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    Nautilus's Wall

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    < Wright posted something on Nautilus's wall:

    Smash hasn't reached 20m yet, but I don't mind accepting being wrong at this point, so feel free to choose avatar and signature for a week, as our bet dictated!

    Sorry for not answering before! Was kind of lazy of thinking something funny lol. Anyways, not the best pic, because I wanted it to be Smash related, but I can't modify images, so it's going to be this one!

    on 21 May 2020


    on 25 May 2020

    < Keybladewielder posted something on Nautilus's wall:

    Another Antarctica fellow.

    People underestimate this continent appeal.No one knows the hwo big the bliss is to see penguins every day

    on 15 December 2018

    Climbing Mount Erebus was one of the best things I've done in my life.

    on 15 December 2018

    Ohhhh yeah, that is one hell of a hike.Nothing like living in the frozen continent

    on 15 December 2018

    < Shadow8 posted something on Nautilus's wall: boiii

    I watched it live.It seems really promising, though they showed very little of it.Im guessing its a late 2019 game.And have you seen the animation on the net idol(I think her name was Risa or something)?Its miles better than the ones in ZTD.

    on 06 July 2018

    Yea I saw the idol thing, seems this has way more budget than ZTD which is nice. World seems interesting and they have the artist from No more heroes working on it. Murder mystery stuff by Uchikoski? Yes pls, need more details, but you got my attention!

    on 06 July 2018

    Yeah, seems like Chunsoft is putting more weight behind this new project of his.Hell, more than half the panel was only about his new game.And I feel both happy and dissapointed that this isnt Zero Escape related.I want him to finishb the story, but at the same time I just want him to do something new, to try and freshen up.Well, here I am hoping for the best for the game.And sorry for the late reply, i was out travelling and VGC simply does not work on phones.

    on 09 July 2018

    It's cool bruh, vgc on mobile is pretty bad lol. But yea, I think he really needs a break from the Zero escape series for now, I'll definitely get the Punchline game when it comes out in the west too. Just hope they sell well enough for him to keep making games.

    on 10 July 2018

    < Ps3 posted something on Nautilus's wall:

    Hi, do you like Taylor Swift?

    < VersusEvil posted something on Nautilus's wall:

    Why did you change the Hollow Knight platform from NS to PC?

    It was a mistake of mine.I was trying to find the PC version but I couldnt, so I tried adding it through the only database entry of the game I found, which was unfortunely the NS version.But I though Talonman had fixed things up for me.The NS version is not there anymore?

    on 04 February 2018

    No. I'm going to leave it as the PC version and add a NS version.

    on 04 February 2018

    Thanks Versus.Sorry for the confusion.

    on 04 February 2018

    < Cerebralbore101 posted something on Nautilus's wall:

    Change your avatar! It is after Christmas!

    Went back to my old avatar!

    on 11 January 2018

    Horay! I'm really feeling your old avatar!

    on 11 January 2018

    It was time to tip the scales

    on 11 January 2018

    < VGPolyglot posted something on Nautilus's wall:

    Merry Christmas!

    < Veknoid_Outcast posted something on Nautilus's wall:

    That avatar...XD

    Hey, Shulk is also on the christmas spirit!

    on 11 December 2017

    < spurgeonryan posted something on Nautilus's wall:

    Hi Nautilus.

    Hey Spurge!

    on 09 December 2017

    Leaked footage of KH3's final boss.

    Dont spoil the game for me! XD

    on 17 July 2017

    < VGPolyglot posted something on Nautilus's wall:

    Thanks for accepting!

    Im the one that should be thanking for the friend request!

    on 24 April 2017

    < uran10 posted something on Nautilus's wall:

    Did you see the hype! This last episode with teshima was so hype!

    I just finished watching it, and man, things are getting better and better!I kind of had a feeling that Teshima would win,specially after Sugimoto loss, but damn that was a great ride.Its also good to know that Sohoku has more talents in it and not just the main team.

    I just missed a bit the stretegical side of Teshima.Hopefully that will be more on spotlight on Interhigh.

    on 10 April 2017

    < uran10 posted something on Nautilus's wall:

    Yowapeda 3 ep 3 tho

    That Hakone guy is a giant!He must be 3 meters high XD.But nothing like a bike race to get me excited.I hate when they end the episode in a climax, that just makes waiting for the next episode more painful!

    on 24 January 2017

    so true, I mean next ep is gonna be hype but still

    on 24 January 2017

    < Platina posted something on Nautilus's wall:

    Thanks Platina!I hope you had a great Christmas too!

    on 25 December 2016

    I did indeed, thanks! :D

    on 26 December 2016

    < Platina posted something on Nautilus's wall:

    Oh nice avi, did you make that yourself?

    No,I just googled and found it XD.I wanted something christmas related that had something to do with a Nautilus, but I have zero skills with drawing or any software that I could use to make a nice avatar.Luckily I found this!

    on 04 December 2016

    Yours is also nice!But its not Hatsune Miku, is it?

    on 04 December 2016

    Oh I see, still nice regardless :p

    My avi is indeed Miku, but is Snow Miku 2014

    on 04 December 2016

    Now that I have looked closer, it sure does look like her.You sure have good taste for your avy pictures!I hope more people get into the holidays spirit.It would be so nice to see everyone avy here be about christmas!

    on 05 December 2016

    < omgfk posted something on Nautilus's wall:

    Regrads power differences between wii u and switch:

    Switch will using a custom tegra chip based on x1 or x2.

    Benchmarks: Trex 1080p offscreen

    Nvidia tegra x1: 120 FPS

    Ipad Pro: 163 FPS

    unanounced Tegra chip with a codename: 190 FPS (they removed that but it had a benchmark 1-2 weeks ago, google it).

    Radeon HD 4850 (Wii U): 150 Fps

    HD Radeon 7870 (ps4): 533 FPS

    Okayyy..... Not wanting to sound like a jerk, but why are you posting that here?

    on 19 November 2016

    Okayyy..... Not wanting to sound like a jerk, but why are you posting that here?

    on 19 November 2016

    Okayyy..... Not wanting to sound like a jerk, but why are you posting that here?

    on 19 November 2016

    < Nautilus updated his status:

    Finally managed to gind and buy a physical copy of Zero Time Dillema.Its time to play the conclusive game of the masterful Zero Escape trilogy and finally know the full truth!

    < soniadeerow posted something on Nautilus's wall:

    Hello my dear

    I am so happy meeting you here. How is everything with you, I picked interest on you after going through your

    short profile. I really want to have a good relationship with you. Beside i have something very vital to disclose

    to you, but I found it difficult to express myself here, since it's a public site. Please i will like you to

    contact me, through my private e-mail via ( So we can get to know each other better,and i will give you my pictures and also tell you more about myself OK. i am Your Friend....Contact me here ( ok hope to hear from you soon

    < Shadow8 posted something on Nautilus's wall:

    Have you gotten Zero Time Dilemma yet? Still waiting on Amazon to send me my copy...but I'm cool with it. Already waited years for it, what are a few more weeks of waiting ;)

    Not yet, and unfortunely not going to be able to play it until september =(

    Im in Europe now, and I dont have my american 3DS, and thats just going to happen in September.But I ordered my copy through amazon too, so when Im back, its directly to ZTD!And I refuse to play anywhere but on the 3DS so....

    But its also going to be sad to play it, since when its finished, its over.

    on 03 July 2016

    I see. I got the vita version(have 999 for ds, but when Virtues last reward came out, I didn't have my 3ds yet so I had no choice and decided to order ZTD for vita as well for trophy support) with the watch ordered and they seem to be having some issues with them, so it's gonna take a while for me as well :(

    Once I play that game it truly will be a sad moment, still can't believe we're gonna finally reach the conclusion to such an amazing story. I wish Uchikoshi and his team the best in whatever else they decide to do now.

    on 03 July 2016

    Ohhhh yeah, you got the limited edition!Im so envious of you now!Imagine walking around with it!Imagine if the relaxing toxins from VLR worked.You could gift it to someone you didnt like... hehehehheheheh

    And I do hope that Uchikoshi keeps working on new instalments.In a new trilogy I mean, that has nothing to do with the current arc, but has the basics of what makes a Zero Escape game.It wouzld make beating ZTD a little better.

    Also, nice avy.Loved playing Persona 4 Golden on my Vita, especially getting to know Marie and her sad story.We got great gaming tastes.Lets not kid ourselfs, just for liking Zero Escape makes us awesome XD

    on 03 July 2016

    Hehehe...don't give me any ideas now with the watch xD

    I would love another Zero Escape type game for sure. Maybe a few throwbacks to the original would be nice and a new setting can give the series a clean slate to start anew.

    Thanks, yeah Marie was great and her backstory was vrey emotional. Liking Zero Escape alone is pretty awesome, you got that right man xD

    on 03 July 2016

    < Natsu posted something on Nautilus's wall:

    Thanks for accepting bro

    Im happy that you sent in the first place!

    on 07 April 2016

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