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    Official Metroid Thread - Samus is back!

    in Nintendo Discussion 1 day ago by GoOnKid

    Proxy-Pie said: New discussion topic! August 8th, 2020: The latest we've heard of Metroid Prime 4 is during Kensuke Tanabe's Paper Mario interview. In it, he mentioned that Nintendo's design philosophy has casual players in mind. He gave the example of the Metroid Prime series as something that looks like it's only for core gamers at a glance, but has beginner friendly elements. Do...

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    What was the last Wii U game you bought? Any games in 2019?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 19 July 2019 by Snesboy

    Mine was BotW. Then when I got a Switch, I bought it again. ...

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    No Sunset Overdrive 2. Insomniac confirms its not in development.

    in Gaming Discussion on 24 September 2018 by DonFerrari

    Chazore said: DonFerrari said: Quickly pump a sequel is different than not starting development several years later, and you now it. I don't know how many times you'll say I said Zero people want the sequel, please quote it. What I have been saying and you seem to keep spinning is that from the look of the sales and the denial from Insomniac there isn't enough sales to be made of...

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    Prediction: Horizon Zero Dawn > Zelda BoTW

    in Gaming Discussion on 26 August 2018 by CGI-Quality

    Seems like this is just a redundant topic now, and with other Mods who agree, this was bumped enough and the OP is long gone. ...

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    VGTwitter: Third time's the charm?

    in Gaming Discussion on 07 August 2018 by TomaTito


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    The Fans Have Spoken, Last Jedi Drops A Massive 68%

    in Movies Discussion on 29 June 2018 by thismeintiel

    irstupid said: Well, I guess the Last Jedi won some more awards at the Saturn awards. Continues to prove that critics and award givers are biased and bought and paid for by the Mouse. Very true. I mean, other than visuals what was good about the film? The made for TV movie/show main plot of running out of gas in a snail race? The complete lack of character arcs? A subplot that felt...

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    PSVR thread! - Crisis on the planet of the Apes, better than expected? Livestream footage

    in Gaming Discussion on 02 June 2018 by the-pi-guy

    Game looks great....

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    Star Ocean 5 is a less than 20 hour jrpg MORE proof, Amazon japan users complaining

    in Sony Discussion on 26 May 2018 by MasterThief

    is it fun really well done 20 hours? if it is. then thats a minor problem...

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    Nintendo has a realistic shot at returning to #1 this fiscal year - RESULT: Nintendo back on top (21.45m), Sony second (19m+)

    in Sales Discussion on 09 May 2018 by Biggerboat1

    Lauster said: Biggerboat1 said: The RAM expansion pack for the N64 gave the developer different technical requirements to hit, but again I don't think anyone would consider that a different platform... So on the one hand, you have accessories which change the way you interact - Wii Balance Board, Labo, the bongo drums, Kinnect and indeed the PSVR. On the other you have ones that...

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    Bluepoint Games is working on the next "Remake"

    in Gaming Discussion on 17 March 2018 by Nem

    NoCtiS_NoX said: Why do I have the feeling it's Syphon Filter. It was trademark again just recently. I would hope that that is Sony bend's next project after the Zombie game they got coming out....

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    "Impossible" ports

    in Gaming Discussion on 02 March 2018 by curl-6

    bonzobanana said: flashfire926 said: All you say is true, but the that's more the fault of the wii U for having no analogue triggers, weaker gpu, and inferior online network.  That dioesnt take away from Criterion. I don't consider the wii u a weaker gpu especially paired with that 32MB of high bandwidth memory  but I think the lack of online players compared...

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    Glitch-fest of a site

    in Website Topics on 27 February 2018 by TalonMan

    DivinePaladin said: jlauro said: For adverts that block the hot topics, I report them. That said, I am normally logged in and don't see them, which is a perk of being a supporter... I'll be frank, I don't think it should be a paid perk of any sort for the site to work as intended. Obviously, very few sites nowadays DON'T run ads, I understand that fully, and even then many...

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    Zelda Breath of the Wild is dominating GOTY awards

    in Gaming Discussion on 26 February 2018 by Cloudman

    Dang, 186 awards seems like an excellent amount of awards. The game is excellent, so no objections here....

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    Revisiting The Infamous World...

    in Sony Discussion on 25 February 2018 by Farsala

    I played every Infamous and I enjoyed Second Son A LOT more than First Light. Both are still very fun but I just don't see why one gets so much praise over the other....

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    Video: Bayonetta 3 is more important for sales than Pokemon Switch

    in Nintendo Discussion on 18 February 2018 by Super_Boom

    pokoko said: Even if the ratio at which Pokemon gamers buy other games is way below that of Bayonetta, it will still easily make more of a difference by the simple virtue of exponentially greater volume. Yeah, this is my thought as well. Even if Pokemon sells on the low-end and Bayonetta on the high end of their spectrums...it's still going to be a difference of maybe...10:1? That's...

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    Kotaku "Spyro Trilogy Remaster Coming to PS4 This Year"

    in Sony Discussion on 16 February 2018 by CGI-Quality

    Azzanation said: CGI-Quality said: The problem with you is you're just looking to be right without truly understanding the material. I've given you every piece of relevant info to support what I'm saying. Thus, there's nothing else that I can do for you. What material did you give out apart from what you think? Like I said - you don't get it. You were presented...

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    THQ Nordic acquires Koch Media (Deep Silver)

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 February 2018 by Cobretti2

    SpokenTruth said: THQ is almost THQ again. lol that is what i was thinking....

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    Gears for Breakfast: "A Hat in Time is not coming to the Switch"

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 February 2018 by KLAMarine

    Bandorr said: Alara317 said: Right? Nothing more annoying than people demeaning and insulting people who say "I want this on this system."  The Switch is Portable. It's a Nintendo console. I personally am not interested on playing a 3D platformer on any other system; as far as I'm concerned, it's Switch or Bust. I don't want it on PC, and given its inspiration it just feels...

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    PlayStation Plus: Free Games in February (Grand Kingdom, Rime and more)

    in Sony Discussion on 13 February 2018 by Bandorr

    KazumaKiryu said: And guys which games have you tried ? Your thoughts? Knack, Grand Kingdom, Mugen Souls Z. Knack is a good game.  Fun platforming, amusing fighting. Gathering the gems is horrible though.  It also does a lot of things wrong if you want to replay it etc. So it is a good one play game. Grand Kingdom is fun. The problem is i beat the story with one team. I...

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    SteamWorld Dig 2 physical version confirmed for Ps4 and Switch

    in Gaming Discussion on 06 February 2018 by DivinePaladin

    JRPGfan said: So this is comeing first to Switch, then soon after PS4, and PC. No mention of xbox anywhere? My understanding, going by Yacht Club, is that the Xbox physical requirements are very different than the PS4 or Switch, which seemingly allow for some limited run releases. Yacht Club had tried to make a Shovel Knight XBO physical copy but I believe Microsoft wanted a higher...

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