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    Prediction: In some years, Nintendos console will be the most successful and last relevant

    in Gaming Discussion, last active on on 17 February 2016

    Here ist why: Our technology is already on a very high level. Video games will stop looking significant better and better in the future. You can already just see small differences between ps3 and ps4 and there was even a 7! years gap between both. The differences between ps4 and ps5 will be even smaller. We already good 3d models, realistic looking animations, realistic looking faces, realistic...

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    Could an EA-Console be sucessfull?

    in Gaming Discussion, last active on on 17 December 2016

    This is just hypothetical. Assuming, they would keep all their licenses for a t least 5 years.   What do you think? If all ea games would be exclusive to this console. No ea games on any other console anymore. Im personally not a big fan of EA (mods pls dont ban me because of gave my opinion), but i know many people, exspecially in europe, that are huge fifa fans. Fifa is very, very...

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    Will we see a comeback for handhelds in the future?

    in Gaming Discussion, last active on on 26 January 2016

    So, because of our modern smartphones, tablets and co the general opinion is, that handhels will have/already have a hard time and the market share will decrease. Do you think this trend will be "forever", or might there be a phase in some years were handhelds get alot more attractive again. If you think about it, its pretty much similar to what happend ~20-30 years ago to consoles. Pc started...

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    How likely is Zelda Wii U on NX?

    in Nintendo Discussion, last active on on 19 January 2016

    So i noticed most people acting like Zelda Wii U will be 100% on NX. We dont know what NX it, how powerfull it will be, how expensive it will be, when it will be launched. All that is UNKNOWN.   I made some Calculation and the chances Zelda Wii U will appear on NX as a cross release are right now 12,5 %. You can change some parameters, but you probl. wont get anything different then...

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    Why do people love the Gamecube controller?

    in Nintendo Discussion, last active on on 31 January 2016

    Why? Never owned an gamecube and just played it sometimes with friends. Whats so special about the controller? Can it really compete with modern, wireless controllers like dualshock 4, Xbox One Elite Controller and Wii U Pro Controller?...

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    Nintendo an third parties - bad relationship?

    in Nintendo Discussion, last active on on 21 January 2016

    So its pretty well known that third party support on nintendo consoles sucks. But why? Is it the fault of third parties? I donkt think so. Lets look as an example at Ubisoft. They gave the Wii U at launch an exclusive aa-title (ZombiU) + Raymen was announanced as an exclusive title. I doubt Nintendo paid anything for this. They didnt published the games, both games went multiplat later...

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    What is Nintendos biggest System Seller?

    in Nintendo Discussion, last active on on 14 January 2016

    In General. Long living series, no one hitter like Wii Sports, Nintendogs, Splatoon and co....

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    Opinion: As earlier NX releases, as bigger are the chances it wont be what your waiting for.

    in Nintendo Discussion, last active on on 28 January 2016

    So many people are still believing in / hoping for an NX release Nov´16. I think an NX release ´16 will be horrible for all of us. What do you expect from NX? You want an real console, a competition for Ps4/xbox one with games like: F-Zero, Metroid Prime, Zelda and co right? Probl with good third party support? Im sure this wont happen in 2016. It would ne stupid. NOBODY would buy...

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    zelda wii u vs sex

    in Nintendo Discussion, last active on on 25 December 2015

    So zelda wii u is probl one of the most anticipated games ever. Here is my (theoretical) deal. Would you go without sex till the release day of zelda wii u (probl. nov. ´16), if you would be able to play the finished game right now for doing so? So wait for zelda wii u or wait for sex? How nerdy are you ;)?...

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    !! SPOILERS !! Star Wars 7 - Just a Remake?

    in Movies Discussion, last active on on 28 December 2015

    So I just watched Star Wars 7 and my thoughts.., was this really star wars 7 or was it a stark wars remake?   My points: BB 8 = R2D2 Father Son plot (Han Solo => Son; Darth Vater => Luke Skywarker) Old Mentor/Father dies in the end (Han Solo; Obi Wan) Death Star (1 weakness, gets destroyed. Like really, why do the evil guys always build death stars and dont fix their weak...

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    Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 on ps4?

    in Sony Discussion, last active on on 11 December 2015

    With Kingdom Hearts 2.8 and Kingdom hearts 3 both coming in the next year/years and ps4´s backwards compability to ps2 titles, would you love to see both games on the ps4? Should be similar to the rereleases on ps3, scince ps2 games run at high resolution on ps4....

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    Should Monolith Soft work on an open world pokemon game for nx?

    in Nintendo Discussion, last active on on 19 July 2016

    So Xenoblade chronicles x finally arrives. The open world is beatifull, probl the most beatifull open world ever created. But what would you like to see next?   I would love to see an open world pokemon game with a similar big and beatifull open world. Similar combat system, so a mix between turn based and action. Ability to fly,swim, ride and fight with your pokemons like charizard,...

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    Is it save to say Zelda NX will be cross gen?

    in Nintendo Discussion, last active on on 24 December 2015

    So many people are thinking Zelda U will be available on Wii U and NX. Do you think that the next zelda (zelda NX) will be on NX and its sucsessor too? Keep in mind, at the moment the development cycle of home console zelda games seems to be similar/same as the development cycle of nintendos home consoles (both around 4-6 years).   2 scenarios: First: 1: Zelda Wii U is Crossgen: 1.1:...

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    Does Square Enix alone have better games in the pipeline then nintendo?

    in Gaming Discussion, last active on on 06 December 2015

    We all know that the wii u has very bad third party support and it sucks. Most prev. nintendo home consoles did. But there were always the nintendo games, that make the system worthy.   For now, I think Sqaure Enix (just one from many third party developer) has a better lineup then nintendo.   SE: Rise of the Tomb Raider, Deus Ex, Final Fantasy 15, Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Kingdom...

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    Game Awards: Categorie "Most Anticipated Game" got wrong nominees

    in Gaming Discussion, last active on on 05 December 2015

    Categorie: Most Anticipated Game Horizon Zero Dawn WINNER: No Man's Sky Quantum Break The Last Guardian Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Like really? IMO these 5 games should be on the list: The Legend of Zelda Wii U Final Fantasy 15 The Last Guardian Kingdom Hearts III Star Citizen   Games that are in development for several years, announced long ago. Opinions? ...

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    Twilight Princess HD including Zelda Wii U demo?

    in Nintendo Discussion, last active on on 20 November 2015

    Similar to Final Fantasy 15 and Type 0 HD. Good idea?...

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    Does Twilight Princess HD look better then Hyrule Warriors?

    in Nintendo Discussion, last active on on 15 November 2015

    So both Zelda themed games with a similar art style, both on wii u:   Hyrule Warriors:   Twilight Princess HD     ...

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    Main Reason why Twilight Princess HD doesnt look as good?

    in Nintendo Discussion, last active on on 17 November 2015

    So i think here is the main reason why TPHD doesnt look as good as windwaker did. Unfortnaly they didnt added improved lightning like they did on windwaker. Thats would helped ALOT.   If we check back windwaker, the biggest improvement beside the higher resolution was the beatifull lightning, the shadows and co. Check yourself here: The Shadows and lightning gave the game a way more "3D"...

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    60Fps - is it really that important?

    in Gaming Discussion, last active on on 20 November 2015

    Many people (mostly pc gamers) are always bashing consoles for 30 fps. To be honest, I made some "tests" to test myself and have to admit, i dont notice any differences.   I also read many people talking about the new Twilight Princess HD remaster game and they are claiming, the game would run in 60 fps - like windwaker hd did. In fact, windwaker HD run on 30-20 fps. Still people believe...

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    Twilight Princess HD - VS Dolphin

    in Nintendo Discussion, last active on on 13 November 2015

    So many people are saysing TWHP doesnt look as good as expected. Here is an screenshot comparison between TPHD and TP on Dolphin Emulator in 1080p and also an comparison between windwaker HD and windwaker on dolphin emulator in 1080p. In my opinion the port isnt as great. They should had added way advanced lightning and particle effect and change the colour tone like they did with windwaker, but...

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