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    Nintendo Switch Pros and Cons

    in Nintendo Discussion on 14 January 2017

    Pros: Super Mario Odyssey - The Mario game I have been wanting since Galaxy 2 came out. I have not been excited for a game this much since Smash 4 (if not before that). The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild as a launch title Capacitive Touch Screen USB charging Region Free Cons: Extremely underpowered system - it just seems like a clocked-up Wii U. Very little information about...

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    The Nintendo Switch will sell less than the Wii U...

    in Sales Discussion on 14 January 2017

    The Switch has many weaknesses, but I don't see it selling worse than the Wii U. Having a Zelda game at launch will be huge! Plus a big 3D Mario game will be out before the end of the year as well. I wouldn't be surprised if the Switch only hits GameCube levels of sales, but it would be quite difficult for it to sell less than the Wii U....

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    13 years of Nintendo Power issues archived online

    in Nintendo Discussion on 03 August 2016

    This is amazing. I am lucky enough to have some of these issues that I got secondhand. I guess it's best to enjoy them before Nintendo claims they be taken down....

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    Best Local Multiplayer WiiU Games

    in Nintendo Discussion on 02 August 2016

    Smash and Mario Kart 8. They are the obvious choices, but they are just so polished and fun....

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    Is it considered embarrassing to live with your parents after a certain age in your culture?

    in General Discussion on 02 August 2016

    I would definitely say so. Basically anyone who is about 22 and older and not going to college is frowned upon to be living with their parents. Still, a lot of people do. It's kind of like having kids before marriage in that it is common but a lot of people don't look upon it kindly....

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    IGN: "Paper Mario Color Splash Surprised Us in a Great Way"

    in Nintendo Discussion on 21 July 2016

    It's too late......

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    Was the Game Boy Color a successor to the original Game Boy?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 12 July 2016

    I posed this question on Nintendo Life, and I think it is relevant on here as well. Was the Game Boy Color a sucessor to the Game Boy? Was it an upgrade (a la the DSi, New Nintendo 3DS, Project Scorpio, PS4 Neo) or even just a hardware revision (like the Game Boy Advance SP, DS Lite, PS2/PS3 Slim).  I say it was a sucessor, this Iwata Asks article says so as...

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    Would you buy the Nintendo NX? (Poll)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 10 July 2016

    Ultrashroomz said: As long as Smash 5 is confirmed for the NX, I'm pretty much gonna get regardless of how well the console itself performs. I guess it depends on how long the NX's lifecycle is. If it can't even go 5 years without a sucessor launched, we might not get Smash. I think it is pretty likely we will get a Game of the Year Edition of Smash 4 with all the DLC and maybe all...

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    Would you buy the Nintendo NX? (Poll)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 09 July 2016

    I will only get it near launch if it has multiple games I'm interested in like Animal Crossing, Fire Emblem, etc....

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    Gaming's worst marketing/business decisions?

    in Gaming Discussion on 06 July 2016

    Nintendo leaving Sony at the altar is bar none the worst decision. Sure it gave consumers the PlayStation brand, but it screwed over Nintendo for all-time. The PS1 beat the N64 quite handily in sales, The PS2 is the highest-selling platform of all-time, The PS3 struggled but has managed to stay relevant longer than the Wii, and the PS4 is comfortably in the lead right now. The PSP also managed to...

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    Nintendo: "Wii U would continue to fight on, but only Zelda is coming next year"

    in Nintendo Discussion on 30 June 2016

    No shock here they have dropped almost all of their platforms like dead weight near the arrival and after the arrival of a new platform. The Wii U is pretty much unofficially dead anyway, so this does not surprise me. The only exceptions I can think of to Nintendo dropping support almost right away are the NES, SNES, GB, GBA, and DS. All the other systems got dropped almost immediately for their...

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    Will the next big Mario Game Miyamoto has teased come to Wii U?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 23 June 2016

    No way. The game probably won't be shown off until next year, by which time the NX will already be released. A cross-platform release makes no sense and Nintendo only does it in rare cases....

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    Nintendo64 turns 20 today

    in Nintendo Discussion on 23 June 2016

    Even though I have an N64, I have unfortunately not played many games from it. I hope to rectify that soon....

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    Who in the industry do you trust?

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 May 2016

    I don't trust any publishers, I have been burned too many times. I don't think I even trust any developers. I have a lot of respect for HAL Laboratory for the Super Smash Bros. series, EarthBound, Pokemon Stadium, and the Kirby series. Still, I don't think I can even trust them....

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    The Animal Crossing: New Leaf thread

    in Nintendo Discussion on 26 May 2016

    I check on my town about every week or so (sometimes twice a week). I think for nearly the first 2 years I had the game there was not a week that went by that I did not play it. I hope the next installment innovates like New Leaf did, because there is still a lot they can do....

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    Next Big Step for 3D Mario?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 26 May 2016

    I think the next big innovation is returning to the collection of Stars while supporting split-screen co-op. ...

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    Do you still buy Smash Bros amiibo?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 26 May 2016

    I only have Luigi and Lucas (haven't even opened him yet). Really the only other Smash Amiibo I would want are Captain Falcon, King Dedede, Ness, Robin, Corrin, and maybe Shulk....

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    My biggest Wii U dissapointment

    in Nintendo Discussion on 23 May 2016

    I want another Mario Strikers game, but it's not exactly a a huge disappointment to me. I would say the defiling of Paper Mario is a much bigger disappointment. ...

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    Do Wii U owners feel disappointed?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 20 May 2016

    Yes, I am disappointed quite a bit. No Exploration-Based 3D Mario game, No Fire Emblem, No Animal Crossing (a spinoff doesn't count), A Paper Mario game that looks ridiculous, no GameCube Virtual Console titles, lack of third party support. With all that being said, I do not regret buying a Wii U. I got it for $250 (deluxe model), got Mario Kart 8 and Super Mario 3D World for buy 1 get 1 half...

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    What NX won't be/will not have

    in Nintendo Discussion on 18 May 2016

    -The NX won't be as powerful as the next Xbox or PlayStation 5. It will be around the specs of the PS4 (not the PS4 Neo) and will not support 4K. -The NX won't have included storage above 500 GB (it's pretty unlikely that it will even have anywhere near that). -The NX won't have most multiplatform releases and will have few third-party exclusives. -The NX won't support Wii discs ( I think...

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