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    < Kerotan posted something on Dr.Vita's wall:

    Remember this lol http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/thread.php?id=148326&page=1

    < NeverEndingStory posted something on Dr.Vita's wall:

    Danke fürs adden ^^ Was spielst du grad so? LG

    Hey, kein Problem. :D

    Zur Zeit zocke ich Assassin's Creed: Revelations auf der PS4 und ab und zu auch mal Tekken 7 mit Freunden online. Bin richtig auf das neue God of War gehyped, kann's kaum noch abwarten. xD

    Wie siehst bei dir aus? :)

    on 28 March 2018

    Von Assassins Creed habe ich erstmal genug xD Der letzte war Black Flag bei mir. Ich spiele grade Bioshock auf PS4 und Ni no kuni 2 auf PS4. Sehr geile Spiele muss ich sagen ^^ God of War wird auch Pflicht! Eine der geilsten Spielereihen auf der Playsi ^^
    Natürlich spiele ich auch auf meiner Switch ein paar Perlen (Zelda, Mario)!

    on 28 March 2018

    Hey. Thanks for the friend request :)

    You're welcome! :)

    on 22 September 2017

    < zippy posted something on Dr.Vita's wall:

    Hey mate, sorry about our little squabble recently. Both Crash and Splatoon 2 are super games and will both sell superb numbers. Happy gaming zippy 👍

    < BraLoD posted something on Dr.Vita's wall:

    How do you feel about the Vita not having a God of War game?

    Hey that's a good question! :)

    Imo God of War: Ascension would have been perfect on Playstation Vita. Sony should have really released that game on Playstation Vita instead on Playstation 3 in 2013. PS3 didn't need that game at all, it was already doing very hot in 2013 with games like The Last of Us or GTA V unlike Playstation Vita which really needed more big games in 2013. Playstation Vita sales would have really benefited from an exlcusive of such an big IP like God of War.

    I also think that Gran Turismo 6 should have never been released on PS3 in 2013, they should have called the thing Gran Turismo Vita and should have released it on PS Vita in 2013 (Gran Turismo Sports should have been Gran Turismo 6 for PS4). Same thing with Pupeteer, it completely flopped on PS3 and I think that''s really a shame because it had the potential to be very successful because it's perfectly made for a handheld like the Playstation Vita.

    on 08 May 2017

    I agree over GoW:A, being a prequel also fits perfectly with the possibility of putting it on the Vita instead of the PS3, it would also have had way better reviews as a Vita game, way better, being the same game (graphically inferior, of course), not to say GoW3 was already a VERY accomplished game on the PS3 on every way.

    But I disagree about GT6, both because it was a full fledged mainline game, which are console only, and because GT5, despite being very successful wasn't the best representative GT could have got in the PS3, IMO GT6 was a much needed game for the PS3 and Sony nailed it.

    I understand there is a GT on every PlayStation except for Vita, but I still believe GT6 coming to PS3 was the best choice they could have make, as a fan, despite it selling half what the other GTs sold and despite it not having stellar reviews as well, as a fan of the series I'm very happy Sony choose my enjoyment over status, profit or even, as sad as it may sound, choose the Vita.
    GT6 is a very strong reason why I like my PS3 so much, it directly influences the whole picture of the system, IMO.

    Though they could have also made a GT for Vita, but not GT6 and not in place of a second GT for the PS3.

    on 08 May 2017

    < StreaK posted something on Dr.Vita's wall:

    Hahah, hey man!

    They sure are, but good luck beating MY streaks! ;)


    on 27 February 2017

    < TK-Karma posted something on Dr.Vita's wall:

    Thanks for the friend invite! A nice warm welcome from so many people here =p

    You're welcome! :)

    on 14 February 2017

    < HandsomeGuyVita posted something on Dr.Vita's wall:

    Best user in the world!!!

    on 11 January 2017

    lol Thank you!!!

    on 12 January 2017

    on 12 January 2017

    < bte88 posted something on Dr.Vita's wall:


    Thanks mate!

    on 03 January 2017

    < Platina posted something on Dr.Vita's wall:

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you too! :)

    on 25 December 2016

    < Dhibz posted something on Dr.Vita's wall:

    Thx for the request..^^

    You're welcome! :)

    on 29 November 2016

    Did you buy the Skyrim SE for the PS4? I'm thinking of buying this game for my little cousin, but then I remembered that this game can have quite a lot of blood and dismemberment. I don't know if that version has some way to turn off the blood and gore kills.

    No, only own the PS3 version but I don't think that they added the features you mentioned for the PS4 version because you know, it's Bethesda... ^^

    How old is your cousin?

    on 25 November 2016

    Around 12. I want him to play more games than FIFA and CoD, so I bought him Tearaway and I was planning to get him this one. But if I can't censore the blood, I suppose I'll have to think of something else. Maybe that Ratchet and Clank game is on sale too, but he complained that Tearaway was "too cartoony" so I don't know.

    on 25 November 2016

    Well, there are much more violent games out there for a 12 years old kid than Skyrim. He's playing CoD so Skyrim shouldn't be a big problem for him. :P But I can completely understand if you don't want him to play Skyrim at his age.

    Ratchet & Clank sounds like a great replacement! Pefect game for his age if you ask. I think I bought my first R&C game at the age of 12 too and I loved it back then. lol

    Other good replacements for Skyrim I can think of are Racing games like Need for Speed or Driveclub or Beat 'em Ups games like Street Fighter V or Dragonball Xenoverse, Games like Minecraft, Digimon: Cyber Sleuth or Rayman Legends could be very enjoyable for him too, Maybe even think about buying something like Infamous; Second Son or an Assassin's Creed game for him?

    I think it would be a better decision to ask him what games he prefer to play and buy the game with him. I know it won't be a surprise anymore but it's still better than surprising him with a game that he won't like. :)

    on 25 November 2016

    I may get him a racing game, though, that's a great idea. I'll get it if I can find them cheap. Do Driveclub and NFS have splitscreen multiplayer?

    on 25 November 2016

    IIRC neither Driveclub nor Need for Speed has splitscreen. I think there is no Racing game with splitscreen on PS4... :(

    on 25 November 2016

    Aaah, shame. :(

    on 25 November 2016

    Which FromSoftware game do you think has better chances of getting into the Nintendo Switch: Dark Souls or The Adventures of Cookie & Cream? XD

    Why not both? Maybe we will see a FromSoftware Collection in the future (like Rare Replay)! xD

    on 29 October 2016

    I think that too. Dark Souls II and III are already on PS4/XBOne, and I'm sure the first one will be redone too (if it hasn't been done already). A re-release on the Switch won't be that much work if decide to port them.

    on 29 October 2016

    < LivingMetal posted something on Dr.Vita's wall:


    Just the same old same old. ^^

    on 20 September 2016

    < Turkish posted something on Dr.Vita's wall:

    thanks for the request bruhhh xD

    You're welcome! :)
    I always thought that we were already friends on VGChartz but yesterday I saw that this wasn't the case and I was really surprised. I had to change that! xD

    on 04 August 2016

    < VersusEvil posted something on Dr.Vita's wall:

    Random friend request :3 ty.

    You're welcome! :)

    on 04 August 2016

    < SuperNova posted something on Dr.Vita's wall:

    Hey, thanks for the add!

    You're welcome! :)

    on 23 July 2016

    < Roketan posted something on Dr.Vita's wall:

    How is it going?

    Everything is nice! My vacation started this week and therefore I have a lot time for my PS4. :D

    How are you? :)

    on 22 July 2016

    That's so nice! I wish you a nice vacation! As for me, everything is normal, if we exclude the fact that my air conditioner broke and my room has 34 degrees of heat -_-.

    on 23 July 2016

    Took a while to make, all my editing programs needed hours of updates. :P

    on 15 June 2016

    Kratos the good old motherf*cker!!! :D

    on 15 June 2016

    Awesome gif though! Good work! :)

    on 15 June 2016

    This trailer should be called Kratos & Son.

    on 15 June 2016

    < Dr.Vita updated his status:

    #CrashBandicootPS4 #E3/2016

    In the end we both were right!

    on 15 June 2016

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