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    The Official Legend of Zelda Thread: Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity Announced for Switch

    in Nintendo Discussion 2 hours ago by S.Peelman

    Veknoid_Outcast said: It's been a while since the last one...https://www.vgchartz.com/article/443229/zelda-replay-part-iv-links-awakening-dx/I'll endeavor to get these out with more regularity. @S.Peelman  It’s okay, they’re big games. Unlucky for you though from now on they’ll only get longer. :-P ...

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    Super Official Anime Discussion Thread - Summer 2019!

    in Movies Discussion 1 day ago by Shaunodon

    Farsala said: Shaunodon said: I don't watch much seasonal anime. The only ones I'd recommend are Oregairu season 3 (if you've watched the first 2 seasons and liked it) and Attack on Titan's final season starting December. Assuming AoT follows the manga properly, it's practically a whole different series from this point. Considering the manga is still ongoing, the 'final season'...

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    The Xenoblade Chronicles Series Thread: Definitive Edition (All Spoilers in Tags)

    in Nintendo Discussion 6 days ago by Jumpin

    I'm still working through Xenoblade Chronicles DE.It's the best revision version of the game, easily, but it's not significantly improved over past versions. The character art updates still leaves a lot to be desired. The characters are far too flat/cartoony, lacking contrast/definition. Not as horrendously flat as Xenoblade Chronicles 2, though. This is the one area of the game where I actually...

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    The VGChartz Website Development Thread - Post Suggestions/Feedback.

    in Website Topics on 19 September 2020 by DroidKnight

    Zkuq said: I just noticed it seems to be impossible to unsubscribe from locked threads. I was just looking and my subscription list and noticed I'm subscribed to https://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/thread/233930/cgis-hype-series-graphics-showdown-2018/ However, the unsubscribe link seems to be missing, and now I can't unsubscribe. Why do I want to unsubscribe? Well, the thread is no longer...

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    Horizon Zero Dawn - Official SCREENSHOTS Thread.

    in Sony Discussion on 19 August 2020 by GrahfsLament

    CGI-Quality said: GrahfsLament said: I respectfully have to disagree with the bolded. I played these games back to back (H:ZD immediately followed by GoW), 100%ing both of them on the same PS4 Pro on the same TV. While GoW definitely has better looking/more detailed character models/animations, it seems to have much lower resolution reflections/lighting/special effects. As I'm...

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    Can Splatoon Go on and Sell 3mil Lifetime? (Shipped+Digital) [Update: 2.42mil LTD, 80% There]

    in Nintendo Discussion on 08 August 2020 by noshten

    I remember at Neogaf people were doubting Splatoon, I didn't. In fact, I ended up being slightly wrong as Splatoon didn't make the Top 5 best selling Wii U games but that's mainly because Nintendo pretty much discontinued the Wii U much earlier than I anticipated. Splatoon ended up the 6th best selling game on the Wii U, but it's looking like Splatoon 2 will more than double Wii U...

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    Can Splatoon 2 Sell 5mil Lifetime........ In Japan Alone?? [YeS It Will] [Update: 3.78mil Ship+Digital]

    in Nintendo Discussion on 21 July 2020 by tbone51

    So Splatoon fest will continue to March 2021 and Splatoon 2 is up YoY by a good amount. Maybe it’ll be 4.5mil by years end (ship+digital) ...

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    Extra Bold: Super Mario Odyssey Will Ship+digital 20mil Lifetime! (17.4mil Currently)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 03 June 2020 by Pavolink

    BotW is now ahead of Odyssey. Good. ...

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    COMG! Japan Pre-order Chart Thread - Daily updates!

    in Sales Discussion on 08 April 2020 by CGI-Quality

    With the new one now up, I'll lock this one and we move all discussion there. ...

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    The Official Game Music Recommendation Thread

    in Music Discussion on 26 May 2019 by dx11332sega

    I dont wanna write but heres some videos  ...

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    Prediction: Nothing will outsell PSP anymore (except Playstation home consoles)

    in Sales Discussion on 08 December 2018 by Miyamotoo

    Mummelmann said: Miyamotoo said: First for me is far more logical to compare official numbers instead VGHCHZ tracked numbers that are constantly getting adjusted, also its far more easier to predict and track Switch shipped numbers because we are getting offciall numbers for them regular basis. Second, I dont think its big difference when we comparing PSP numbers in any case...

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    Prediction: Monster Hunter World will be the best selling MH of all time

    in Gaming Discussion on 08 May 2018 by Megiddo

    Haha. Wow, reading this thread really helped me get some good insight into some posters here. Who in the world could have possibly predicted less than 5m lifetime sales knowing the insane hype the game had, especially in the west?...

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    How much influence is SMT V going to take from Persona 5?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 20 April 2018 by VGPolyglot

    Maybe they'll take influence from the gameplay, but I don't see them changing the tone at all....

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    gamrConnect Presents: Their 1077 Greatest Games - 2017 Edition

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 April 2018 by Hynad

    GameOverture said: Seeing Skyward Sword directly in front of Shadow of the Colossus hurts my soul... EDIT: I misread. :-D...

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    Japan Sales- Switch Year 1 vs 3DS and Wii U

    in Sales Discussion on 20 March 2018 by pastro243

    RolStoppable said: pastro243 said: What were the final numbers? Wii U is displayed in the OP already, so 1.2m. Switch finished at 3.8m, the 3DS got slightly above 5m. Thank you! ...

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    I Was Wrong!

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 February 2018 by trent44

    -I thought Nintendo 64 and Sega Saturn would get more games than this new PlayStation thing because SNES and Sega Genesis got so many games… Kid me just did not understand the world in that way…-I thought the GameCube sold much more than the N64 because of how much larger the game library was and how popular the GameCube was at the college I went to… Oh how antidotal evidence...

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    MHW sells 1.35 million copies at launch in Japan, > 2 million with Digital; PS4 140k

    in Sales Discussion on 27 February 2018 by StokedUp

    theprof00 said: StokedUp said: Arghhhhh! I can’t get the Anjaneth Gem from a tail carve to come nolete my high rank anya set. Must be 10 fights and it just won’t drop it. I must have gotten really lucky because I have like 5 gems from every monster. It's like I get at least one every time I hunt. Try using the palico plunderblade. It'll help your chances.Breaking...

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    Offical NSFW Anime Thread! - Summer Season!

    in NSFW Discussion on 08 February 2018 by Xen

    OTBWY said: Xen said: Do share. People get banned for bare ass man, no mas. Only in PM. Haha. Well, considering the earlier suggestion to have cum all over my tits in my PM box from yet another member, I think you can toss me something....

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    Emily Rogers: Lots of Switch Ports For 2018; NSMBU Switch Port Coming?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 05 February 2018 by AngryLittleAlchemist

    Magnus said: Everyone who buys these ports can go to hell. I'm fed up with Nintendo stealing exclusives from Wii U. I am such a hypocrite. I hate the fact that Nintendo is using ports to fill in gaps in their lineup, but I know .... I just know ... that I'm going to wake up one morning and find a copy of Bayonetta 1+2 near my dirty sock and a bottle of beer with piss in it : ( ....

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    Monster Hunter World Reviews- 91 Metacritic (53 Reviews) - 91 OpenCritic (55 Reviews)

    in Gaming Discussion on 29 January 2018 by HandofPrometheus

    Looks like reviews are staying 90+, and it looks like sales might be actually good. John2290 said: So...opinions? Does it deserve this praise? Yes. As a veteran this is the best Monster Hunter. Did you try the beta? I would recommend you to buy but I know that the combat isn't for everyone and this game can be overwhelming for newcomers....

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