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    Xbox Empire - Microsoft Acquires Bethesda | Game Pass Reaches 15m Active Subscribers

    in Microsoft Discussion 10 hours ago by chakkra

    smroadkill15 said: Does anyone else think, with Halo Infinite being a "10 year plan", they can have a dedicated team working on Halo Infinite content, and then the rest of 343I make other games? They would probably stick with the Halo IP, but do spinoff games and such. Seems like waste if 343i as a whole is working on Halo Infinite for the entire gen and not other games as well. I...

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    Club Nintendo: The Official Nintendo Thread

    in Nintendo Discussion 12 hours ago by curl-6

    Alrighty, me and my brother spent a good hour and half last night passing the controller back and forth as the RC Kart whizzed around our apartment, and it was glorious fun. It's one of those games that really comes alive when you play it with another person, laughing and cheering as you play. It'd be an amazing party game, especially with some alcohol involved. I was also really impressed how...

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    Say something about the person above you

    in General Discussion 15 hours ago by Eagle367

    Made the thread that made is possible for me to reach this milestone ...

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    Super Official Anime Discussion Thread - Summer 2019!

    in Movies Discussion 1 day ago by Shaunodon

    Farsala said: Shaunodon said: I don't watch much seasonal anime. The only ones I'd recommend are Oregairu season 3 (if you've watched the first 2 seasons and liked it) and Attack on Titan's final season starting December. Assuming AoT follows the manga properly, it's practically a whole different series from this point. Considering the manga is still ongoing, the 'final season'...

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    Football Thread 20/21 A new season is upon us!

    in Sports Discussion 1 day ago by RolStoppable

    Wolfsburg remains undefeated in the Bundesliga. That's worth 13th place right now. ...

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    Behold the size of my feet :3

    in General Discussion 3 days ago by sales2099

    Why are we doing foot fetish threads on a video game site? ...

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    Report- Level-5 has shutdown their North American division, one source reports that they will no longer release games in the west

    in Gaming Discussion 4 days ago by sales2099

    Well, as a Xbox gamer this doesn’t affect me. But at least the playing field is levelled a bit if the competition can’t get their games either. ...

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    Post Your Mind 2.0 and Welcome to our humble abode

    in General Discussion 5 days ago by curl-6

    mZuzek said: curl-6 said: Oh shit, I'm sorry to hear man. Please look after yourself. Yeah, I'll try. I actually did go to a doctor a few weeks ago, she gave me some medicine, but I haven't gotten better since then. Think whatever she gave me might help with some related issues but the root of the problem lies elsewhere. I need to do some tests and stuff, but I mean,...

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    What are you listening to right now

    in Music Discussion 5 days ago by PAOerfulone

    Mi Reina, como te extraño. ...

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    Games that were graphically well ahead of their time

    in Gaming Discussion 6 days ago by curl-6

    Metro Last Light was another late 7th gen game where the PC version basically looked like an early next gen game come ahead of time. ...

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    The Xenoblade Chronicles Series Thread: Definitive Edition (All Spoilers in Tags)

    in Nintendo Discussion 6 days ago by Jumpin

    I'm still working through Xenoblade Chronicles DE.It's the best revision version of the game, easily, but it's not significantly improved over past versions. The character art updates still leaves a lot to be desired. The characters are far too flat/cartoony, lacking contrast/definition. Not as horrendously flat as Xenoblade Chronicles 2, though. This is the one area of the game where I actually...

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    Your lifetime sales expectations for Xbox Series X|S?

    in Sales Discussion on 12 October 2020 by X1Gates

    90+ million. With game pass and the power narrative on Xbox side I believe this upcoming generation belongs to Xbox ...

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    A big husky just bit my mom she has diabetes

    in General Discussion on 09 October 2020 by dx11332sega

    The Husky is with ex veterinarian and he's taking care of the dog . As for my mom, She visited the doctor yesterday and docters said her hand is doing great . ...

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    Best current system

    in Gaming Discussion on 05 October 2020 by curl-6

    TruckOSaurus said: Too_Talls said: people just gonna pick what they have Yes that's true but many of us have more than one system so it's interesting to know which one comes up on top. Exactly; we know for example that in the US around 70% of Switch owners also have a PS4, Xbone, or both. ...

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    Rumor: New Monster Hunter for Nintendo Switch

    in Nintendo Discussion on 05 October 2020 by Stellar_Fungk

    I don't believe this rumor. If you do, you're a sucker ...

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    Your Xbox Series SX & PS5 lifetime sales predictions

    in Sales Discussion on 01 October 2020 by shikamaru317

    There are a lot of factors to take into consideration, how long the generation lasts, rather or not Xbox will make the ZeniMax games Xbox ecosystem exclusive, how many more acquisitions MS and Sony make. For the purposes of this thread and not needing to write out dozens of different predictions for different scenarios, I will assume that it is a 7 year generation (next consoles releasing Holiday...

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    The console market is stabilizing

    in Sales Discussion on 30 September 2020 by peachbuggy

    src said: kirby007 said: Well i dont know what to tell you, but that would mean im an expert on trolls or on alts for that matter. Not much of an expert if your track record is 0/1 LOL I would be interested to know if he is 0/1 on trolls or alts in your opinion. ...

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    Xbox acquires Bethesda

    in Microsoft Discussion on 30 September 2020 by hinch

    Hynad said: goopy20 said: Look, we all have different tastes in games. Personally I love stuff like Wasteland 3, battletoads, Grounded as well a AAA game like TLOU2. Only thing I'm saying is that Sony and MS are going with completely different strategies and it will show in the types of games they'll be focusing on. Sony is all about story telling and single player blockbusters....

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    Monster Hunter Rise announced for Switch, mainline entry

    in Nintendo Discussion on 28 September 2020 by curl-6

    Jumpin said: Signalstar said: Tell me which numbers come before and after "World" on the number line? Isn’t World more of a premium spinoff? * Premium spinoff - as in not mainline, but just as important, if not more important. Kind of like World of Warcraft or Ultima Online. IIRC Capcom have said they won't be numbering MH games anymore, but rather using...

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    Eiyuden Chronicle (Suikoden successor) Most successful Japanese Kickstarter game

    in Gaming Discussion on 28 September 2020 by Jpcc86


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