predecessor...

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    What is a Spirit?

    in Politics Discussion on 09 December 2015 by RadiantDanceMachine

    binary solo said: RadiantDanceMachine said: The beauty of definitions is that they are arbitrary, but a necessary starting point in this case to begin understanding why someone may believe in the existence of the spirit/soul. While definitions may vary widely, each one can be put forth for scrutiny.  Using the instruments of physical science to try to observe metaphysical...

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    Getting XBOne, need game reccomendations

    in Microsoft Discussion on 05 December 2015 by kyokusanagi

    You're going to love rise of the tomb raider is really fun....

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    I'm starting to lose my passion for Nintendo

    in Gaming Discussion on 04 December 2015 by dahuman

    Your passion is misplaced, build a gaming PC, and get a Nintendo console, your problems will pretty much be solved....

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    What is VGChartz's opinion on Super Mario Sunshine?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 27 November 2015 by AZWification

    Wow, I'm actually surprised to see so much love for Sunshine!...

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    Halo 5 is Fantastic!

    in Microsoft Discussion on 15 November 2015 by Shura

    I have been a xbox fan since que first one and i have played al de halo games. Knowing all the "bad" reviews and critics about the game, i going to give my sincere opinion about it. For mi, its que best halo since Halo 1. I belive than, beat halo 1 its hard because the awesome impression that give us when it came out, but, if im going to be honest, this one almost match it. I like the open...

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    Minecraft coming to Wii U

    in Nintendo Discussion on 14 November 2015 by MikeRox

    spurgeonryan said:But pegi rated it for today..... Plenty of Games get rated by PEGI waaay before they release. If they rated it today, I'd expect a release around Feb/March....

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    Im going full digital Next Year

    in Gaming Discussion on 07 November 2015 by pbroy

    On November 12, the BC catalog will be released. Lots of cheap 360 games during sales. Lots of goodness to be had. So much digital love 💗😍 Greatness awaits......

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    First and Second Party Vita games

    in Sony Discussion on 07 November 2015 by XenatheStrangler

    I owned a psvita for two years and beat mortal kombat story mode and unlocked all the stuff from the krypt. I also beat AC Revolution and Uncharted Golden Abyss. They were dull dumbed down affairs that could never match the console quality promise Sony promoted/hyped. Nothing on that list has much appeal to me personally. I was a bit sad when I sold my vita but I was supposed to be getting...

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    More Wii U games for 2015

    in Nintendo Discussion on 30 October 2015 by Miyamotoo

    Pavolink said: MegaDrive08 said:I wonder when that free to play game is coming out!!! Cant remember the name of it now. Project Treasure? Could be. But I hope it's TPHD Last information we had is that is 2016. game....

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    What really made the Playstation Vita a failure? (I DON'T GET IT!!)

    in Sony Discussion on 22 October 2015 by Shadow1980

    Lawlight said: 1. I agree. We can use the PSP or GB if you want.The original GB had a 12-year product life. Not exactly a proper comparison. The PSP, maybe. The most complete data set I have is for the U.S., as I was able to acquire annual NPD figures for major handhelds going back to 1995: But remember what I said about the GBA being over-inflated in the U.S. Had the U.S. market behaved...

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    IGN..Zombi U/Zombi WTF

    in Nintendo Discussion on 22 September 2015 by MikeRox

    Eddie_Raja said: Samus Aran said: Most games on PS/XBOX tend to get overinflated scores. I mean, just check the games that got over 90%+. Look at Arkham City on the Wii U, it got 11 points less on average. Then look at games like Journey, TLOU: R, Fez, Bastion, Flower, Shovel Knight (PS4), etc. Titanfall, with no singleplayer campaign and not a lot of content got 86%. Halo: MCC,...

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    What Game Would Make You Buy an NX at Launch?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 21 September 2015 by fedfed

    Any Mario/Zelda/Paper Mario/Pikmin/Kid Icarus/Splatoon...

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    What were you playing 10 years ago?

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 September 2015 by VersusEvil

    10 Years ago I was 15 and playing the greatest RPG of all time, Morrowind....

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    Is the age of the Direct over?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 09 September 2015 by UltimateGamer1982

    Probably not. But Nintendo does seem different lately ever since iwata passed. New 3ds coming to America out of nowhere after being told it wouldn't. Now pikmin 4 being announced? These recent developments are getting me really excited for Nintendo's future. Next E3 should be quite interesting. ...

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    Can Nintendo ever produce a relevant home console again?

    in Gaming Discussion on 07 September 2015 by Miyamotoo

    Soundwave said: danielrdp said: What I meant is that the handheld market shrank a lot this gen.    154 million DS 90 million PSP   72-75 million 3DS 15 million PS Vita   You're right. NX console version probably won't come close the portable one, specially in Japan. However nintendo can't count on handhelds to keep the company alive as it was the case in...

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    Look at how many Americans truly love Donald Trump!

    in Politics Discussion on 05 September 2015 by DonFerrari

    Soundwave said: Rpruett said: You're missing the point, that the United States has been a huge contributor to the rebuilding process underway in China.  Between NAFTA and China,  we've essentially watched businesses moving their facilities over the border, manufacturing products and bringing them back into the US for virtually nothing.   Today -  The business...

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    Gun control in light of 3D printers

    in Politics Discussion on 03 September 2015 by Marks

    This worries me just for the scenario you mentioned. Some overpriviliged rich white teen who gets bullied at school printing off an AK-47 or whatever to shoot up his class. But otherwise, it's not really to do with gun control. Criminals will be criminals, and law abiding citizens will abide by the law. It's not that hard to get an illegal gun on the streets anyways. ...

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