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    < AlfredoTurkey updated his status:

    "This continuous "need" to point at some "SJW" nonsense has reached a point now. This is so common, and frankly, annoying. Either join topics to discuss the actual discussion or don't post. It's that simple.)"

    Just got banned for this by CG (the above message was the actual one he left in my inbox). Apparently, this basement dwelling reject thinks he can go around, banning people because they're "annoying" so, instead of hanging around and taking his insecure, didn't-get-enough-hugs-as-a-kid-had-no-friends-in-highschool-too-ugly-to-get-laid BULLSHIT... I'm leaving on my own accord and on my own terms. To the people I've met and befriended, it was nice while it lasted and good luck. To everyone else? Use your imagination and for Gods sake, go get some psychiatric help. You fucking need it.

    Thank you Ryuu.

    on 30 June 2018

    I'm playing through my first Sonic game(Mania), and I got to say dude, I'm loving it!

    Yeah, I've heard good things. I'm waiting for a physical release myself (that's what she said).

    on 05 September 2017

    Lol. Very mature xD

    on 05 September 2017

    < GoOnKid posted something on AlfredoTurkey's wall:

    How's it going?

    It's going quite well well, thanks.

    on 05 March 2017

    Nice. Was just asking because I haven't seen you around for some time. And when I saw your profile pic I was reminded that I played Sonic recently again.

    on 05 March 2017

    Nice! Nothing beats 2D platformers from that era. I think out of all the games ever made, they have to superior when it comes to replayability. You simply don't tire of them.

    on 06 March 2017

    Yes, exactly! So, are you going to get Sonic Mania, too?

    on 06 March 2017

    < alternine posted something on AlfredoTurkey's wall:

    You're walking on thin ice pal.

    When some of the people who hold the keys want a certain disagreeable personality gone, they'll make him/her gone no matter what. Call it thin ice or any other name. It's the sad truth of society. Having said that, I refuse to play along. Warnings and bans don't really change anything for me.

    on 10 August 2016

    Seems you are safe for now.

    Yeah, but the fix is in at this point. lol

    on 10 August 2016

    < Wonktonodi posted something on AlfredoTurkey's wall:

    Have you looked at box office mojos adjusted for inflation list recently? It's rather odd. The force awakens is at 11 because it's total is adjusted down, this is extra strange when Jurassic world, that made less than a million more than star wars did in 2015 is adjusted up by over 25 million. So while the top 10 might not get changed because of weird adjustments for the new star wars, with the numbers it has now it should be in 10th place on the list and 9th if they were to adjust up it's total from 2015.

    < Ganoncrotch posted something on AlfredoTurkey's wall:

    Pretty class avatar, still have the complete set too, although mine say Megadrive rather than Genesis :)

    no Spinball or 3d? not that it's a bad thing to be missing them.

    on 27 March 2016

    Thanks! Yeah, I really only wanted the main games. I suppose I'll round them out down the line as my collection starts to get thin. I decided to start with the biggest/more important titles first and work down.

    on 27 March 2016

    Cool to see the Sonic and Knuckles box in good condition, did ye have the paper version of that box over in the states too or was that just a EU thing? I still have all my megadrive games from the 90s but the box's are away in storage to keep them safe.

    on 28 March 2016

    As far as I know it was only release in cardboard. Sega started using those cases somewhere in 1994 and beyond. Probably to cut costs during the Saturn R&D years. I prefer the actual plastic cases myself... but they cost a fortune second hand these days lol. Worth it imo though.

    on 30 March 2016

    Oh, I've not bought a megadrive game in many years, last similar one I bought was a 32X cart of Doom just because I found it in a thrift shop and love the game (even though I never had a 32X, maybe one day I'll find that to play it too lol) I still just have my old collection of games from back in the day, always loved collecting them.

    on 30 March 2016

    < VersusEvil posted something on AlfredoTurkey's wall:

    Ty for accepting ^^

    No problem friend : )

    on 24 March 2016

    Take note of my friend code on the 3ds:

    name: Tio Roger

    code: 3995-6828-6239

    We can exchange items for Animal Crossing New Leaf

    Im in Brazil, so we must see a better time to do that due to our different time zones

    Sorry, after making the post, I forgot that I play the game on my daughters 3DS and thus, can't add anyone lol. I really appreciate the gesture though!

    on 23 March 2016

    < zelmusario posted something on AlfredoTurkey's wall:

    Mind if we be friends on here? Us old guys gotta stick together. lol

    Sure. 80's kids unite!!

    on 16 February 2016

    Hooray! *high five*

    on 21 February 2016

    < noname2200 posted something on AlfredoTurkey's wall:

    Season's greetings! I would like to personally invite you to join this year's PC Secret Santa event, thread link below. Please drop by and help us make this holiday season a bit more merry for everyone. Looking forward to seeing you there!

    < Shadow1980 posted something on AlfredoTurkey's wall:

    Any friend of physical media is a friend of mine. Request sent.

    < XanderXT posted something on AlfredoTurkey's wall:

    That guy reminds me of a magican who almost scammed me.

    It's of a character from an extremely low budget classic (and still on the air) tv show called Svengoolie.

    on 26 September 2015

    < asqarkabab posted something on AlfredoTurkey's wall:

    Thanx for accepting my friendrequest mate

    Np, cheers mate!

    on 26 September 2015

    < asqarkabab posted something on AlfredoTurkey's wall:

    Thanx for accepting my friendrequest mate

    < amp316 posted something on AlfredoTurkey's wall:

    I live in Berwyn.

    Then I have seen you before and you I. I used to walk around there all the time waiting for my VA visits at Hines. At the time I had just moved here and my gf showed me Svengoolie so I was looking for his studio. Always ate at that pizza place near Toranos. Serrano pizza?

    on 22 August 2015

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