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    < VGPolyglot posted something on HomokHarcos's wall:


    < VGPolyglot posted something on HomokHarcos's wall:

    That's a pretty nice picture.

    Thanks! I like it too, it's one of the few pictures that has her in this outfit rather than the dress.

    on 10 January 2018

    Sorry. I can't speak english . so I couldn't reply your question.

    < Flilix posted something on HomokHarcos's wall:

    Where's your avy from?

    It's Jill Valentine from Resident Evil. This picture is from Marvel vs. Capcom 2.

    on 12 October 2017

    < Proxy-Pie posted something on HomokHarcos's wall:

    Hey! Thanks for the friend request :)

    You're welcome! Thanks for accepting.

    on 09 October 2017

    For some reason whenever I try to send you a PM it gets deleted soon. It must think I'm sending you spam.

    on 10 October 2017

    I did receive all 3 of your messages x)
    Nice to see someone interested in Middle Eastern History. It's very fascinating, from Akkad and Egypt to modern day countries.

    on 10 October 2017

    Ohh because when I looked at my inbox history they weren't there, so I thought VGChartz was automatically removing them because of spam.

    on 10 October 2017

    Hey, wassup! Thanks for the request!

    You're welcome! I've been starting to notice you a lot on here.

    on 04 October 2017

    Is that your way of saying i'm a no life xD

    on 04 October 2017

    Better than a low life.

    on 04 October 2017

    < Wright posted something on HomokHarcos's wall:

    Well hello there.

    Hi!! Nice to meet you!

    on 03 October 2017


    on 03 October 2017

    < RolStoppable posted something on HomokHarcos's wall:

    You never responded properly in the NFL thread and the season starts this Thursday, so I want to ask if you want to participate in the prediction league or not.

    Rol, I'm his brother. Unfortunately he's sleeping right now, but when he's awake I'll inform him.

    on 04 September 2017

    No, you can't wait. This is super urgent. Splash water on him and hit him with a hockey stick.


    He had already posted a bracket by the time you wrote on his wall.

    on 04 September 2017

    D: well at least he did the bracket!

    on 04 September 2017

    I still don't see my name in the predictions league.

    on 05 September 2017

    < VGPolyglot posted something on HomokHarcos's wall:

    So, are you going to get a new avy? Or will you remain as one of those avy-less people?

    < BraLoD posted something on HomokHarcos's wall:

    Don't think I've seem you much around here, what's up?

    I used to visit here a bit but now I just started going on here again.

    on 06 August 2017

    I see, I hope you enjoy staying here.

    on 06 August 2017

    < VGPolyglot posted something on HomokHarcos's wall:

    Come on bro, you should try to get more involved here I really hope that you take my offer to help me with the NHL thread. I guess you could try to get to know some of the people here too, you don't have to have the same friends as I do, but maybe there's some people that you can befriend. I'm not sure if you'd like the Discord server, I have a feeling that you wouldn't, and I've actually left the server take a little break myself, but if some day down the line you want to join, I'll give you the invite (though I guess it'd possibly be a little strange having two people in the same room on at once ). Of course, this is assuming that you want to get more involved here, if you don't that's fine too.

    < VGPolyglot posted something on HomokHarcos's wall:


    < lestatdark posted something on HomokHarcos's wall:

    Thanks for the add, though I don't know how you managed to find me, I haven't been here at all and almost completely forgot about the site :P

    It has been gaining some traction in the past two console generations. Portugal is very much a Sony country since the PS2 era (highest console ever sold over here, with over a 1M units in a country with little over 11M people).

    Nintendo is also very popular in the handheld market. Even though the PSP gained a lot of ground back in the day, the PS Vita is basically a no-go over here (though the 3DS and New 3DS has seen a huge drop over the DS, mostly due to the rise of Smartphones).

    PC has always been steady, we've always had a rather large PC gaming comunity, though mostly nowadays it's limited to League of Legends/DOTA/TF2/Counter Strike. E-Sport championships are on the rise over here, we hosted an official ESL for League of Legends.

    Sadly, we also have one of the highest piracy rates in all of the EU, mostly due to the fact that we also have one of the highest broadband connection speeds overall. A 50 GB download is trivial to us.

    As I also said before, Smartphone gaming is on the rise over here. It isn't the largest market yet, but it'll get there pretty fast. Nowadays our youngest generation is starting their gaming adventures on Smartphones/Ipads and shunning consoles and PCs entirely, so it's possible that the traditional gaming market is gonna suffer heavily in the next decade or so over here.

    on 04 January 2016

    < HomokHarcos updated his status:

    Games that matter most to me: JRPGs, fighters, platformers and action-adventures.

    What's your favorite in each genre?

    on 11 September 2015

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